10 Fastest Job-Creating Cities in India

Top 10 Cities Leading Job Creation in India

Top 10 Cities Leading Job Creation in India

The top ten job creating cities in India are:


Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, is also regarded as the Pink City of the Indian IT industry. As far as job growth is concerned, it is the leading name of its kind in the country and can thus be regarded as a major contributor to the national economy. The three core areas of this city’s economy are software technology parks (STPs), electronics, and international tech parks. Among all the Indian cities, Bengaluru accounts for at least 35%, which is easily the best.


This city in Haryana has emerged in the last few years as a name to be reckoned with as far as provision of jobs is concerned and its proximity to Delhi has been of major help in this regard. Among its various sectors, information technology is a major provider of jobs. This is also one reason why Gurgaon is financially one of the most important cities for India.


The biggest claim to fame for the capital city of Maharashtra is Bollywood. However, it has other jobs to offer as well. In fact, it is regarded as the commercial capital of India. Even though most of the aspirants here are looking for opportunities in Bollywood, there are plenty of jobs in sectors such as production and manufacturing. The fact that it is a port city is also helpful. Logistics, IT, healthcare, and textiles are other important sectors for job creation.


The national capital is regarded as one of the finest locations where one can look for jobs. A sizeable chunk of the almost 1.5 lakh professionals working here are from states such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. This is also an extremely-important economic centre for India. Nowadays, Delhi along with its nearby regions such as Noida, Gurgaon, Greater Noida, and Faridabad have attained significant industrial progress, which implies that it will continue to provide more jobs in future. IT and manufacturing are the major sectors over here as far as creation of jobs is concerned.


Located in Gujarat, Surat is well-known for its diamond, synthetic textiles, and real estate industries. The yearly per capita gross domestic product (GDP) of this city has been estimated to be in excess of 10,000 dollars. Textiles are one of the leading employers in Gujarat.


Pune is one of the top cities in terms of financial importance and it also makes the sixth best per capita income in India. It is an economically-rich area with different sectors such as IT, research-based industries, automotive industry, and technology-based industries.


Hyderabad has traditionally been one of the leading providers of jobs in India ever since it was at the centre of the IT boom in Andhra Pradesh. This is also one reason why this city is a leader in terms of GDP, revenues, and taxes paid. The major areas where one can get a job over here are pearl trade, automation, and IT.


The capital city of Tamil Nadu is also regarded as the nerve centre of business-related and industrial activities in South India. The major sectors of this city’s economy are communication, healthcare, power, waste management, and banking. The city has also been able to widen its economic horizon in the last few years by focusing on business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT services. In fact, it is among the leading exporters of these services in the whole country.


This union territory is home to a slew of small and large-scale industries. The levels of yearly per capita income as well as GDP of this city are really great and this is why it is also referred to as the wealthiest city in the country. IT is one of the major sources of job generation in this city.


The capital of West Bengal is financially and commercially the most important city in East India. It also offers jobs of differing scales in various sectors, viz. primary, tertiary, and secondary. The major industries where one can get jobs over here are as follows:

• Steel
• Food processing
• Heavy engineering
• Agriculture
• Mining
• Electronics
• Minerals
• Textiles
• Cement
• Jute
• Pharmaceuticals

In addition to these cities, Dehradun, Noida, Ahmedabad, Nainital, and Ludhiana are also regarded as important centres for creating jobs in India.