Gole Market – A Colonial Heritage

Gole Market of Delhi
Gole Market of Delhi

Gole Market of Delhi


If you talk about the architecture, Delhi is one of the best manifestations of history! There are plenty of buildings and sculptures in the city that serve as good reminders of the by-gone era. One such unique testament of the colonial times is the Gole Market located in the heart of the city. Adhering to its name, it is a small octagonal market built within a traffic round-about near Connaught Place. Four radial roads namely Peshwa Road, Ramakrishna Ashram Road, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Road and Bhai Veer Sing Road lead out from this market which is at about a kilometre from the commercial centre of CP.


Gole Market is one of the oldest surviving markets of the colonial era. It was constructed in the year 1921 as a part of the layout designed by Edwin Lutyens. The name “Gole Market” literally derives its relevance from the shape of this significant architecture. At the beginning of the 21st century, 28 shops including numerous confectioneries, sweet shops, fast food restaurants and several meat shops operated in the market. Over the years, as the façade deteriorated, the building was declared unsafe by the NDMC and the shopkeepers there were offered alternative shops. The owners petitioned against the NDMC’s forced move but ultimately lost the case.

What it offers

The Gole Market is a hub of eateries and book shops. It offers a scrumptious food galore to its visitors. A good variety of sweet shops like Kaleva, Odean Sweets and Bangla Sweet House are located around. There are also some meat shops which offer mouth-watering tandoori and Mughlai cuisines. Gole Market is also an important centre of book shops which offer a good range of books. Apart from this, what you will find in this uniquely designed market is a tobacco seller, a pet shop, foreign exchange dealers, travel agency offices, tailors etc.

Gole Market roundabout is one of the busiest areas of Delhi, therefore, traffic jams are an everyday issue here. The NDMC has decided to convert this place into a 3D museum that will acquaint people with the history of Delhi. The shops around the main market will also be renovated as the NDMC plans on turning this market into a dining and entertainment zone. Before this colonial structure loses itself to modernization, visit the market to cherish the long past years you might have spent at this historical place!

Location: Bangla Sahib Marg, Just a kilometre before Connaught Place

Nearby Metro Station: Connaught Place

Opening hours: 9 am to 10.30 pm

USP: Sweet Shops

Popular here: Kaleva, Deluxe Chicken, Odean Sweets

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