Map of Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir – August-5-2019

Jammu, Kashmir, ladakh, Pakistan & China
Is this map set to change?

Time: 2:00 This map changed. Please visit The Proposed Map of Jammu & Kashmir UT and Ladakh UT

Map of Jammu and Kashmir has several claims and counter claims. Our team worked on ground situation and drew a map broadly on the lines of who controls what and where. Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India but parts of it are controlled by China and Pakistan.

Our this map image is a near factual representation of how it looks and works.

News has just come in that the state of Jammu & Kashmir would be split in two Union Territories.

The UT of Jammu & Kashmir and the UT of Ladakh. The UT of J&K would have legislative assembly whereas the UT of Ladakh wont have one and would be directly administered.

In all likelihood Shaksgam Valley would be part of The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and so would Gilgit Baltistan – POK  and so called “Azad Kashmir” POK. Siachin Glacier is also likely to be administered as part of the UT of J&K and the region of Aksai Chin would continue showing up as part of the Union Territory of Ladakh.