Best Tips to Protect Eyes from Digital Strain

Best Tips to Protect Eyes from Digital Strain
Protect your eyes from the harmful digital devices.
Best Tips to Protect Eyes from Digital Strain
Protect your eyes from the harmful digital devices.

We are adept in binge watching our favourite TV shows, playing mobile games, reading a kindle or juggling between social media apps. While using our phones, laptops and computers we often get so engrossed that we forget to take a break. When finally we turn away our eyes from the screen, we feel exhausted and our eyes feel a bit blurry. Seldom we think about the digital strain we are putting on these sensitive organs. Unfortunately, using electronic devices is a necessity as while working in office we need to be in front of our laptops and computer screens but eye care is also of prime importance. The only solution to this modern problem is following some eye care regime to take care of them.

Here are some easy tips that are helpful in reducing eye-strain:

Minimise the glare

Glare reduction is necessary to soothe your eyes. Minimise the glare from light sources if you really care about them. Consider using screen glare fitter if needed as they decrease the amount of light reflected. Changing your background colour from bright white to cooler grey can contribute to glare reduction. If possible, paint bright white walls of the place with a darker colour with a matte finish for minimising the amount of light reflecting off.

Use proper lighting

Since childhood, we have been always chided for studying in dim light. It is because we need the right amount of light to read and see things. Excessive bright lights can also cause strain over the eyes. One should avoid using fluorescent lights and use floor lamps which provide indirect incandescent or halogen lighting. Also, try to adjust your monitor and other electronic equipment in a way that you are not in front of or behind the windows. The ambient lighting of your machine should be half the brightness of the surrounding lights.

Blink, blink and blink more

Blinking moistens your eyes as it produces tears and prevents dryness and irritation. People who blink less than usual should blink more often to eliminate dryness from the eyes. In order to prevent eye strain, rest your eyes for long periods. After every 20 minutes of viewing continuously at the computer screen trying to refocus and look into other directions for 20 seconds. Try to make this 20-20 rule a habit as breaks are necessary for eyes.


Uncorrected vision problems can increase digital eye strain problems. So it is advised to exercise your eyes regularly. Perform exercises which can be done within 10 minutes. Look away at an object, gaze at something for a while then look back to the screen. Looking away relaxes the muscle and reduce the fatigue. This exercise reduces the focusing ability of the eyes to “lock up” after prolonged computer work.

Avoid using contact lenses

Hey, if you wear contact lenses and work at a computer or laptop all day long, your eyes must be screaming: Give me a break! Contact lenses can cause dryness and irritation in the eyes and using a computer can even make it worse. The tiny lenses disrupt the amount of oxygen the eyes receive for nourishment, cause scratchiness and other problems. So, swap out your contact lenses and let your eyes breathe for some time.

Wear specialised glasses

You may have heard about the reading glasses but are you aware of the customised computer glasses? Computer glasses are a good choice; you should wear bifocals or progressive lenses while working in front of a screen. You may also consider wearing photochromic lenses or lightly tinted glasses to reduce exposure to potentially harmful blue lights which are emitted by the digital devices.

Tweak the text size

The text size should be fine-tuned while reading. Always adjust the text size and the background contrast for providing comfort to your eyes; especially while reading important documents. A white background and the black text is the best combination while reading as it is easily interpreted by the brain.

Take regular eye tests and wash them at regular intervals for keeping your eyes healthy.

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