Apple iPad Air 2 – More Powerful, Has New Touch ID Button

Apple IPad Air 2

Apple IPad Air 2The iPad Air 2 which has been designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. is 18 per cent thinner and faster than the iPad Air. The thin and slim model of Apple iPad Air 2 does not seem to be much different from the previous generation on paper as the Apple iPad Air 2 is 6.1 mm while its predecessor, the Apple iPad Air, was 7.5 mm thick. But if someone holds the Apple iPad Air 2 in the hand then one can surely feel the difference between the two. In case of the weight also one can feel the difference as the new one is slightly lighter than the previous one and weighs less than a pound (0.96 lbs). Though the design, height and screen size are same for both the tablets, the sixth generation iPad tablet computer, the iPad Air 2, features the shiny new Touch ID home button.

While the light weight of Apple iPad Air 2 makes it very easy for the user to hold in one hand, the durability of the aluminium body makes it very strong and more robust. One may feel completely new in the hand as the iPad Air 2 is only 437 g (Wi-Fi version) which is lighter by 32 g than its predecessor Apple iPad Air.

Design is of Apple iPad Air

The basic design and the exterior of the Apple iPad Air 2 are kept as it is like the Apple iPad Air where for the better grip and the feel in the palm, the corners are rounded off with chamfer. Though the back has moderately curved edges nevertheless it is mainly flat.

It is very interesting to notice that the designers have not only paid attention to the front look but they have equally thought about the back side also.

Apple iPad Air 2 comes in three different metallic colours like silver, space grey and a very elegant new one that is gold with anodized aluminium body.

Three separate components were used by the predecessors of Apple iPad Air 2 for displays. But the new generation of iPad has come up with the combination of these three different components into a single one which has not only removed gaps in between them but also eliminated the internal reflectance which was created by those gaps. For this combination the outcome has become marvellous where the contrast has become exceptional, colour has become more brilliant and the images have become more distinct.

The new Apple iPad Air 2 has the least reflective display when compared to any other tablet in the world as the reflective coating which reduces glare by 56 per cent has been added. It comes with 9.7 inch display with 2048 x 1536 resolution, 3.1 million pixels and 264 pixels per inch. The sensitivity of the screen has been enhanced so that web surfing, playing games, viewing videos and photos become more enjoyable, mesmerizing and fascinating.

The intricate new Touch ID home button is a fingerprint scanning device which is placed underneath the display with a laser cut sapphire crystal top and stainless steel ring on the surface of it. The Touch ID sensor allows its users to unlock the tablet from every angle as it detects a fingerprint in 360 degrees. The steel ring detects the finger when a user touches the button while the image of the user’s fingerprint is sent to the sensor by the crystal. The wonder of the Touch ID in this new tablet is that the user can easily buy things with one tap on the go.

Very high end security architecture has been created to keep the personal information intact and private as the fingerprint and the pass code is always stored in iPad as are backed up in icloud.

40 per cent faster CPU

A8X, the newly designed chip, has made the Apple iPad Air 2 more powerful with 40 per cent faster CPU and 2.5x graphical performances better than its predecessor. New Apple iPad Air 2 is not only as powerful as any personal computer with 64 bit desktop class architecture but it has also come up with an improved battery life of 10 hours to become more power efficient. On Apple iPad Air 2 gaming also looks splendid on display.

The camera on the Apple iPad Air 2 has been improved with its 8 MP sensor like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and the camera app has almost the same features which includes time – lapse and slow motion videos, dual microphone and advanced view. One special feature which needs to be mentioned is the post snap editing which has been included that enables the user to instantly perfect the photo just after clicking it.

For downloading movies and streaming videos it takes very less time as Wi-Fi on Apple iPad Air 2 is really very fast compared to the previous generation with more advanced LTE technology.

This new generation iPad has become necessary and more important because of the iOS 8 which is the most advanced mobile Operating System that facilitates up to six people in a family for sharing movies, apps, music and book. Not only this, one can very securely and very safely store any kind of document in iCloud Drive but can also access it at any point of time from any device.

Though the design of the iPad Air 2 is repetitive, it is really sleek and has a very magnificent look. The addition of Touch ID is really a positive change for the users which has been combined with Apple Pay and has proved to be a very strong reason for buying the new Cupertino brand.