Gujjia – The Holi Dish

Holi Gujjia
Holi Gujjia
Gujias carry the Flavor of Holi

We all know our strengths and weaknesses. Most of us maybe are good in studies but not in dance. Some others might love paintings but can’t draw well. But one thing is common between us that we can’t resist sweets. Ranging from Gulab Jamuns in marriages to the Gujia in Holi. Sweets always tempt us. On hearing the name of Gujia the flavour of delicious mawa and yummy dry fruits fill makes our mouth water and in case if any relative brings it for us we just cant wait to devour it.

During this season, it is not difficult to lay your hands on Gujias, but it is surely a challenge to get some great Gujias. The demand is so high that the quality of the product is compromised even at mithai walas who consider themselves an institution. Essential to the great taste of  a Gujia is quality of the khoya/ Mawa which goes inside as a filling. It has to be fresh and should be able to soak in the flavor of the dry-fruits which are mixed with it. It should never be Kkhoya and dry fruits, it has to be one mixture and that can only happen when the khoya is dairy fresh and not sour at all.

The best part about Gujias is they can go on for a month in an airtight container, kept in a refrigerator without any change in their taste. There are only a few people who go all the way and make Gujjias at home these days, most now source them from the market.

About this photograph: This photograph has been taken a few minutes back by me, it is a Kaiser Mawa Gujia. The filling is of Khoya, Almonds, Pistachio, Green Cardamom, Charmagaz and Saffron. Enjoy!

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