Mann Ki Baat: PM Addresses Nation, Advises How to Live During COVID-19

Mann Ki Baat: PM Addresses Nation, Advises How to Live During COVID-19
PM Modi's 64th edition of monthly programme “Mann Ki Baat”
Mann Ki Baat: PM Addresses Nation, Advises How to Live During COVID-19
PM Modi’s 64th edition of monthly programme “Mann Ki Baat”

Mann ki Baat is a well-known programme broadcast on All India Radio, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation every month. The purpose of this programme is to transmit the ideas of the prime minister to the general people.

PM Modi on what to do during COVID-19 lockdown

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed the countrymen at a time when the entire country is observing lockdown, a measure to combat the deadly COVID-19 outbreak. During his 64th edition of monthly programme “Mann Ki Baat”, PM Modi suggested some important points in his address.

Here are the points the Prime Minister stressed upon:

  • As the world is struggling to fight against COVID-19 outbreak, Prime Minister appealed to the countrymen to stop the habit of spitting in public places.
  • PM Modi stressed that spitting in public places is dangerous for health, so it is the best time to give up this bad habit to increase basic hygiene in the fight against novel coronavirus.
  • Indians have been fighting like soldiers in the fight against the deadly COVID-19.
  • Our hardworking farmers ensure no one is hungry.
  • People have come forward in the crisis time to help each other. Therefore, people of all walks of life contribute to PM-CAREs.
  • Everyone has been fighting against this crisis in their capacity. Some people have donated their entire pension; farmers are not behind; many farmers donated their entire vegetable produce as well.
  • Some people are busy in making facemasks, while others are painting schools where people can be quarantined.
  • PM Modi appreciated the healthcare workers, police personnel, sanitation workers for their exceptional work during the lockdown period.
  • The Prime minister urged the people to wear a face mask because it is a good precautionary step to prevent COVID-19.
  • Awareness of wearing masks would be a welcome change in the post-Coronavirus era.
  • Prime Minister stressed on boosting immune power. Practice our traditional systems, which helps to increase immune power and make these systems popular across the world.
  • At this moment, our top priorities should be to help the poor and the needy people. Currently, they are deprived of food and shelter.
  • Arrange food, ration to the underprivileged section of the society during the lockdown period.
  • He praised the State Governments for their measures in effectively dealing with novel coronavirus.
  • Many difficulties have taken place in the holy month of Ramzan.
  • Pray that the world would be free from this dangerous virus by the time of EID.
  • The festival Akshaya Tritiya was celebrated on Sunday. PM Modi said, “This day reminds us that no matter how many disasters are wreaked upon us and how many contagions have to be faced – the human spirit battling them is inexhaustible”.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed the 130 crore Indians for showing their courage during the lockdown period.
  • All the sectors have shown a high level of maturity and are doing their work effectively while the nation is observing lockdown.
  • Employees from Aviation or Railways or other sectors, they are all working hard to make the lives of the people easy.
  • India has created a digital platform ‘’. Currently, a large number of people, including health workers, NCC cadets, volunteers of social organisations, local administration have connected to this platform. This platform is open for all to join and become a COVID warrior.
  • Be careful and take the right precautions to keep the deadly virus at bay.
  • Prime minister Narendra Modi has given some crucial suggestions to the countrymen on how to spend the days during the lockdown period. Apart from this, Modi has advised to take precautions and remain healthy in crisis time.

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