Everything You Need to Know About Motera – The World’s Largest Stadium

Motera Cricket Stadium
Motera Cricket Stadium is the largest cricket stadium ever built in the world and is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Motera Cricket Stadium
Motera Cricket Stadium is the largest cricket stadium ever built in the world and is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

All eyes are on the US President Donald Trump’s high profile two-day maiden tour to India, scheduled from February 24. As per the fixture, the US president has to visit three Indian cities. Delhi, Ahmedabad and Agra. Trump will first visit Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state Gujarat. The war footing preparation is underway ahead of the “Namaste Trump” event to be held at Motera Stadium to give a warm welcome to the US President.

Motera ready for “Namaste Trump”

Ahmedabad would be his first destination where a magnificent event called “Namaste Trump” will take place to greet the most powerful man on the planet. It will be the showcase of India’s rich and diverse culture. After the arrival in Ahmedabad, the US president is scheduled to go to Motera cricket stadium along with the prime minister Narendra Modi to address a large crowd in the Namaste Trump’ episode.

110,000 spectators can sit at Motera Stadium

With the renovation of Motera Stadium, it has surpassed Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) to become the world’s biggest cricket stadium. The seating capacity at the MCG is 90,000 people while at the Motera cricket stadium 110,000 spectators can be accommodated. Apart from this, Motera will provide the best possible cricket facility for the players and spectators. 

Some of the key facts about the Motera cricket stadium:

• The Motera stadium is situated in Ahmedabad; previously it was known as the Gujarat Stadium later its name was changed to Sardar Patel Stadium in the name of noted freedom fighter and iron man of India. At present, it is famous with the name of Motera Stadium.

• Motera Stadium has the distinction of hosting several ODIs and Test matches. First ODI was played here between India vs Australia in 1984 while India took on the West Indies in the first Test match in 1983 in this stadium. 

• The stadium was revamped again with an estimated cost of INR 7 billion.

Ahmedabad municipal commissioner Vijay Nehra tweeted on Sunday that more than 100,000 participants had registered so far to greet Trump as he heads from the airport to the city centre.

People set to greet Trump

It is expected that a large number of people will assemble in a row to welcome the US president en route from the airport to the stadium. Talking about the route, an official said, “We expect a large number of people lined up in the route”. So far, 28 stages have been set up, which will represent various parts of the country, on which artists will be performing.

Namaste Trump a replica of Howdy, Modi

This event would be the replica of ‘Howdy, Modi’ event held in the honour of the Indian prime minister at Houston during his trip to the US in September 2019. Modi and Trump together participated and shared the stage and addressed the big crowd present in the event. The Indian-American community organised this grand show. A large number of viewers followed that mega event across the world. 

Excitement on Trump’s visit

Excitement has been running high in Ahmedabad seeing the visit of the US president Trump and Prime Minister Modi. People are anxiously waiting to see a glimpse of Trump. His visit to the world’s biggest cricket stadium, Motera, has further enhanced enthusiasm among the cricket fans all over the country. 

Everyone is expecting that Trump will inaugurate this magnificent stadium. But officials are saying something else, “We have never announced that US President Donald Trump was to inaugurate the stadium. It was just speculation and assumption that he is going to inaugurate Motera. It was never an announcement”.