Advantages of Shaving for Men

Advantages of Shaving for Men
The great benefits of shaving for men
Advantages of Shaving for Men
The great benefits of shaving for men

As far as various processes of removing hair are concerned, shaving still retains its popularity. Through the process of shaving, you can get rid of facial hair that may be irritating you or marring your appearance. There are some men for whom such hair is not such a major deal, while for others it may cause a lot of annoyance.

Below are some advantages of shaving for men:

  • Maintaining Hygiene

This is perhaps an underrated benefit of shaving. You may not know, but scientific research has proven that beards and moustaches may contain bacteria or fungi induced infection that attacks hair follicles. You can be sure that such a situation would not really be great for your health.

There is an old saying that goes something like this – cleanliness is next to godliness. So, there you have it basically. If you shave your beard on a regular basis, you can be sure that there would be fewer health worries to deal with. In this day and age, when diseases are mutating and multiplying, this hard work could go a long way in keeping you healthy.

  • Feeling Fresh

India has a hot climate, with the exception of the hill stations. So, having a lot of facial hair means that you have to deal with a lot more sweat and dirt that accumulate on your moustache and beard every time you go out in the open.

In fact, with a lot of facial hair in a sweaty and hot country such as India, there is always a chance that you will scratch your skin and end up injuring yourself as well. Shaving takes care of this problem, so you feel a lot fresher and better.

  • Looking Good

You need to accept the fact that not everybody looks good in a moustache or a beard. A beard looks good only on a chiseled face rather than a round one. Moustache and beard are like jewellery and clothes. They accentuate features. If you have sharp features, you look better in a beard than someone who is not as blessed in terms of looks.

This is the reason why some people would merely look smart with facial hair, while people like Virat Kohli and Lokesh Rahul look drop dead gorgeous – as far as women are concerned – with a beard.

  • Women Like Clean Shaven Men

This is common knowledge. Women – well, at least most of them – always prefer their men to be clean shaven. If you look at Bollywood heroes down the ages, from Dev Anand and Sunil Dutt to Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra, and Shah Rukh Khan, they have all been clean shaven. Perhaps the most concession women would be willing to give by way of facial hair is a moustache or a French cut beard (remember Raj Kapoor and Amol Palekar?).

If you think you are going to sweep women off their feet with a beard, you better be a really good-looking dashing hunk of a man. Otherwise, your efforts at facial hair would be regarded as sloppy at best, and there is every chance that you would be unable to get the girl of your dreams, at least by way of looks.

  • A Professional Appearance

As far as professional circle is concerned, many people may regard unkempt facial hair as a sign of lack of grooming and hygiene. It may show up a man in poor light, as generally lazy and not bothered about his appearance.

In many organisations, the only thing tacitly allowed is a moustache, and that too has to be in good enough order. Even in cases where beards are allowed, they have be smartly trimmed like that of Kohli and Rahul.

So friends, take care of your looks, and pick up that razor every morning!

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