General Elections 2014 – Day 23

Election Day 23

BJP’s efforts in doing self goals  are succeeding, their adventurism with Pramod Muthalik is surely going to cost them Bangalore South Seat. With pro-Hindutava votes getting divided between Pramod Muthalik and Ananth Kumar, Congress’ Nandan Nilekani isn’t complaining. Not stopping at one, Muthalik also wants to sabotage BJP’s chances in the Dharward seat too. Cheers to BJP’s strategists and their saam, daam, dund-bhed policy, Cheers!

BJP continued with its time tested zero result policy of fielding its second-level leaders against Gandhi family.  This elections would see, Uma Bharti, yes she is back in BJP and active, contesting against Sonia Gandhi and Smriti Irani contesting against Rahul Gandhi. With Kumar Vishwas already digging a political grave for Rahul Gandhi, Smriti Irani’s candidature looks like an act to support Rahul Gandhi by cutting into anti-Congress votes.

True to Congress way of working, it is still working hard to convince someone to jump in the battle which is becoming a two way contest from Varanasi between Modi and Kejriwal.  Congress and BJP’s failure to align with either DMK or AIADMK is seeing a huge churning around in Tamilnadu, keenly contested straight fights have multiple contestants. Tuticorin stands out with 6 serious contestants in the fray, whether the four would make any difference or not is yet to be seen. Some people are talking about presence of “Modi factor” in Tamilnadu elections and that can change things for DMK & AIADMK.

RSS wants BJP to just focus on Modi and Modi alone, they don’t want BJP to have a Plan-B. On Plan-B, Nitin Gadkari has tons of reasons to worry, during his tenure as President of BJP he was more than uncharitable to Narendra Modi; now in his first elections he is praying that Modi would forget all that and campaign for him. Modi, as of now doesn’t look like in an obliging mood. A four-term sitting MP and an AAP candidate whose sole purpose is to defeat Gadkari charging against him, he is once again ruing lack of Plan-B to save him.

In a major shift, Election Commission of India has made its campaign to educate voters “pro development and anti criminals,” now that has Congress worried as pro-development is also chief agenda and buzzline for BJP. Why should EC choose these Parliamentary Elections to shift its “marketing strategy” is likely to be a question without an answer.

Ajit Jogi truly knows the art of confusion and masters it. BJP is crying foul as 11 ‘Chandu Sahus’ line up to contest from Mahasamund against their candidate, Chandulal Sahu. That is some strategy. I am Chandu, I am the real Chandu, I am Chandu – the real one, One and only Chandu – one can imagine the chaos this all is going to create.

BJP decided to teach ABCD in its own way and Congress was quick to respond. Here are your choices:

A for Adarsh Scam or A for Amit Shah

B for Bofors Scam or B for Bokhiria

C for Coal Scam or C for Criminals

D for Dam Scam or D for Danga

E for Election Scam or E for Encounters

F for Fodder Scam or F for Feku

The choice is yours. Enjoy democracy.

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