Taking Care of Children’s Mental Health During Covid-19

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The mental health of individuals is as important as physical health. Taking care of everyone’s mental health, especially children’s, is an essential part of life. However, many people still lack knowledge about what mental health is and how important it is. Mental well-being is having a stable mood to be able to lead an emotionally and physically healthy life. It is essential to support young kids during their developing years not to face difficulties later in life. Currently, the world is facing the pandemic “coronavirus”, which resulted in the closure of schools, lockdown and distress for a very long period. Children cannot go to schools, visit parks, meet friends or do any outside activities. As a result, the mental health of the young ones is being affected. They are getting demotivated towards performing any activities like: studying, playing, eating, etc. They feel bored, isolated and anxious. As the only available during the pandemic is the support of the family and their love, everyone should maintain a healthy mind and body as well.

Below are some suggestions to take care of children’s mental health during this pandemic:

  • Eat healthy meals, Maintaining a proper sleep cycle.
  • Take a break from any form of media (internet, TV, Radio, Newspaper) and using the time for other fun activities. Such as: cooking a meal together, playing hide and seek or any other traditional games, cleaning the house, Arts and crafts, gardening etc.
  • Practise meditation and yoga.
  • Make group calls to relatives.
  • Follow a routine which includes all kinds of activities, and changing it on weekends for a change.
  •  Children having online classes should avoid screen time as much as possible after the end of classes.
  • Children should know about the positive news of the pandemic, like improvement in the number of infections, vaccine availability, so they do not fear the pandemic.
  • Openly to talk to them about their concerns regarding anything and try to resolve them along with them.
  • Serve them their favourite foods as a treat after their good performance in classes or any house activities.
  • Look for any symptoms of anxiety, stress or depression.
  • Seek professional help if parents do not resolve the issues; teleconsultations are now widely available by professionals.

A global pandemic is a difficult time for everyone, affecting many individuals’ mental health. It is vital to pay special attention to the children as they cannot address the issues themselves adequately like adults. Also, it is more difficult for them to overcome it effectively like adults. It is an excellent opportunity for families to spend a good time with their families, especially for working parents to give more time to their children. Families should work together to overcome this pandemic in possible ways. Some suggestions above, which are effective in taking care of children’s mental health, can be initiated for adults as well. And it is advised to seek professional help when situations are not possible to handle by the families.