Home to Hospital Scheme: To Provide Free Ambulance Services in the City

Home to Hospital Scheme: Ambulance Services in Delhi

Home to Hospital Scheme: Ambulance Services in Delhi

Delhi’s AAP government has approved the scheme to provide free ambulance services in the capital. The decision was made recently in a cabinet meeting, the chairperson of which was Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Name of the scheme

The AAP Government has named this scheme as “Home to Hospital” scheme. The services as per the scheme will be provided by Centralized Accident & Trauma Services (CATS), an autonomous body under the Government of NCT of Delhi.

Features of the scheme

• Under the scheme, 110 additional new ambulances will be procured. At present, there are 155 ambulances plying in the city. The total number of ambulances will now be 265.
• A modern, state-of-the-art Control Room will also be set up to monitor the movement of these ambulances in offering effective and quick emergency services.
• 100 ambulances will be equipped with basic life support systems.
• In 10 ambulances, there will be advanced life support systems.
• There are also plans of hiring more manpower and experienced staff to run these ambulances as well as the control room. At present, there is a deficit of human resources in the existing ambulances.

Free services

Free CATS services will be made available under the scheme in emergency situations. These include accident and trauma victims, victims of sexual assault and transportation of pregnant women for delivery and post-delivery. Also, under the “Home to Hospital” scheme, people can avail the free ambulance services under the following situations:

• Injuries of chest, abdomen, pelvis or spine
• Head injuries
• Crush injuries
• Severe allergy
• Drowning
• Drowsiness or unconsciousness
• Breathing problems
• Severe chest and abdomen pain
• Deep cuts and bleeding
• Poisoning
• Any burn caused by electric shock or lighting
• Any other life threatening or medical emergencies
• Inter-hospital transfers etc.

Emergency number to contact free ambulance services

The toll-free number is 102.

To sum up: This is indeed a very good initiative undertaken by the AAP government. The basic motive is to improve the healthcare delivery system in the city. Such ambulance service will pick up the patient from his doorstep to any hospital he would want to go, whether private or government, absolutely free. How far the ambulance services will be prompt and effective, only time will tell…