Rama Navami- Significance and Celebrations

Rama Navami


Rama Navami falls on the ninth day of the Hindu lunar calendar in the month of Chaitra (April according to Gregorian calendar) Thus, it is named as Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami. This festival is a part of Navratri Spring festival. On this day Lord Rama, the son of King Dashratha of Ayodhya was born.


Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Vishnu. Rama Navami holds a great importance for the devotees of the Lord and is celebrated all over India and the world. This year Rama Navami will be celebrated on March 25, 2018, Sunday.

Lord Rama is addressed by various names such as Dhanurdhara, Raghava, Ramachandra etc. He was born in “Treta Yug” which is according to Vedic scriptures, the second span of time. It is said Lord Rama descended on Earth in the Treta yug to establish Dharma. He was a person of sound character and was a remarkable being.

The day of Rama Navami also marks the greatness of the Lord as a son, husband and a king. He always followed the path of virtue and righteousness and was commonly known as “Maryada Purushottam” at that time. The festival of Rama Navami is celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm.


Followers of Lord Rama recite Bhajans, religious hymns and hold kirtans to celebrate this festival. People also read the Hindu epic “ Ramayana”, which is the story of Lord Rama, on this day. People also keep fasts throughout the day and refrain from all sinful activities to get blessings of the Lord. They keep themselves absorbed in chants and meditation. There is a great devotion and faith within the people for this festival. People visit temples and do “Abhishek” of the Lord on this day.

The temples are beautifully decorated with flowers and statues of deities are bejewelled with various ornamental offerings. Chariot procession is also organized by the devotees of Lord Rama which is beautifully decorated with flowers and garlands.

It is to remember the peaceful days of the reign of Lord Rama. People clean and decorate their houses. Sweets and delicious dishes are prepared and distributed among the people on this day.

Special celebrations are held in Ayodhya as it is the birthplace of Lord Rama. In RamaeshwaRama too people take bath in the river on the occasion of Rama Navami as they believe Lord may forgive their sins and bless them.

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