5 Hobbies that can be Rewarding Career Options

Rewarding Hobbies

Rewarding-HobbiesEach of us has a hobby, and some of us even manage to do it par excellence. But when it comes to taking up the same hobby as a career option, one is often found to be greeted with scorn, hesitation or disapproval from family, friends and benefactors. Advices flow in from different quarters outlining the ‘practical feasibility’ and ‘meagre pay’ associated with such careers, making us opt for the tried-and-tested engineer, doctor, lawyer or teacher alternative.

For all old schoolers, I would like to quote Winston Churchill: “Find a job you love and you’ll never work again.” From these lines, it is quite prominent that pursuing an activity that interests you, drives you to do well without getting frustrated. Well, converting a hobby into career isn’t an easy task at hand, but it’s definitely worth the passion. We bring to you a list of five hobbies that are emerging as popular career choices.


If clicking pictures makes you happy and if you have a fair understanding of light and shadow, contrast and exposure, frame and angle, then you can turn photography into a fulfilling career option. To begin with, indulge in a thorough homework by looking up books on the technical aspects of photography. Do study the works of famous photographers like Jay Maisel, Pablo Bartholomew, Anne Liebovitz, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Atul Kasbekar, Helen Levitt and Eugene Lemaire among others online. That done, photography enthusiasts may begin with their escapades by volunteering to shoot at family functions, friends’ weddings or free-for-all events like book fairs, handicraft exhibitions or food fiestas. One can also go around the city or countryside, capturing the moods of Nature, or the day-to-day rigours. The bravehearts might even go to strife-torn areas in search of subjects.

Budding photographers usually begin by creating their own photo blogs or a page on social media websites. The photographs when displayed here are sure to draw attention. People visiting the blogs should be able to access the photos in lieu of a nominal amount. This not only gives popularity to the artist, but also helps him make money. Freelancers can also send photos to newspapers and magazines and those chosen for publication will help you earn money.


Gone are the days when baking was just a leisure activity. Are you among those who love experimenting with different kinds of cakes and cookies and chocolates? Do cookery shows interest you? Then baking might just be your career calling. Once you have practised it to perfection and appreciation starts flowing in from close quarters, you can think of starting a small business. It is advisable that you attend some of the baking classes that take place during weekends so as to master the techniques of decorating, glazing, icing, layering and plating.

In recent times, a host of dessert boutiques have sprung up. These are mostly small scale businesses taken up by young enterprising individuals. If you do not have sufficient cash at hand, there are easy loans available. Initially, one can begin operating from home. Take orders online on Facebook or over phone and get the business rolling. You can post pictures of your products online as this would help you draw clients. You can even begin a paid blog and grant people access to your recipes. The other option is to get oneself registered on portals like Zomato, Food Panda and Swiggy.

Sewing/Jewellery Making

We all have seen our grandmoms churning out beautifully embroidered tablecloths or knitting sweaters and mufflers in a day or two. Some of us might have even inherited the skill. Here is your chance to make a living out of it. Once you have managed to make a good few embroidered tablecloths, coaster sets or crochette serviettes, hand bags, stoles or socks, get them photographed. Create a detailed summary list of each product and put it up on your social media profile for sale. It might take some time till you get clients, but once the business takes off, you are sure to make good gains. People are taking to arty stuff these days and your creativity will definitely get recognised. Those who are interested in jewellery or accessory designing and making, too, can tow a similar line. As far as buying raw materials in concerned, do a recce of the local wholesale market and all your needs are sure to get answered. One can also extend one’s embroidering and crafts skills to make embellished office stationery. Many young people are benefitting from such ventures. Exhibitions can also be arranged at town halls and community centres to popularise the products.


Do you obsess about perfecting a single dialogue in a school play? It happens to the passionate. Consider taking up acting or drama as a career. It might not be a beaten path, but it is interesting and can earn you a good amount of money. Several youngsters are seen going for acting classes during summer vacations or attending workshops conducted by theatre personalities and dramatists. It is through these forums that often aspirants end up getting their first break in acting. Though the pay packet might not be promising at the beginning, it is recognition that matters most in this particular field. If you have the talent, you are sure to get noticed sooner or later. Mime classes are also conducted by stalwarts on a weekly basis. Mime helps to exploit the actor in an individual to its fullest potential as it is all about gesticulation.


Are you the only speaker when in a group? Have you been complimented on being articulate? Are you awed by radio shows or stand up comedies on TV or talk shows? There are several career options like radio jockeying, news presenting, compeering that await you. Keep up with your speaking practice and do not lose track of the prizes you have bagged in elocution or recitation as these add to your resume. We all speak. But the charisma lies in speaking continuously without losing out on the audience’s attention. It is this skill that makes us listen to Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt, or for that matter to Annu Kapoor, Oprah Winfrey, Karan Johar and Ellen DeGeneres. Various voice training and modulation courses are available that can help you hone your elocution skills. Interested youngsters are also seen interning at radio broadcasting centres and media houses after passing out of college to gain a foothold as an orator. Those who show spark and promise often land up a job as a news reader or a radio jockey.