How to Apply for Passport Online, Step by Step Guidelines

There are two ways to apply for a passport – online and offline. While both the processes are equally popular among the citizens of India, the idea of applying for a passport online is less time-consuming.

How to Apply for Passport Online

Apply for Passport Online

For applying online and to locate the nearest Passport Seva Kendra, refer to the following link:

Application status can be tracked using this.

Points to Remember while filling up the Passport Form

Few things which must be taken care of while filling up the registration form are as follows:

  • Always use capital letters and leave a blank box between two words.
  • Use a black or blue pen only, do not use an ink pen or pencils.
  • Avoid overwriting and also try to enter all the information within the given number of boxes.

Normal quota and Tatkal quota

Usually, it takes 8 business days to get an appointment at the nearest Passport Seva Kendra. If all the formalities are processed, it takes around 3 more weeks for the passport to reach the applicant. Under the Tatkal system, the passport is dispatched strictly within 3 business days.

Important Documents Needed for a New Passport

  • Proof for date of birth and citizenship.
  • An HR certificate on the letterhead, or a Bonafide Certificate from the School/College.
  • Electricity bill, Gas connection bill, Telephone bill or Water bill in your name with valid address proof.
  • Bank account statement, Voter ID card.
  • In the case of a married person, one can attach the spouse’s passport copy and in the case of a bachelor, one can attach the parent’s passport copy.

Updation and Re-issue of Passport

Updating of passport is essential in case of a change in permanent address or change in name (adding surname before or after marriage).

In case of damage or theft, a re-issue of a passport is required. Important documents needed  for an updation or Re-issue of Passport

  • Notarised Affidavit (also known as sworn affidavit) from the court which approves of the fact that the name has been changed or surname has been added.
  • If the name changes from maiden to married then documents like notarised marriage certificate is to shown compulsorily along with a joint photograph.
  • And if the name has changed or the surname has been added, then an advertisement must be published in any daily newspaper (both local and national) mentioning the new name and the permanent address. And one can register for a passport only after 30 days from the date of publishing such an advertisement.
  • After registering for a passport, police verification is also required to ensure that passport doesn’t go into the wrong hands and it has to be done within 21 days post approval from the passport office, or else the application will be rejected. And this will lead to the re-verification of the passport.

Note: One must carry all original/valid proofs of all the documents along with self-attested photocopies before going to the police station. Also, coordination must be done with the police officer in charge regarding the timings so that one is present at the mentioned address at the time of verification.

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