General Elections 2014 – Day 12

PM Aspirants
You too Brutus?
PM Aspirants
You too Brutus?

“My name is Rahul Gandhi and I also know how to hit headlines,” looks like the message Rahul wants to convey when he said it is too early to give Modi a clean chit on Gujarat riots. Considering that it just may not be enough he also went on record saying that once again media would be proven like 2009 and Congress / UP would better their seats. Rahul Gandhi and Congress have been consistently losing column centimeters of news and soundbites across channels, it was indeed high time for Congress to attempt a resurrection, if only it is in the eyes of the media. Early reports say that campaign of AAP in Amethi is gaining momentum and Rahul Gandhi knows that his own in-actions and absence of poetic appeal like his adversary are surely two of over hundred plus reasons to worry. Rahul Gandhi is not the only one who is finding himself neglected, competing with him in getting back into limelight is Baba Ramdev; Baba Ramdev is mighty upset with the lack of invitations from Narendra Modi for sharing the dais and has warned the BJP against becoming over confident. We still don’t know whether anyone in BJP even remembers that Baba Ramdev does get involved in things other than yoga.

The ball is squarely in Arvind Kejriwal’s court; should he, shouldn’t he – is still a question he is asking himself every minute and it looks like his inventory of political tricks is seriously low delaying his decision and increasing anxiety for Modi Ji. Whatever may be Modi Ji and BJP’s public posture, scores of yagnas are underway in Banaras to ensure that Kejriwal gives Modi Ji a walkover. As of this moment Kejriwal ji is almost on the verge of asking “missed calls” from people of Varanasi on whether they would like him to contest or not. Mr Referendum has gone on record saying that he is willing to contest against Modi but he wants an answer to this question be given by people of Varanasi on March 23rd.

In Delhi, at least one seat is getting all set for a serious pentagonal contest – Chandni Chowk.  Congress, BJP, AAP, BSP and JDU have all announced their likely candidates from this seat. There is a strong possibility of last minute changes as nerves may prove weaker than calculators for a couple of them. Nerves and heart are playing difficult for many sitting MPs. Rajnath Singh, seriously scared of the AAP factor in NCR and Shazia Ilmi’s appeal and connect, has moved over to Lucknow from his constituency Ghaziabad,  news just came in that Manish Tiwari has been unnerved too. He has opted out of the contest altogether, his own health and the fact that AAP candidate from his constituency, Ludhiana, H.S. Phoolka is full of angst against Congress and BJP alike for what it did for him. Talking about Punjab, BJP reacted to AAPs candidature of Gul Panag by 1:1 mapping – Bollywood Vs Bollywood, Army background  Vs Army background, Women vs Women, Born to a Sikh family Vs born to a Sikh family and fielded Kirron Thakur Singh Kher – Wow! Lot of hard work, Gul Panag would have to push her social achievements against Kirron’s TV reality show judge profile.

BJP and Congress are also competing against each other for fielding the most number of tainted candidates. Last accounted for, both had included over 50 candidates each with serious criminal records and are racing towards centuries. Amongst those who believe that BJP and Congress are just two sides of the same coin is Rao Inderjit Singh, scion of the storied family of Rao Tula Ram of Rewari, Haryana and a big-time landlord and property owner. Rao Inderjit Singh, two-time sitting MP of Congress from Gurgaon has moved to the other side of the coin and would be fighting on a BJP ticket. Official reason given by the property magnet of Haryana is that Congress has become a “property dealer” and he would rather be in a party which can make a difference. Great, what an original and honest to each square yard of land he owns and trades in. Footwear and black ink are becoming prominent political symbols in India. They are both used liberally to show resentment and as a reward the shoe-thrower or the ink-thrower may be nominated to a safe parliamentary seat. No wonder, Kiran Reddy, the last Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh, has opted for footwear as his election symbol. This would be a good excuse for his supporters to remove their footwear at every drop of a hat, or say every show of strength, and use it appropriately for political gains.

List of Prime Minister hopefuls is becoming longer and crazier. As on date those dreaming to be Prime Minister of India and working towards it includes twelve who are living with a calculator in one hand and phone in the other. A complete cricket team is in place, the playing eleven are: Narendra Modi; L.K.Advani; Arun Jaitley; Rahul Gandhi; P.C.Chidambram; Arvind Kejriwal; J. Jayalalitha; Mulayam Singh Yadav; Nitish Kumar; Mamata Banerjee and Mayawati. Sushma Swaraj is the 12th hopeful, she doesn’t use a calculator, she uses a computer instead, her software is capable of computing till 7 ifs. There are surely twelve more who are hopeful that none of these twelve would get their mathematics right.



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