Goa Carnival 2018: Fun and Frolic Festival

Goa Carnival-2018

Goa Carnival-2018

Are you bored and tired of living a mundane life? Are you planning to spend some time with friends and go on a long holiday but due to a shortage of leaves are unable to do so?. I would suggest you to go Goa this year and attend the “Goa Carnival”.
The Goa Carnival is a festival that lasts for 4 days. It is going to begin on 10th February this year and will end on February 13th.

More about Goa Carnival-

Goa was ruled by the Portuguese for over a period of 500 years. After the end of Portuguese rulers, the Goa Carnival witnessed a decline, but the past few years have seen a revival in its popularity. It is the most popular tourist attraction in the state. Tourists from all over the world come to attend this carnival in Goa during Valentines’ week. Colorful hues are seen in the streets of Goa as people decorate their shops, houses, and surroundings with colorful objects. Feasting, drinking, and merrymaking are some activities which tourists can enjoy during the time of the Carnival.

Fun and frolic mark the four-days of the carnival. There are dancing troupes, people wearing masks and beautifully designed colorful costumes in the carnival. There are sizzling musical performances which are generally performed live. Also, there are some sports competitions and boat races.
What to watch during the carnival in Goa?

Carnival Float Parade

Floats are an important part of the Goa Carnival. The floats are beautifully decorated and are designed according to the themes. The themes are related to traditions, current affairs, and ecology. The floats are usually accompanied by dancers.

Float Parade is managed by the Government of Goa. In 2018, the Government has decided to increase the prize money for the 2018 Carnival Float Parade. The Float Parade in all major cities is led by King MOMO. Every year a person from the state is chosen to play “King Momo” during the carnival who acts as the state during the carnival. He is the one who leads float parades held across the whole state. King Momo hosts a specially decorated float which declares the decree of eating, drink and making merry. Bruno Azaredo from Utorda village in South Goa district has been selected to play the role of King Momo and lead the float parades this year in 2018.

Four cities are selected for the Float Parade and dates are also finalized.
The cities are:

  • Panjim- 10th February
  • Margao- 11th February
  • Vasco-12th February
  • Mapusa-13th February

Carnival Parades will be arranged at other sub-centres which include:

  • Ponda
  • Pernem
  • Curchorem
  • Food stalls and Decorations

The Decoration of Markets and Streets

The streets come alive with a multitude of musical bands and dances which are witnessed by domestic and international tourists alike. You can see a vast display of Goan culture, tradition, and cuisines. The four days of the carnival are full of frolic and fun and people enjoy it to the fullest. The state tourism department is actively involved in the carnival. The final day festivities are not be missed. A famous red and black dance is held by the Clube Nacional in Panjim which is the concluding performance and is worth watching.

Spirit of Unity among the People

People from all over India and the world come to attend the festivities held during the carnival. The festival usually appears to be a Christian festival but people from all communities of Goa, all tourists from India or around the World come together and participate in the carnival. They participate in the competitions taking place or merely watch the festivities as spectators but active participation is witnessed.