#withoutfilter | The Irony of Pariksha Pe Charcha And The Much Rehearsed Script

#withoutfilter Pariksha pe Charcha on a Much Rehearsed Script
Prime Minister, Narendra Modi addresses students during 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' event at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi.
#withoutfilter Pariksha pe Charcha on a Much Rehearsed Script
Prime Minister, Narendra Modi addresses students during ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ event at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi.

The third-edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha took place at Talkotra Stadium on January 20, 2020, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed more than 2,000 school children on examination and the tactics to tackling exam pressure and life after exams.

Modi’s interest in children’s education has become quite apparent now with the occurrence of such sessions. Also, his newly-launched book, ‘Exam Warriors’ is another representative case on his interest with children.

The Prime Minister also interacted with the children in a two-hour-long session with anecdotes from his own life in a much-relaxed way by making it less tensed and uptight.

The event took place on a big scale with thousands of school children, teachers and parents, which was broadly telecasted for millions to see. But needless to say, it was preplanned and well-rehearsed.

While the educational qualification of Mr Modi remains a subject of dissension to the entire nation and beyond, his endeavour to contribute and promote education is widely discussed.

But somehow, the peer of the realm fails to convince its nobility and virtuosity of its goodness. Why do I feel so? Because of the irony congenital in the theme of the event – education.

On the one hand, it looks and feels substantial that a prime minister is putting so much heart and soul on the foundation of a nation which is education. On the other hand, a few kilometres away, students are protesting against its government’s educational policies and beaten away by the police for their freedom of speech.

Anyhow, without straying from the momentum of the event, PM has shared his wisdom of grappling with exams by doing yoga, meditating, providing enough rest to your mind and body along with emphasising on not comparing ourselves with the others. He also talked about the importance of extracurricular.

But in the helpful wisdom, somewhere profoundness got left behind when he used ‘war’ as a metaphor in his candid speech while referring to how one should stay in their fields to grow and what happens when we venture out.

The event was live on DD and will be retelecasted on the same and also DD News and DD India. The show was also played on All India radio Medium Wave and All India Radio FM Channel.