Facial Recognition Tech Identifies You, Wherever You Go

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

It is an inborn quality in humans that they can recognize and distinguish between faces. But the computers have also proved their ability of recognizing and distinguishing faces. Scientist named Woody Bledsoe along with Helen Chan Wolf and Charles Bisson configured the computer to recognize and identify the human face in the mid-1960s and since then the facial recognition tech has come a long way.

A facial recognition system is nothing but a computer application which identifies and verifies an image created on the spot of a face, by matching it with a given set of different digital images or video frames in a storage one by one. Such technique is mostly used in security systems which usually compare with other biometrics techs such as in fingerprint or eye iris recognition systems.

The three-dimensional face recognition is a new prominent trend which has claimed to be more accurate. This technique is not affected by changes in lighting like the other technique and 3D sensors used for capturing information about the shape of the face. The main advantage of 3D facial recognition is that a face can be identified from various angles which include profile view.

Skin texture analysis

Another new technique called skin texture analysis has become more apparent in facial recognition system. All the lines, spots and patterns in human skin are unique. This new technique uses this distinct feature of humans to analyze different skin types and by which the performance has been enhanced by 20-25 percent.

The main feature of facial recognition is that it is very well suited for all kinds of surveillance purposes like searching of suspected terrorists, missing persons and wanted criminals which sets it apart from the other biometric techniques.

Due to its notable prospects in both law enforcement and non-law enforcement where it has a wide variety of applications, biometric face recognition technology has received a remarkable attention using human face as a key to security. Face recognition has a striking advantage as compared to other biometric systems because of its non-contact process. Without interacting with the person or touching him face images can be captured and these recorded images can be archived which can later help in identifying a person.

It has been found that facial recognition is more useful in authenticating a person than simply identifying him as it is very easy for someone to change their face, features etc by using mask or disguise or by doing cosmetic jobs on their faces. That is the reason it is more accurate and secure and any camera or image capture device can be utilized.

At airports, multiplexes, banks

If properly designed facial recognition systems are installed in different public places like airports, multiplexes, bank and other places this system can be of great use for identifying individuals among the crowd as this system can perform mass scanning.

In India there is a big scope for utilizing this software successfully in different aspects like for example passport, visa and driving license verification can be very well carried out. In banks it can also be deployed for verifying and identifying authentic users of vaults and lockers. It will be of immense use if the software can be installed at airports, railway stations, malls and other public places for identifying and verifying terrorists. This technology is best suited as other biometric technologies cannot be of any use in crowded places.

As the number of duplicate voters are very much high in India, this technique can be used very effectively if a database of all voters, of all constituencies can be prepared. During voting time the recognition for voting can be accepted if the resolution camera and face recognition equipment of voting site find 100% match with subject face.

Database of all ATM customers

Nowadays there are so many fraudulent activities taking place in the ATMs in India that this technology can be of great help. The bank can prepare their database of all ATM customers. They have to only install a high resolution camera and face recognition software at all ATMs. So the user will be only permitted the access if the stored photo matches with his / her photograph as soon as he / she enters the ATM. For better security it can be used in all Government and private offices and can also be deployed in police stations for criminal identification and verification.

Due to its non-intrusiveness, facial recognition technology has been very user friendly as compared to the other biometric techniques which have made it very challenging and important. Though the cost effectiveness of this technology has been quite high but today the cost of equipment is drastically going down.

So the Government can promote this technology for application in various fields.