PM Modi Interacts with CMs, Lockdown Period Likely to Extend

PM Modi Interacts with CMs, Lockdown Period Likely to Extent
PM Modi interacted with CMs via Video Conference
PM Modi Interacts with CMs, Lockdown Period Likely to Extent
PM Modi interacted with CMs via Video Conference

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the Chief Ministers of various states on Monday via video conferencing. The meeting took place to discuss the situation arising in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic across the country. The marathon meeting continued for about three hours.

PM’s fourth interaction with CMs

This is the Prime Minister’s fourth meeting with the state Chief Minister through video conferencing since March 22 over the novel coronavirus situation in the country. The purpose of the meeting was to fight unitedly against the deadly virus.

People’s eye on meeting

People have been anxiously waiting for the outcome of this meeting. Will the government give some relaxation during the lockdown? The Central government had announced the nationwide first lockdown on March 24. Seeing the gravity of the situation of COVID-19, PM Modi had to announce on April 14 to extend the lockdown period till May 3.

In today’s meeting, PM Modi made several comments:

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the meeting that collective effort by the Union and the state governments are proving effective in the containment of novel coronavirus.
  • India has dealt with the COVID-19 situation effectively in comparison to other countries.
  • While interacting with the chief ministers, Modi also raised the issue of the economy of the country along with continuing to fight against the deadly virus.
  • The main focus of today’s meeting was to boost the plunged economy.
  • But the prime minister was confident and happy over the present economic position of the country,
  • PM Modi appreciated the lockdown period and said we are getting good results from it.
  • He stressed on the wearing of masks and maintaining the social distance.
  • He added the formula to maintain the distance of ‘do gaz doori’ to prevent the novel coronavirus.
  • The Chief Minister of the states talked extensively on nationwide lockdown and gave their suggestions on this issue.
  • Public transport is likely to remain off the road, but private cars may be permitted with restrictions.
  • Educational institutions, along with religious congregations, are likely to stay shut.

Lockdown likely to continue

The country has been observing lockdown since March 24 to combat the spread of deadly novel coronavirus. Prime Minister Modi hinted through a video meeting with chief ministers that the COVID-19 lockdown would continue beyond May 3 in those areas which are severely affected by the novel coronavirus infections.

Lockdown saves lives

The prime minister repeatedly said to the chief ministers that the lockdown period proved healthy and saved thousands of lives. During the conference, Modi urged the chief ministers on how to give relaxation in lockdown. 

Mark districts in 3 categories

He said it is better to mark the districts in three categories as red, orange, and green, which would be an indication of the level of intensity of the novel coronavirus outbreak in a district. Most of the chief ministers were adamant about ending the lockdown.

Odisha & Meghalaya CM to extend lockdown

The chief minister of Meghalaya and Odisha are in favour of extending the lockdown further. Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik wanted to extend the lockdown period till June 3.

Many states, including Bihar, urged more assistance in the health sector from the Central government. Currently, there is no sufficient number of PPEs and test kits in the state.

Kerala demanded inter-district movement, but it would depend on the analysis of the COVID-19 spread in such regions. The Kerala government wanted more relaxation during the lockdown period to increase the economic activities in the state.

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