How to maintain a work-life balance?

How to maintain a work-life balance?


A “9 to 5” job that you usually leave well past 6 PM every day.

The tie that remains tied to your neck for so long, it starts feeling more like a noose.

You tell yourself this is how it’s supposed to be. But, is it really?

Well before entering through the office doors, we start dreading the long day ahead. A 2017 Times of India survey found out that 3 out of 5 employees are unhappy with their job. Strangely, several of these people report to have been working at a job of their own choice, at least in the beginning. What have we, as a society, been doing wrong? Why are most of the people unhappy, and even hate their jobs at times, and how can we change it?

An unhealthy work lifestyle

Office workers, especially those with desk jobs complain of not being satisfied with the direction their career is taking. The same cabin every day, for the same fixed amount of hours kicks in the mundane aura and helplessness sets in. While they enjoy the job in the beginning, with time, the “honeymoon” period gets over.

Another problem that workers face is maintaining a harmony between personal and professional life. It seems like one cannot be retained without damaging the second. It’s either ‘missing dinner with family’ or ‘missing the deadline’. Where is the balance that we so desperately need?

Here, we list a few tips and tricks you can use to add the much needed fun and balance in your work life.

An attitude makeover

While no job is all “sunshine and rainbows”, and some days are bound to feel dull, our attitude can still make or break the deal. The more positive (realistically so) you are about your job and career, the better your chances of personal and professional growth. If you think of yourself as doomed and trapped inside the job, that’s how you will turn out, eventually. So, it becomes imperative to break the chain. Don’t let the lethargic thoughts harbor permanent shelter inside your brain. Keep yourself as positive as possible, avail as many opportunities as you can.

Learn how to manage your time well

It is a common site to witness people in offices spending a large chunk of the day in leisure and then panic when the closing hours come by. You can avoid that anxious state, as well as get more work done if you plan your entire day wisely. Not as easy to apply as it sounds, yes, but the results can be more than worth the effort.

The art of saying “no”

Often there is that one cabin with the lights on even as the rest of the office goes back home, ready to binge on their favorite show, or catch the evening news, “the one that works till late”. On some days, its necessary, on many others, it is not. Make sure you are not grinding yourself unnecessarily, learn how to say “no”. But more importantly, learn how to say “yes” smartly.

Crisp and short meetings

Office meetings can often stretch for hours at and end, leaving everyone involved drained. While they are crucial and equally essential, you can still make sure they are as efficient as possible. There are two choices- you can either choose to beat around the bush, or get straight to the point. Crisp and short, to the point meetings reportedly result in getting better results.

Do not bring your office home

When people complain about their job, they usually complain about the stress it brings along. It is said that the burden of the office hours leaves very little room for a healthy personal life. The problem, however, is that people fail to separate their professional and personal life. There is rarely any clear boundary dictated, which results in an overall mess. The solution is to not bring your office into your home, meaning, keep the work where it belongs. Yes, occasionally the situation might demand you to put in some extra hours from the comforts of your home, but remember, that is for once in a blue moon. If you cannot solve a work-related problem today, you know there is always a tomorrow.

Stress busters

Studies show that whenever you are indulged in anything that gives you pleasure, stress slowly starts to recede. It could be a hobby- for some people music, reading the occasional book, or even watching a horror movie; for others, it could be as simple as spending time with your close ones. Whatever gives you a sense of peace and security, make sure you take out some time for it.

Regular exercising and meditation are known to reduce stress effectively. However hectic your schedule might be, make sure you put aside some time every day for your health.

Your life, both professional and personal, are yours to take care of. With a continuous reminder to self, and keeping your unhealthy day to day traits in check, you can actually find yourself in a much better, happier place where work doesn’t seem so hideous anymore.

Remember, “life is not perfect, but our outlook towards it can be”.

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