Aspirations of Political Parties on the Rise Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

The dates of the Lok Sabha polls are known; political parties have declared the names of their infantry; and the clarion call has been given. As an ever-recurring phenomenon, practitioners of Indian politics are saving their prayers for the upcoming elections. Last few months have been a high-voltage show of insinuations, impressions, and inaction. For an onlooker, Indian polity is always a stimulating watch. The multi-party system, coalition calculations, last minute turnarounds, and a series of surprises keep India on its toes. It’s more so when elections are round the corner.

It would be savoury to have a look at the expectations of Indian political parties from the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

Much is at stake for incumbent Congress. It has taken up the challenge of defending its reputation as a party that has ruled the country for a decade now. It seems to be under pressure to maintain and project itself as a custodian of India’s secular image. In last few speeches that the party leaders have been making in public, it has become quite evident that they are knocking at history’s door to stand as a witness against opposition BJP and build a strong case to extinguish their poll prospects. However, that does not redeem Congress party of ‘policy paralysis’ and the allegation that it has not proposed anything substantial to win voters’ confidence and safeguard its territory.

BJP’s expectations are slightly different. They have been continuously claiming to be the most viable alternative to Congress and a dependable agent of change. The party is going full throttle to point out every fault line created by Congress. That’s how politics is played out. You put someone down to bring yourself up on the ladder. If I consider myself apolitical, at least for a minute, I would have no qualms in admitting that my best wishes will be with BJP if it can do what it seems to promise. But even BJP is a victim of vagueness. Their poll promises are centered only around one theme – giving country a stronger leadership. The question to be

Observing how regional parties are approaching Lok Sabha elections is another interesting proposition. It would be a gross mistake to conjecture that they cannot come out of their regional outlook and don’t have a national perspective to their poll promises. The regional parties, who are at a slightly higher plane than the rest, are all keen on defeating the leading parties in their states. The string that binds parties such as Samajwadi Party, BSP, AIADMK and Trinamool Congress is that they have deliberately shied away from forming alliance either with UPA (United Progressive Alliance) or BJP. These parties are solely focused on garnering as many seats as possible. What can bring glimmer in their eyes is a possibility of a hung Lok Sabha.

Not to forget the new entrant in the political scenario – Aam Aadmi Party. I can’t say for sure what’s exactly is their election agenda, but it is absolutely unambiguous to me that they are against the entire political fraternity. On an honest note, it is the fight that they had to take up to gain national attention. They can’t afford to fade away or become conspicuous by their absence.

Don’t you think that the excitement quotient of election battle is going to be high this time? I won’t take no for an answer.

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