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Who were Dravidians in India?

March 15, 2013

Dravidians in India

Some people claim that the Dravadians originally inhabited the Northern part of India and were later pushed to the southern part of the country by the Aryans. Hence about 28% of Indians are Dravidians and reside in South India with one of the Dravadian languages as their main language, which includes, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Tulu. The Dravidian language has three subgroups, namely North Dravidian, Central Dravidian and South Dravidian. In present day India, the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the significant regions with a Dravidian population, the rest 72% are Aryans, residing in North India.The  difference in the origin of these languages is the reason of the different South and North Indian accents. We know very little about the Dravidian people in India, who used to reside in the country before the Aryans invaded Northern India from Iran and Southern Russia.

It is believed by some linguists that the Dravidian people were well spread all across the Indian sub continent and it is because of this that the Indus Valley civilization (Harappa and Mohenjo Daro) is also referred to as a Dravidian civilization, but whether the Indus Valley civilization is Dravidian or not is still controversial.

Dravidian people residing in present day Central India are tribal people known as Gond people, Kannadigaru Dravidians are from Karnataka, northern Kerala and southern Maharashtra, and northwest Tamil Nadu, Kondha Dravidians are from eastern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa, Kodavas Dravidian people from Karnataka and northern Kerala. Then there are Kurukh, Malayali, Tamil, Telugus and Tuluvas people who belong to Dravidians in India.

Dravidians were actually peace loving farmers and they were not trained in any kind of warfare. It is believed that when the Aryans invaded India, they pushed the Dravidians to the Southern part, as the Aryans were skilled fighters and came prepared with weapons and chariots. Also Dravidians, had a very sophisticated culture and used to worship all forms of life like herbs, and plants. With the coming of the Aryans, the concept of heaven and God came into existence which dramatically changed  society.

Not much is known about the Dravidians, so only archaeological and linguistic studies are the main source of information about them. Dravidian people have dark complexion, dark black hair and eyes and large foreheads. Because of structural similarities, it is also believed that Dravidians has an African origin. As per this anthropological and genetic data, these people migrated from Africa and reached South India via the southern route about 50,000 years ago. Because of rivers and fertile soil they stayed in India in large numbers, than other parts of world.

But there are many theories and studies that explain the origin of Dravidians, their link to Africa, Aryan invasion and Dravidian’s migration to South India. But all the theories state the fact that Dravidians were a very classy and skilled race of people.

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Dear friends,
Have gone thru the comments which have been posted and appreciate each of them.
I have a small confusion, when ever I try to find some information thru Google, GOOGLE- which been existed hardly around 10-15 years back, I find people talk 50,000 years history and their age gap might be around 20 to 30+. Still have not found 50,000 year old person in google.

Point on Aryans or Dravidians:
We are all educated, when we all were at school our teachers said that, all human creature have come from monkey gene..
I don’t know whether the informations in Google is right or our teachers who taught us..
So, Black monkey is Dravidians and white monkey is Aryans- Is that true (plz guide me)

About State and Language:
Kannada: Its as old as Tamil, but still Tamilians say that they are older than Kannada.

They say that they are older than Kannada and other languages.
Kannada sister language is Telugu.

They say that they are 2500 years old and we find Tamilians in Srilanka from 2500 years, when I was in school I got an information that, British or French people took tamilians from India to Srilanka for work and theu settled in Sri Lanka, Bangalore, Kerala- Malbar (Madaras company).
States involved in Madaras companies:
Mangalore, Bangalore- Cantrolment Kerala- Malabar etc… and rest all East India.
That is the main reason to find Tamilians settings in various states.

They claim that Thomos have come to Kerala and find the true Christians are in Kerala, as per my knowledge Thomas did not visit kerala.
Kerala follows bit manglorean style of living and still find Udupi Brahmins settled in kerala and many got converted to Christians and they argue as if they are the true christians and they still do ONAM
Maliyalum language derived by Tamil.

King Krishnadeva raya is from Tulu family and many did not knew, hope 1500+ years old and he developed Tirupati.

Its still not born in those days..

Oldest Languages:
HEBREW is the oldest language in the world and Africans/Egyptian (Just imagine)
But we still say that our language is Older than Hebrew, of course we love our language and state as eveyone does.

Don’t we think, we are just marketing our languages and fool others with improper informations
Let’s talk 70+ years back not BC’s
I am sure, I will receive comments by era, Puranas, Aryans, Dravidians bla bla…


Dravidian r Sindhi valley people pushed to South India by Aryan


    Just look at the image of ‘Dancing girl’ artfact which was found during the mohenjodaro excavation. it tells all! the facial features of her is nothing to do with Aryan race but dravadian…


What a load of bull ! Dravidians were a branch of the Sumerian culture. They migrated from southern Iraq and Iran (Mesopotamia) after the destruction of the Sumerian civilization. As for the North Indians, they are hardly of the European stock ! Their culture, different facial features and colors ranging from fair to dark indicated they were a mixed race thru war, rape and refugee migration.


Hi All the article have no sense, I request the article writer to go to Southern part of India i,e Tamilnadu,Kerala,Karnataka to get the details, please referrer all manuscript of older than 2000 years at maduri and Kerala National Library.
Dont publish bogus article.
Dravidian is not a small subject, if you want to know about the building construction part itself you have to go to South east Asia Burma,Thailand,Philipian,Malaysia,china (Older called as inner Manchuria),Rusia,Cambodia,Vietnam.

Ravikant Gaurav January 15, 2016 at 6:08 pm

At present time all dalit and obc . of india is drawid


Who wrote this stupid article?… We’ve all come from one place and it all traces back to Africa… This is why India is so divided because of our caste system! Dravidian & Aryan?! To hell with the caste system! If you want to bring people together stop writing bogus articles and live as human beings as God would have wanted us to be on this earth!…If we look at our body, we all bleed red blood! I hate the caste system and it’s stupidity! Move on people it is the 21st century!

KARTHIK S MANIKUTTAN December 17, 2015 at 6:28 am

Ha ha some stupid tells british created Aryan and Dravidians to devide us ….check it out history man Even hitler constantly used the word ARYAN and claimed himself as ARYAN and he picked SWASTIK CHAKRA as his nazy party symbol. it clearly shows that aryan communities originated from European regions….People who claims this is bullshit is the people disgusted with the truths and at any cost they are not gonna admit it..MY MIDDLE FINGER UP FOR SUJAY’S COMMENT ON TAMIL PEOPLE..If u really think Pakistan is friendly nation then get d ***off India u ********……..


From such a long conversation sorry comments from various people,i understood that “NONE IS CLEAR WHAT OUR HISTORY IS AND HOW WAS IT”.


the whole of so called aryan-dravidian theory is a dumb story.
it s tamilians who are spreading this.



    Change ur mind. Find out about Aryabhatt, C.V.Raman, today Indian Missile Father- Abdu Kalam!!!!!!!! Today we feel difference in every sector


Aryan, Dravidian, Semitic, Mongoloid, etc…who cares? It’s the 21st century, everybody is equal regardless of race, religion or gender.

Prashant R. Waghmare October 29, 2015 at 1:06 pm

Its very needy information regarding above.Now a days using New technology & other research get something new to us.
Thanks to giving valuable study to us, and hope that you will again give us more details,thanking you mam.

ch Afzaal Ahmad Drawar. I require history of dravdians (Drawar) April 30, 2015 at 10:42 am

I am very happy to read your upload about dravdian. Plz give history of dravdians . Thanks.


All people of the world come from Africa. It is literally the motherland of homo sapiens sapiens.

Vijay Kumar Mishra March 27, 2015 at 3:27 pm

You don’t have any other work to do….
Or you are also believing that there is so called Race and all….
First thing can you tell me whether each north Indian are fair in Complexion or vice versa.
The so called theory was made in the era 1870 ‘ s . But you are taking an interest in it till now…
Grow up…
Kindly Google Proto Indo European People.
And see in wiki the Genetic similarities in India…
Grow up and be educated.
Who the hell was max muller?
Is he god?
Search about the history of America during those days…..
How they were burning to the people who were black….
They are racist but we Indian were never Racist….
We are more developed society then them….
No Aryan invasion…
Please search about this too.
In dravidian language people say Aiyaa instead of Arya (to Respectable, Honourable person).
Before putting any non sense…
Think twice….
Or give proof on that..
Or search on any other website you will come to know about many facts….


    Harappa and Mohenjo Daro it ture Mr. Vijay Kumar Mishra take the knowledge with History. If Ramayana Mahabharata true Dravidian & Aryan also true.!!!


A great many archaeological proofs exist which show that history mentioned in the Bible are true. Following the great deluge throughout the earth, only a man called Noah, his wife and his three sons namely Shem, Ham and Japheth along with their wives suvived in a great ship. Ham was cursed by his father Noah (the only man considered by God as righteous and a prophet) for exposing his father’s nakedness. The curse was that his progeny would be servants of servants to all the others.Originally all of Noah’s sons were white skinned people; however, after the curse the Hmite progeny became black and ugly. The bible reveals that Ham’s progeny are all the black people of the world, which includes the African and the Indian black skinned people.
Next important informmation that the Bible gives us is about the land of the earth which was one undivided mass. Then there was a time when the land became divided into different continents. By that time the black Hamites had spread to the whole of Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Thus we have black people living both in africa and India. You will find black people throughout the extant of Indian subcontinent right from Pakistan, Kashmir, punjab and down south to Kanyakumari. They were servants of servants and not conquerers. Then we have the Aborigines of Australia and the Andamans as well who are black people.
During the time of king Aheswerus , King cyrus and king Darius the Persians had occupied the north west regions of India and populated it with the socalled Aryans. thus we have the white colored people in the north.


    You are one sick person. I don’t know whether to curse at you or feel sorry for you. The Old Testament has some accurate accounts of rulers and battles I will give you that. They were famous mostly within the Jewish community. The Bible is a historical account created by Jews with lots of myths and fables that have been told over 6,000. And yes, the Bible is only 6,000 years. The rivers mentioned in the garden of Eden, the Euphrates and Tigres still exist today. Go google it. The Bible was mankind best attempt to explain the world and God 6,000 years ago. Today we know so much more that they didn’t know. Dinosaurs, Neanderthals, Galaxies, medicine, etc. The people in the Bible didn’t have the science to explain things so explanations were created using superstition and stories to scare people to believe what they wanted them to believe. The Egyptians were notorious in keeping records on hieroglyphs of important events. Yet, not one mention of the ten plagues in Egypt. Not one. From the greatest civilization who left the most ancient information about themselves than any other civilization in history. Yet, not one word on Plagues. If you want answers about the world God has created for us, study physics, genetic history of past and current population, astrology. God has shown us who He is in nature, in ourselves, and our capacity to love. You don’t need words created by mankind in a book to prove there’s a God. He’s all around us and within us. Focus on one simple .. truth. God loves all of us equally and created us as such for a reason so no one has to right to question or judge what He has created. Science is like crumbs that God leaves behind for mankind to pick up, study and use to move mankind further along the evolution ladder. We won’t “discover” anything that He doesn’t want us to know. So tired of so many different groups of races, religion, nations, thinking they’re more important and God favors them. God favors all of us. Live a life seeking knowledge and giving kindness especially to those who need it most. You are not more important than the person next to you who is your brother, your sister. DNA studies have shown we are all the same with slight variations. I plead with anyone who reads this, stop the hate in the world. Be one of the courageous ones that stand up and say ENOUGH! Skin color is a stupid reason to hate someone. That thinking has eroded people self esteem all over the world. We all die and face God in the end and He decides our faith. Do you really want to face Him and explain why you hated someone over a skin color? Really? Let’s leave the hate mongers behind and forge a new generation were we love and accept each other and our small differences. We are all one family. God’s family.


    Obviously you haven’t read the bible. If only Hamites are black as you claim and cursed by God and turned black, then why did the bible say this:

    Numbers 12:10But when the cloud had withdrawn from over the tent, behold, Miriam was leprous, as white as snow. As Aaron turned toward Miriam, behold, she was leprous.

    *If the Shemites were white as you claim, then why was Miriam turned white? Also to further prove my point that Shemites were also black and oh yes that includes the HEBREWS/Israelites also, I will point out another story in the bible.

    Remember Joseph was dwelling in Egypt for several years and his own brothers couldn’t tell him apart from the HAMITES (Egyptians)! If Shemites are white, then it should of been easy to spot little Shemite/Israelite Joseph, right? Clearly the Shemites are black also! You can read about this in Genesis 42.

    Also I will post more proof of Shemites being black also. Oh and before I forget, it was NOT Ham who was cursed! It was Canaan! Please read your bible. The Hamites (Canaanites) couldn’t tell the Shemites/Israelites from the Egyptians (Hamites). How is this so? Your claim is that only Hamites are black, so why couldn’t the Hamite/Canaanites tell us apart from the other Hamites?

    Genesis 50:11Now when the inhabitants of the land, the Canaanites, saw the mourning at the threshing floor of Atad, they said, “This is a grievous mourning for the Egyptians.” Therefore it was named Abel-mizraim, which is beyond the Jordan.

    You mean to tell me that the Canaanites couldn’t tell the Shemites apart from the Hamite Egyptians? The Hamites and Shemites are both black. Remember we lived among the Hamites in Egypt for 430 years! Now where in the bible does it talk about us dwelling in Europe. Also I could easily post more verses about people in the bible being TURNED WHITE! but not a single verse mentions anyone being turned black. Only you racist white people make that stuff up.

    Also remember Samson had SEVEN locks on his head. White people don’t naturally have hair that locks. Your ignorance is your own, good luck with that.


    My friend, the bibel is nothing but a verbatim copy of the Myths of the Sumerians, the flood, the ark, banishment everything was lifted from the Sumerian civilization !!


I am a Keralite. And I consider myself to be of an Cuscasian gene pool as that of both the so called “aRYANS” and “dRAVINAS”.
Archeological, Genitical and Linguistical data are considered over popular theories and other nonsense believes. These shows all of Indian sub-continent and Central Asia with similar charecteristics with regional and climatic adaptions. And no conclusive evidence can be obtained against or for the Arayan Theory…

And dear friends dont purely base your arguments on “Wikipedia”, but rather read the referance paper show at bottom of the Wiki page…


With all due respect , get a life and stop dropping nonsense into this already fragile conundrum. secondly please how to write an article , a 6th grader can do a better job oh wait my little brother can teach you better.

peace out


    At Project MyIndia team we offer a platform for sharing your opinion and also pay you for it. We would love to have you and the 6th graders and your little brother write for us. We would also go ahead and pay writing honorarium which varies from Rs 500/- to Rs 2,000/- depending on thoughts expressed, editorial need and uniqueness of content. Thank you for stopping by and we value each suggestion and feedback. Have a good time and we would strive to add more value to this project.


There is no aryan and Dravidian civilization .These are created by Britishers to divide the India. Arayan is Sanskrit word meaning “Arya” in Tamil and Telugu ..In English people say it is as “Sir” but it is not correct there is equivalent word in English word for this Like “Yoga” no english word for this because English fellows don’t know about Yoga. Dravida word meaning is “junction of three seas ” and there is no represent of civilization . There is no Aryan and Dravida concept in India. Few people refer Rakshsa Ravan belongs to Dravida & Dalit and Lord Rama belongs to Aray ..:-) this is British trick to break the India. Ravana born in norh part of India ( Near to Nodia and his wife also ) and he conquer the Lanka and he settled In Srilanka and by the way Ravana is Brahmin not Dalit also.

    retardedskinnydravidian August 1, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    The tall and built Scythian descendant Jats whose haplogroups are from Scythia look really different from short, ugly, dark skin Dravidian with no athletic medals.


      half witted ape, your ancestors were thrashed by the Greeks, central asians, the arabs, the persians, the afghans and finally by the british. You are the bastardiesed descedants of rape by these warriors ! Southen kings conquered upto Java, Sumatar etc. You pathetic jokers kept losing territory till Kashmir and now that is also snatched from you!

Vineeth Prabhanandan August 31, 2014 at 1:54 pm

Funny how you are trying to misinterpret History …I know from the history that how you aryans try to conquer our civilisation our culture and innovations …the indus valley civilisation is of dravidian origin and there is no doubt in that …the only doubt is that what is your origin …it is clear that you are not of indian origin …try to follow your own roots …leave us alone we don’t need any aryan north indians to teach us our culture …one day we will achieve our goal of a ” dravidian Nation”


    It is a lie there was no aryan tribe its all made up by hitler dude… indus valley civilization had shiva lingam&Swastika despite the fact shiva is a Vedic God that alone puts a big question mark over the whole “Sanskrit&Hinduism came from Iran” thing…

    It is quite clear to me that north indian culture has been eroded by the centuries of invasions&cultural mixing.. we south indians were mostly isolated from this so that’s why we’re different than them.


    I guess genetically and culturally I am more Aryan than Dravidian . yet I cannot disown my Dravidian root either . ravana was born and brought up in brahmin lineage of north India , highly educated and skilled who went astray . Rama and Krishna both were dark skinned and probably followed many practices of various tribes of India yet reverted through out India for enforcement of righteous conduct known as dharma .

    Karthikeyan Raju March 14, 2015 at 3:06 pm

    bro you are right 😉 these guys are trying to create history 😛

    In Manu Smriti, and the maha bagavatham they mension dravidian Kind. if the dravidian concept is not true then how maha bagavatham mention dravidian Kind?


Im a telugu and fully support the aryan-dravidian theory,and i consider my self as a dravidian…don’t try to eliminate the current South Indians ancient identity by saying aryan dravidian theory is a hoax, all those writer who write about this and claim this is a hoax are not professional,certified or accredited historian,archaeologist or sanskriti…some are computer science graduate,another guy is a mathematician,another guy hold degree in agriculture, most of them are BJP/hindutva supporters.


    I am a south indian from kerala. This aryan dravidian divide was used to create a racial divide between north and south indians by whites ( germans, brits etc.). It is a white supremist theory which states that only white race which invaded india can build a advanced civilization like ancient india. So this theory was fabricated by them. That is why adolf hitler called himself an aryan and used the swastika symbol for nazi germany. This theory is proved wrong by many historians both indian and foreign. Only white supremists and racists use this theory. I am stating my comment with good prior information.


    But here’s the thing. dravidians exist but aryans don’t no one in the north india identifies themselves as aryans.


the kannadigas and telegus do not come under proto dravisdian family. you please learn some really history and recent findings. the aryan dravidian theory is haox. the so called tamilians migrated from africa after the drift and drought in that area. the kannadigas and telegus migrated from indus valley. the kanarese are indiginous people native to the land. the mahisa race(people of mahisaasura mardhini), telegus living telegana(similar to caneresa in origin, native to telegana, there other telegus in seemandhra are from north india(similar to UP and bihar people in origin and DNA studies. historians have classified tamils, bengalis, malyalees and even kashmiris in to proto dravidian family in origin.


    It is such a racist comment. What is your proof regarding telugus and Kannadigas are descendents of Indus valley? If true what is the oldest available text proving your “theory”? Why is the structures found today in Andhra and Karnataka date centuries younger than the ones found in Indus valley, next to which comes the ones from Tamil Nadu? If Kannadigas are migrated from Indus valley then why their architecture follows today’s so called “Tamil” architecture?(According to your comment) What is their history between collapse of Indus valley, cities in Tamil Nadu and later medival times?

      Vijay Kumar Mishra March 27, 2015 at 5:31 pm

      Yes you are right…..
      Kannad and Telugu people are parts of North Indian civilizations….
      Rigveda clearly told that and there is no doubt…..
      In rigveda Sarasvati river is mentioned….
      There is none other text in india which has its Name…..
      Apart from that…
      Those who believe on so called AIT theory….
      They can go ahead…..
      But first show me a proof…
      Not theory…
      Why don’t you people understand….
      There was no such thing…
      If it was so our ancestors will definitely told us….
      We don’t need a western scholar to tell that…..
      Don’t believe on politicians who are so mean for themselves….
      Yes fighting against Caste system is good…
      But fight in different manner….
      Don’t be racist….
      I am a brahmin but my skin colour is black…
      Don’t behave like fool….


    your guess is totally wrong, with the evidence of the Indian archaeological data, the scripts and the symbols were similar to that of Tamil and even some in direct tamil script, the aryans were the people came from Persia and eastern europe. the Dravidians are the people who are the indigenous people of the India. in the recent ages only the dravidian race splits up in the difference in the languages that are evolved.




The term Aryan race was derived with the motive of racism & white supremacy by people western (causacian) origin. That is why Adolf Hitler believed he was Aryan & of a superior race. But most Nazis believe that Aryans are “blond”, “blue-eyed” and are heavy framed. Going by this definition, North Indians do not fit it. On the contrary they fit the description of Persians/Middle east people. It is believable that the people of middle east entered India because of the bountiful nature that India has as compared to the desert like conditions in middle east.
Even the dressing style of North Indians is close to “Muslim” cultures. The salwar resembles the harem pants. Even the long kurtas resemble the arab wear. Moreover north indian women use veil (like Muslims) which is not prevalent in south india. In temples south indians do not cover their heads while northies do. There is so much similarity between hindu-north indians & muslims. So there should be a common origin – Persia/Middle east. South indian people are scholarly whereas North indian people are make better enterpreneurs (like their muslim counterparts who make good traders). Too many similarities to be just coincidental.


    Please stop messing things up here’s my findings it is clear hope u understand.
    @deepa ,let me clear ur muslim persio link . Acc. To me indian culture is not evolved from the persian but the fact is persians have been influenced by both mangolian,european and indian culture ,indians wear a complete wear which are modified by arabs who have been descendent of european clans their wear of men resemble to mangolian clan and roman type ethnic and womens dress have modification from indo-roman/greek wear , you feel this real when you find that the gods and ancestors have coherence and identical with that the jews worshiped gods and ancestors .And another fact is the arab wears have been changing often persian ethnic wear was diff. From that of the wear after muslim era and diff. After crusades so whats the link to indian culture which is of great planning ,socially advanced ,ordered ,scientific huh don’t just spred your wrong stupid thinkings here use it to tell stories further cmnts are welcomed i will try my level best to clarify.
    *And regarding the race in indian there is a lot of complex things to deal with we find black race all over india thats just modification to specific area just like evolution concept adoption in animals and plants all are of indian origin and theres nothing called aryan or dravidan race thats the concept of western historians to split the harmony and oness of indians , who r they to say that indians know what our history is it is thousands of years older than their culture/civlization took birth the barbarian attitude of them until 16th century wasnt found in indian history at all that show we were civilized and more socialized before the records are found thats our greatness . Further classification will be given in my next post share it folks

    krishna prasad July 21, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    ya..even Sanskrit and other north indian languages are sub family of indo iranian language..


There in no concept like Dravidian and Aryan. it is a fiction created by British historian to keep the divisive fires burning.
based on a detailed sampling of DNA across India by govt agencies one thing has come out clearly that the DNA samples have common ancestry across south and north india.

want more surprises even the east India folks (trust me) including people from Arunachal to all the way tibet. have the same DNA stream.

so stop repeating this divisive discussion. type DNA sampling of India in google. and see for yourself.


    Every one in the world know it true evidence are available but not in India out side of India to protect archaeologist artifacts from northern Indians. Indus god belongs to Indus valley or Tamil civilian its not Hindus god this comments for all who disagree with.


I disagree with the assumptions made in your article, you have stated “Dravidians were actually peace loving farmers and they were not trained in any kind of warfare” which is simply incorrect. The dravidians are the real Indians who has all skills except marketing, Dravidians are warriors since before Ramayan period, I invite you to visit temples in Tamilnadu to feel the legacy and excellency of art which cant be felt anywhere in this world. To write about Dravidians you should first studyTamil and its literature’s, The oldest existing language is Tamil, many north indian Languages including Sanksrit has Tamil words, The so called major religions in the world originated 2000 years ago, we have classy literature’s in Tamil which were written centuries ago, Tamil Community is the origin of Human race the evidence for saying this is TAMIL Language.


    Well said Sir. Karthikeyan. I just don’t understand that why there people always try to play us down.

    SomeoneNotToMessWith May 18, 2014 at 7:54 am

    Are u sure its Tamil and not Telugu? Cause maybe its because u and I are just being biased because its the language we speak….so Please calm yoself honey.


    Are you telling me that humans have been in existence for approx. 6000 years? There is something in Egypt (kemet) on the Giza plateau called the Sphinx and is at least 18K years old. European history starts with the Adam story. The Dogon, Twa, and Hutu peoples of Africa date back 400,000 years. European archeologist report that the original man is out of Africa (Alkebulan).
    Egypt is the daughter of Ethiopia. So imagine how old Africans are. Why do archeologists always start their research in Europe, then Asia, and lastly Africa? Lastly, if Adam were alive, he’d be about 7000 years old, according to chronological order.


    Hay I thought Buddha and Moses were born centuries before Christ who were reformers against then established faiths and Tamil like Sanskrit is a refined version on initial natural ( prakrit ) dialects .
    I have always wondered if Aryan invasion hypothesis were true how is it that rama and krishna the reverred heroes of aryan are dark skinned .


The Aryan invasion theory is not at all a fiction of imagination, but a reality. Even Dravidians migrated from Mediterranean region, that’s why Dravidian language having some similarities with Elamite language & Uralic language. Aryans & Dravidians both are of Caucasoid race. Not all Dravidians are dark. Majority of Kannadigas, Tuluvas, & Telugus are having similar complexion as Maharastrians, Biharis, Utter Pradeshis & Madya Pradeshis. Most of the Bengalis are darker than Deccan Daravidians. Only Gujratis, Sindis, Panjabis & Kashmiris are having fairer complexion, this may be because foreign (mlechcha) settlements of Scynthians, Tocharians, Indo-Greeks, Parthians, Kambojas & Hunas in these areas. Indian population is mixture of Aryans, Aryo-Mlechchas, Aryo-Dravidians, Aryo-Himalayans, Aryo-Asiatics, Aryo-Negritos, Dravidians, Dravido-Aryans, Dravido-Himalayans, Dravido-Asiatics, Dravido-Negritos,Austro-Asiatics, Asiato-Negritos, Negritos, Tibeto-Burmans, Tibeto-Himalayans & other Aryanised or Dravidianised or Asiatised or Tibetised Primitive Tribes. After 700 AD Turks, Mongols, Afganis, Persians, Turko-Mongols, Turko-Afganis, Perso-Afganis, Perso-Turks, Perso-Mongols, Afgano-Turks, Afgano-Persians, Afgano-Mongols also settled in India.


This is outrageous racism, follow proof from science and archeology.try not to get too personally involved in this .have an open mind ,dont be bias. the truth will always come out.we should not be looking at the dravidians from a personal religious standpoint.the dravidians being black is the real issue here with the caste system and the dark versus light skin in india that has everyone bleaching there skin all of the bollywood stars look white. what disrespect to the ancestors.some pride inda has.they let invaders make them ashamed of there own roots and beautful skin that god and there mothers gave them.India should love their selves and ancestors no matter what color their skin was you wouldnot be here without them. ignorance has no place here.those religious books have been written to teach spirituality not history.we cannot trust them for history.archeologists have found many sites older than 6000 years old.so someone has lied to all the masses.the truth will set you free.follow the science it always speaks for itself.anyway whats wrong with being descended from Africa. Africans are a great group of ancestors, they have given allot to civilizations all over the world.do your homework people read books not just religious stuff.THIS IS 2014 WAKE UP .KNOW THYSELF. love yourself


    Well said!! Take pride in how God made you. Religious books are about spirituality, not history. Anyone who makes another hate how God made them should never be idolized and emulated. People who make others hate are not good people.


some points you wrote about dravians are wrong sister


With respect to some of the comments the origin of man is no mystery. He did not originate in Africa – that is pure speculation at best and not in the least provable. Neither is he an evolutionary progression of the apes but a totally separate and unique creation that was given a perfect start by his Creator just over 6000 years ago.The first man and woman were placed in a paradise garden situated in what is today eastern Turkey. Archaeological finds rather prove the Biblical account in Genesis to be accurate in that after a global Deluge had wiped wickedness from off the earth (this is testified to and embellished upon in many legends and religions) man migrated down into Mesopotamia roughly 4500 years ago. From Noah and his three sons all nations and tongues have spread out into all the earth.

    Vineeth Prabhanandan August 31, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    This is not your bible preaching class …this is history we are talking about …


      why can’t the bible be history? After all everything in there can be proven by scientists today. They have found roman soldier armor in the red sea, obviously some type of scientific thing had to happen to create the earth, he didnt just poof it into being but spoke it so that it happened a certain way. Do you really think so many people would just believe in a guy who made stuff poof into being with out any type of evidence? Sure, some things in Christianity are needed to be believed in with faith, but thats just so that he knows you are a real believer. Everyone has speculations. Its ok, but anyone who thinks that there is absolutely nothing out there that created all of this world, animals, plants, etc, you are sorely mistaken and very ignorant. No human can control that. Even with science. People cant even cure cancer, how can we create a world? even then why wouldnt they leave the cancer out? not everything is as it seems…. so always keep an open mind, about everything because you cant just judge something without understanding it.


        Are you for real ? Modern humans appeared on earth nearly 70,000 years ago. archaeological proofs are there. And the bible is nothing but a copy of the myths and stories of the much earlier Sumerian civilization.


    Please. You do know that befire christianism, people worship many God?
    Human history didn’t start just 6000 years ago. And if , you want to look at the position of Eden in the bible, it is was not in Turkey. It was in the South of Yemen.
    Also, kingdom like the ancient Egypt ( who were black prior to Arab and Roman invasion) or the Incas ( mix of black and Asian) already exist.

    Also as many people stated it the Aryan thing was a scam by British to divide the population and install Christianism. They made it seem as if people with black skin was couldnt built a civilisation. They did the same thing in Mozambique, they said the black Zulu couldn’t have built their civilisation. Nowadays , they still don’t want to recognise that the ancient Egyptian were black although you can see the picture in the tomb who represent them as white or you can see all the big statue ( Sphinx , and other representation of Pharaoh) have their nose crooked ( they destroy it). Even tough Egypt is in Africa and all the country near it ( Sudan, Ethiopia) have African resident.

    Anyway, I hope that Indian are going to look and write their own story and not let foreigner do it for them.


saint.raghavendra theertha was born in kumbakonam.madhwacharya an incarnation of bhima was born in sirsi-karnataka.saint.ramanuja an incarnation of adisesha was born in tamilnadu.sripada srivallabha an incarnation of lord.dattatreya was born in pithapuram-andhra pradesh.appaiah dikshitar an incarnation of lord.shiva was born in tamilnadu.maharishi.agastya the father of tamil language still is residing in the remote corner of southindia as per puranas.so there are two sides of a coin for everything.



adi shankara an incarnation of lord.shiva travelled north and established 4 mathas.then near narmada deheated mandana misra also an incarnation of lord.brahma.and later made mandana misra as the head of sringeri mutt.which is also the school for yajurveda philosophy.

similarly lord.ram an incarnation of lord.vishnu came down south in search of mother goddess.now tell me hasn’t both north and south been sanctified?

sasank dhulipudi October 18, 2013 at 10:14 pm

elugu is a form of sanskrit and prakrit languages….
Prakrit language is a indo iranian and indo aryan using language…
So telugu people belong aryans or dravidians? As there language depends?


origin of man is a mystry and now of dravid,aryan and negroid and so on will lead us to nowhere .we must respect one and all to lead a peacefull life on earth or trying to be being superior will simply lead to criticism, since we have no evidence and some don’t believe to evidences


why is it the orgin of human race is fixed to africa and that they are said to migrate to different places. could thay not have orginated at every place and their traits differ from place to place. further all the continents were said to be together and they disintegrated to form different continents. and in that process the human race could have satyed in the places. could it be so then there is no question of migration.


    The oldest fossils of homo sapiens are found in Africa. Hence it is believed that man first originated there.

    All the continents were indeed joined once millions of years ago. Breaking up of continents started long before Jurassic period (Dynasaurs). During Jurassic period no big mammal survived, except may be rats, squrrels. Monkeys and then apes are believed to have evolved from them.

    Apes which evolved just a few milions years ago could not have reached all continents by sea. Hence it is believed that fully evolved ape travelled to other continents and acquired different characters.

    Secondly two different species living in two different continents cannot evolve into same species. Such evolutionary trends very rare.


      Homo Sapiens have only a history of 200,000 years. We need an open discussion about the proof-based history of Adivasi aboriginals, Dravidians and Aryans who came over and settled in India and the evolution of their societies and religious beliefs as of now.


        great idea!!!!!!


        Dear Kamal,

        you are right.
        We need history of Adivasi aboriginals, Dravidians and Aryans.
        I strongly believe as per many archaelogical discoveries and linguistic studies that Adivasis were the earliest settlers in Indian Subcontinent. The rest I dont know.
        I am a Kurukh,Oraon. The indiginous population has been discredited by the rest of the population.
        Our history is lost and overwritten.

        We mourn our lost history.



    The Aryan invasion theory is a fiction of imagination fed by western historians. I would advise the author to get her facts right. Yes, there are anthropological differences but trying to feed mis-information with further mis-information is not going to help this country. Latest scientific evidences point to Indian civilisation being far more ancient that the Indus civilization. So, please stop spreading mis-information.


    Yes, this looks the closest to a real sensisble explanation rather than some weird theory explaining invasion..


      i believe that we have a relation to Dravidians.my request to all is this dont blend the faith and history together.faith is myth and history is rational.

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