Emerging IT Careers in India

IT Careers in India Image

IT Careers in India Image

With the gradually-increasing levels of technological education in India and the spawning of more such companies in India, it is expected that a few years down the line, the job scenario in the country will be markedly different from what it is now. The fact that more international companies are looking to recruit people from India only means that in the days ahead, we will see jobs not hitherto seen before. It is also expected that these careers will help earn qualified people a lot more than what they are doing now. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting jobs for the future in India.


Sales Engineers

A sales engineer is the one who creates the match between a business proposal or bid and the technical necessities of the clients. He is also the technical go-to-guy for the salespeople in a company. Google has been on the lookout for these professionals in order to market its cloud services.

Mobile Developers

A mobile developer is someone who creates apps that can be used on mobile devices. There is no company – worth its name – that does not wish its products and services to be accessed through apps on tablet phones and smartphones considering the fact that they are being used so often and an increasing number of people are buying them. Such wishes become real thanks to the mobile developers. Yahoo is one company that is looking to hire mobile developers. It has its whole mobile team in New York.

IT Developers

These are the ones who create and administer technology-based projects. They can work at both technological companies and any other kind of enterprise for that matter. With every passing day, technology and its usage is becoming more important for all businesses and this is one reason that there is so much scope for development for these people. As a result, their demand and the remuneration paid to them have increased as well. There are plenty such positions available at ESPN, which as per Glassdoor, is one of the 50 best places to work in the world.

Network Engineers

Network engineers are the ones who design, create, and maintain networks used in the major corporate houses today. Cisco, which deals in the business of making network equipment, has hundreds of openings in this position. The organization also opines that in 2015 and the years ahead, there will be a requirement of 1.2 million network engineers around the world.

Quality Assurance Engineers

The quality assurance engineers are also referred to as test engineers. It is their job to examine a technology properly before it goes live and see whether it is working right or not. As of now, there are around 600 such openings in Apple.

Solutions Architects

It is the responsibility of the software architects to come up with highly-detailed technological projects such as a major new software application or a new information technology system to be used in a corporate house of significant stature. There are many such openings at MasterCard, which Computerweek has named to be one of the best places for IT professionals to work.

Data Scientists

Data scientists work with all the data at the disposal of a company – also referred to as big data – and come up with insights that help the organization’s business grow and perform better. These professionals are at demand in all technology-based companies, major corporate houses and the innumerable startups. Facebook is said to have 15 spots for such professionals.

Product Managers

Product managers are the ones who help the organization, where they work, come up with new products and then come up with ways in which these can be sold in the market. As of now, Microsoft is one company that has at least 500 openings for product managers.

Database Administrators

It is the responsibility of a database administrator to operate the database of a company. From a company’s point of view, this is an important job since the database is one of the major applications used by a company. Oracle, which is one of the leading names in the world of database software, has 2000 and more such jobs.

Software Engineers

Software applications are designed and written by software engineers. These days, software is perhaps the most essential ingredient for the proper and smooth running of various worldly affairs. The importance of these professionals can be understood from the fact that even companies like Salesforce.com, which has a button reading ‘no software’ as its mascot is hiring them.


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