Bura na maano Holi hai

With Holi, happiness surrounds us. We automatically sense the feeling of immense pleasure as it is the time of togetherness. A little chit-chat and Holi play add the salt and pepper in life. Also, at this festival, most of us are at our homes, away from mundane work. Which makes Holi more special and a lively festival. Throwing balloons on passers-by makes children happy and a little scoldings from elders becomes a habit to them on this day. To everyone who comes around they slightly say “bura na maano Holi hai”.

So now the question arises how do begin the festivities related to Holi? For this one must know that Samvat is burnt first. People create the bonfire, or Samvat to symbolize the destruction of hatred and all ill feelings as the next day it is Holi, which means sharing joy and spreading love. Holi is not only gulaal and colors, though it is one of the important components of the day, but what makes the day special is the delicious spread. Holi dishes include dahi vada, sukha vada (one which is not dipped in curd), malpoa ( fried cake made with flour,milk and dry fruits), poa (fried cake again made with wheat flour, jaggery and fennel seeds), mutton preparation, poori, koftas,gujhiya and of course thandai. We generally don’t have rice that day.

Playing with colors, smearing gulaal on people’s faces, coming back to home, cleaning yourself  and having that sumptuous lunch and then getting ready for the evening. Wearing new clothes, touching feet of the elders with gulaal and putting tika on the forehead of the younger lot with gulaal, all comprise  Holi celebrations. In the villages you can see the young men in group stopping at every house, singing Holi songs with dhol and manjira, it creates  a magical atmosphere.

This day you won’t get an invite to come to anyone’s place because it is expected you will come on your own. This feeling keeps the Holi festival vibrant and it is something which touches the heart. In our busy lives we cherish a day like this when we forget the mind for a while and do only what our heart does. And that is why the saying is there- Bura na maano Holi Hai. You can play any kind of prank and get away with that. But yes that doesn’t mean you would do something which is dangerous or which causes discomfort. After all Holi is a celebration and not something where people will have to think what will happen.

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