Festivals in March 2022

Festivals in March

Different festivals in India are celebrated each month of the year. March invites one of the most colourful festivals. The following festivals are the events that are scheduled for March.

  • Mahashivratri (March 01, 2022) - - This is a day when Lord Shiva is worshipped by thousands of devotees across the country. Fasts are kept by many throughout the day. At the end of the daily prayers and rituals are held after which the festival is celebrated in a fervorous manner. Celebrations are elaborately held in temples of Lord Shiva across the country.

  • Uthralikavu Pooram (01st March 2022) - This temple festival of Kerala is dedicated to Goddess Kali. It is marked by rituals in the evening coupled with performances in folk art. The ambience is captivating in the light of the traditional glow of temple lamps. A special feature of this festival is a night-long performance by elephants that is supported by the traditional beat of the drums.

  • Paripally Gajamela (4th March 2022) - This is another festival of Kerala that witnesses a procession of 50 richly decorated elephants. It is part of an offering that is made to the Goddess of Paripally Kodimootil Sri Bhadrakali temple.

  • Float Festival (14th March 2022 to 18th March 2022) - This beautiful festival is celebrated in Madurai during nighttime on a full moon in the Tamil month of Thai. The bejewelled deities of the Meenakshi temple are taken on a procession. Afterwards, they are floated on a decorated and lamp lit raft in a tank. This festival begins in mid of March.

  • Arattupuzha Pooram (16th March 2022) - This is among the oldest temple festivals and the largest elephant festival in Kerala. A procession of 60 richly decorated elephants is taken out in traditional grandeur.

  • Holi (18th March-19th March 2022) - This festival is better known as the 'festival of colours, which is celebrated by the people of the entire country. People play with each other by sprinkling colours of different hues called 'gulal'. It signifies an end of evil and the commencement of happier days.

  • Gangaur Festival (18th March-04th April 2022) - This is a festival of Rajasthan in which people worship Goddess Gauri who personifies purity and austerity. It is observed by women who gather in processions marked by the traditional colour, gaiety, and music of Rajasthan.

  • Thirunakkara Arattu (24th March 2022)- One of the many temple festivals of Kerala, this goes on for ten days at the Thirunakkara Mahadeva temple. Elephant processions and the beat of the traditional drum sound are the characteristics of this festival. There are also traditional Kathakali performances and the peacock dance called Mayilattam in the course of the festival.

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