Five must-have Health And Fitness Gadgets

Health and Best Fitness Gadgets Image


Health and Best Fitness Gadgets Image

In the past few years, the internet and technology have brought a revolution in India. This revolution has also impacted the health and wellness industry. Although this industry is at a stage of infancy, Indians have lately been showing interest in fitness and health gadgets. In 2014, these health gadgets were pegged at about 25 crore rupees and are expected to see an increase in sales in the Indian market in 2015. Several electronic brands have come up with varieties of such gadgets. There are many useful and innovative health gadgets available in the Indian market. Let us have a look at some of the must-have health gadgets which are available in the country.

1. Nike+ Fuelband: NikeFuel is a fun way to get more active and smart. This cool wristband is a wearable device and is an ideal fitness tool. Its unique design measures the entire body’s movements irrespective of age, weight or gender. Its motion sensors keep track of the movement throughout the day and also the total steps were taken by the user. The gadget also gives an option to the users to share their health progress with their friends. The Fuelband is available in multiple colours such as black, pink foil, volt and total crimson. The price range is from Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 13,000 approximately.

2. Activite Pop: The Withings Activite Pop is trendy and fun and is specially designed to target the youth. It looks like a normal wristwatch but internally it is a health-centric gadget and keeps a track of calories, steps taken, distance covered and even analyses sleep (it can detect the duration when a person is in light or heavy sleep). The amazing part about it is that does not look like a gadget but a regular wristwatch is waterproof and does not require any charging. The standard watch battery generally lasts for eight months and then needs a replacement. The original pop comes in three different colours – Elegant Sand, Shark Grey and Bright Azure (Blue). It is priced at approximately Rs. 9,500.

3. SmartMat Yoga Mat: Practicing yoga helps a person stay fit and healthy. There are many products in the market which are aimed at the followers of yoga. The SmartMat is one such gadget available in the market that enhances the practice of yoga and helps you to stay healthy. It comes with a mat that detects the body movement and an app that provides feedback and a personal profile to track the progress of the body. The SmartMat can detect the balance of the body and its alignment for as many as 62 yoga poses. It can inform the user about the progression of the posture and recommends altercations to figure out the correct adjustment stage. The smart yoga mat is available for around Rs. 18,000.

4. Xbox 360 Kinect Training Bundle: With the Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect motion tracker getting fit is child’s play. It offers a variety of exercise games that include interesting workouts. The complete package of Xbox comes with Nike+Kinect training bundle, complete with a console, a Kinect sensor bar and a copy of the Nike+ Kinect training game. The total cost for the entire pack is about Rs. 27,000.

5. Myskin Oku: On one hand where the entire focus is on keeping a healthy body, there is a product that focuses on the skin. MySkin’s Oku is a unique gadget that exclusively focuses on the skin and has an app that analyses skin moisture, oiliness, texture and wrinkles. The iPhone connected device (or the cube) can be put to the skin and it will analyse and address the skin-related concerns and give the details on the iPhone. The app also gives lifestyle and diet recommendations for healthy skin. The gadget is priced at approximately Rs. 18,000.

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