Yoga and its Connection with Health

(Picture Credits - Sri Sri Yoga Centre - Art of Living)

Yoga is today one of the most popular me and of exercise around the globe. Started in ancient India, Yoga is a form of exercise that combines physical forms with deep rhythmic breathing. It provides physical, mental as well as spiritual healing. Yoga isn’t just a form of exercise but also a holistic way of living. Physical activity and exercise aren’t the only popular choices for well-being. Nowadays, people have started understanding and practising meditation and breathing techniques that help reduce stress and anxiety.

Relation between Yoga and Mental Health:

• Yoga means the union of an individual’s consciousness with that of the universe. It is also viewed as a union of our minds and bodies. Combining to form one spiritual consciousness.

• Recent studies have shown signs of yoga being effective for people battling mental health disorders. Yoga has been proven to calm symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress.

• Yoga is also proven to reduce the cortisol levels in our blood that promote negative feelings and heart problems.

• Yoga breathing techniques help humans gain clarity about their decisions by focusing on their bodies and mind. It increases hormones such as dopamine which makes you feel lighter, happier, and relaxed.

• A study on children doing yoga twice a week in school proved a longer attention span and decrease in hyperactivity.

Yoga and Physical Health:

• Regular practice of yoga helps reduce back pain, headaches such as migraines, arthritis, etc.

• Targeted yoga for abdominal muscles helps reduce fat and gives you a toned physique.

• It helps improve your body strength. Yoga exercises such as ashtanga yoga and chaturanga asana help increase your arms and upper body strength. Even for those who aren’t regular gym-goers, with regular practice, they can easily perform such poses.

• Certain yoga poses bring rigidity to your body which helps improve your posture while walking or sitting. A good posture is essential for good physical health.

Benefits of Yoga:

• Yoga keeps a human young and develops our physical stability and health.

• It relieves stiffness from muscles and joints like knees and hips.

• Increases elasticity and flexibility in the body.

• Promotes bone growth increasing height.

• Better breathing patterns that enhance lung and heart health.

• Better mental health boosts your confidence and decreases anxious feelings.