2016 Horoscope: What The Stars Hold for your Zodiac?

Zodiac Signs 2016
What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say

Zodiac Signs 2016

Love, lust, money, power, success, marriage, opprtunities – what awaits you in the coming year? With the turn of every year, we ponder on what it would bring to us. Will it be a stepping stone for our dreams and aspirations, or will it be dotted with obstacles and not-so-welcome instances. We bring to you an account of what the stars have in store for you. Happy reading and cheers to a great year ahead!

Aries: 2016 brings a year of personal growth and challenges. It shows the way to face your greatest fears and overcome them with your innate personal strength. There is the possibility of a new job or business venture. This is also a year of spiritual awakening. Make your setbacks the stepping stones to wisdom and gain a broad spiritual outlook to shape the course of your life. 2016 bodes well for romance and marriage. Work on your relationships with patience and persistence for a brighter personal life. Abstain from risky speculative ventures, anger and outrage, and binge eating.

Lucky colour: Flaming red

Taurus: 2016 is set to be the year of adventure and fun for the shy, stubborn Taurean. This may be the time you have been waiting for to fulfill all your secret desires, take that long dreamed-of vacation to an exotic destination, or to ask the girl/boy you have been secretly admiring out on a date. You may want to adopt a new faith or take on a new philosophy, but do think about the long term impact on your life before you make drastic changes based on an impulse. This is perhaps the right time to get back together with an old flame and start on a healthy diet.

Lucky colour: Fuchsia pink

Gemini: 2016 is the year of retrospection and learning. Caution is the keyword. You may want to double check your To Do list and take time out to sit back and analyze how far you have made it in the direction of your dreams. This may sound dull to the highly energetic Gemini, but it is a necessary phase of peaceful contemplation that will let you forge ahead as the year wanes. This year, pay special attention to your family, close friends, and partner and take time off from your overflowing schedules to make them the centre of your attention.

Lucky colour: Mint green

Cancer: Change. That is the one word that defines 2016 for you. From small home renovations to major changes in work and lifestyle, this year may change the world as you know it. Home has always been the centre of your focus. This is the year to focus on your career and growth as well. Open up to the world of opportunities that presents itself this year. Instead of remaining inimical to change, make this an opportunity for growth and development. Love and marriage take a beautiful turn and make life sweet for you this year.

Lucky colour: Cream or off-white

Leo: Magnanimous and generous Leo, 2016 is the year to party hard, both with your colleagues and with your friends. This is not a year for drastic changes, but for fun and happiness peppered with the monotony of everyday living and work. This is the year to make grand plans for the future. Take time and plan in details. Make a commitment – to love, to building quality relationships, family bonding, and family outings. Your tendency to overspend may cause some financial strain; save up for the future and look at eating healthy.

Lucky colour: Burnt ochre and all shades of orange

Virgo: Finances and financial restructuring take up most of your time and energy this year. You may start off with a new job, a career change, an entrepreneurial venture, or business expansion. Money and finances play a very vital role in leading a peaceful and happy life. Along with enhancing your income, it is also time you concentrate on structuring your personal finances. Manage and plan your savings to maximize returns. 2016 is a reality check in other matters.

Lucky colour: Dark green, moss green

Libra: 2016 is a year that will call upon all your tact and charm to solve difficult situations and resolve communication stalemates. The year is strewn with challenges and these challenges can only be resolved with increased communication and soft, patient handling. This may be the right opportunity to claim a long overdue promotion and long lost associations, though this may need some convincing. Health may need some attention this year. This is the time for reunions, networking, and hosting. Concentrate on acquiring real estate and new property this year.

Lucky colour: Soft pinks and pastels

Scorpio: Scorpio is always a force to reckon with. This is a year to let go of all restraints and achieve the most. Seek clarity and indulge in charity work. In all these efforts, however, do not strain yourself or overwork yourself. Your tendency to fester your concerns may lead to unnecessary stress and consequent health hazards. 2016 is the year to seek answers and responses to the big philosophical questions bothering you. Time to adopt a pet, take up a hobby, and cultivate your passions as well.

Lucky colour: Maroon and black

Sagittarius: Bold, risk-takers Sagittarius, this is not the time to gamble. Relationships require special tact and attention as love affairs turn torrid. This may not be the time for marriage or commitment for singles, but love does bloom through the year. Sacrifices and personal fulfillment are the recurrent themes this year. Working hard to achieve personal goals may require extensive effort and a number of compromises on many fronts. Resolve family conflicts with caution and make health issues your top priority. A proper fitness regimen will go a long way in ensuring good health.

Lucky colour: Golden yellow

Capricorn: You have had ample opportunities in 2015 to understand the course you must take to ensure a bright and happy 2016. Take the lessons to heart and allow life to renew itself. Start afresh and find happiness in all you do. The New Year is all set to bring you all your desires and fulfill all your dreams. Your calm and collected approach will be your greatest asset and friends and colleagues will hold you in great esteem this year. Look forward to the year with optimism and confidence and shed your usual shyness.

Lucky colour: Steel grey

Aquarius: Love blooms like a wild flower nurtured by the gentle rain. Romance rules in 2016. Eccentric and futuristic Aquarius will have a wonderful 2016 if they manage to rein in their impulse to shock people and champion rebellious causes. A hectic busy 2016 is coming your way. Temper your brilliant ideas with practical execution and strategic communication. This year is the time to reap the rewards of all the hard work you have put in over the past. Take care to nurture your social life and friends as well – let near and dear ones not feel isolated.

Lucky colour: Electric blue

Pisces: Thoughtful and kind Pisces, 2016 will be a serendipitous year throughout. All your dreams are finally translating into reality; this is the culmination of many years of patience and hard work. Travel is on the cards, even a temporary shift to foreign lands. This year may open up a number of opportunities for work-related growth and romantic ventures. Be circumspect in choosing what you desire most and do not be influenced by social norms or peer pressure. The New Year will bring you loads of luck. Health concerns should mitigate by now, but do keep up a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Lucky Colour: Bright blue