Do Not Believe These Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths
Separate Weight-Loss Myths from Facts
Weight Loss Myths
Separate Weight-Loss Myths from Facts

Once you officially announce you are going to embark on the weight loss journey, there come so many pieces of advice guiding you for the same. People will be introducing you to several myths that you be will be tempted to believe. But you don’t need to be swayed by common misconceptions regarding shedding the pounds. These misconceptions will do nothing except sabotage your plans of being slim. So, never believe in them.

Below we have listed some myths and misconceptions regarding weight loss:

Myth 1: Eating carbs will make you gain weight

People ditch carbs altogether, thinking this will help them lose weight. They believe carbs are the diet devils. Well, this is a sheer misconception which gets embedded in one’s brain. Eating carbs in a controlled manner will not lead to weight gain. Similarly, ditching carbs will never let you lose weight.

Myth 2: Skipping meals or eating less can help in weight loss

One of the most popular misconceptions is, decrease the intake of food and you are going to lose weight. But is it really so? Well, obviously not. Period. As per several kinds of research conducted so far, under-fueling your body is as risky as over-fueling. You need to take a proper balanced and healthy diet in order to lose weight. Skipping meals or eating less is not going to help at all.

Myth 3: Say no to sugar

Cutting sugar from your diet helps in reducing weight. This is true, but one should know not all sugars are bad. In fact, shunning sugar from your diet may lead to ill-effects on the body. Pairing a sugar and protein source together is an escape from gaining weight. It is the smartest way to maintain good glycemic control. It is just processed sugars like table sugars which must be avoided if you do not want to gain weight. Raw ‘shakkar’ made from jaggery is a better alternative.

Myth 4: Diet supplements help in losing weight quickly

Some people aim at being skinny and toned but don’t want to work out for it. They turn to short-cut methods like diet supplements. But you should know that these ‘quick fixes’ aren’t going to help you at all. In fact, these ineffective pills are extremely harmful to your health. These supplements can raise your blood pressure and disrupt your heart rhythm. So, do not consume them unless you consult a doctor.

Myth 5: Eating heavy breakfast helps in losing weight

Many of us believe that consuming a heavy breakfast and then not eating throughout the day will help in reducing weight. Well, this is not the case for sure. A heavy diet for breakfast does not necessarily help in losing weight. One should focus on the cues of the body and go for mindful eating.

Myth 6: Eating lots of small meals would be effective

Those friends who have been compelling you to lose weight through mini meals are wrong. These tiny meals aren’t going to help you lose weight, or provide you with greater satisfaction. The choice of your meal schedule is entirely up to you. Either way, your body needs to be fed. You have to eat in order to stay satiated. Starving yourself for a longer period can lead to overeating once you sit down for a meal.

Myth 7: Cardio exercise helps in losing weight

Whilst following so many diet plans and exercise schedules, we get so exhausted that we are unable to fathom what to do and what not to do. It is true that cardio exercises burn the calories, but we should not entirely depend on it. Doing strength training exercises should also be a part of the workout in order to lose weight. Only cardio exercises make the process a bit exhaustive.

Myth 8: Drinking more water will make you lose weight

It totally makes sense that consuming more water will not leave a place for more food and will help in losing weight. But, psst, should we stop consuming food? Obviously, NO. Drinking more water will detoxify your body but will not help in losing weight. However, it may bar the weight gain. Losing weight depends on your exercise regimen and diet schedule.

Myth 9: Dairy products contain a lot of fat

Well, the opposite of it is true. Dairy products have many nutrients that help in losing weight. I mean dairy products are full of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins, and provide proper energy to the body. So, eating low-fat dairy products can surely help in weight loss.

Myth 10: Food labelled low fat is always healthy

Many of us believe that if a food is labelled as diet food, it is surely going to be healthy and is going to contribute to our weight loss process. However, we forget to check the nutritional values of the food and trust it blindly. Many a times, such foods are injurious to health. Also, remember labels do lie. Period. Most of the packaged foods do not give the accurate value of nutrition in the food, which bars us from getting the real facts checked regarding the food.

So, this time when you are dieting, never believe in such myths and follow your diet schedule and exercise regimen wholeheartedly. Keep in mind there is no shortcut for a toned and slim body.

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