How can you contribute to reduce the pollution in the environment?

Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution

Pollution has affected our environment adversely. Since time immemorial human beings have exploited the natural resources. Environmental Pollution has become hazardous for not only the life of human beings but animals as well. Extensive pollution has contributed significantly in hampering the health of human beings. Innumerable respiratory problems, skin diseases, lung cancer, to name a few have clutched humans and are hampering growth as well as development.  In order to garner materialistic pleasure and for their greed, human beings have exploited natural resources. Depleted natural resources are affecting the climate gravely. Global Warming along with depletion of the ozone layer due to rampant exploitation is adversely affecting the environment

It is high time humans curb the exploitation of natural resources and contribute significantly in order to compensate for the harm done to mother Earth. Steps must be taken and environmentally friendly practices adopted in order to reduce the pollution in the environment. It is important in the contemporary times to adopt environmental friendly measures to save our planet Earth from an already existing environmental crisis.

Go Green should be the motto for each and every one of us residing on planet Earth. Already ample harm has been done and it is high time to mend for evils. Conserving water, using bio-degradable substances, opting for energy-saving products, to name a few are some of the measures which must be adopted in order to contribute to reduce the pollution in our environment.

Reuse, Recharge and Recycle practices must be adapted and we must plant as many trees as possible. Make it habit to conserve energy. Turn off electronic devices, appliances like- TVs, Laptops, stereos, to name a few when you are not using them.

Save water, since water is the most valuable natural resource. Without water, there will be no life on earth. Do not waste water. In drought-prone areas as well as places, homes which face the shortage of water, drinking water is considered to be a luxury. Water Harvesting is one such scheme which can be adopted in order to conserve water. Turn off the tap while shaving or brushing. Collect rainwater to water your plants.

Conserving energy is considered to be one such dimension for contributing towards the environment. Usage of air conditioning must be curtailed since they emit harmful substances like CFCs which is hazardous to the environment. Use energy saving appliances- bulbs, tube lights etc to contribute towards the environment.

Opt for environment-friendly vehicles while traveling from one place to another. E-rickshaws, bicycles, to name a few are considered a beneficial option rather than pollution causing vehicles. Instead of going alone in your private vehicle, opt for shared cabs, cars etc in order to reduce the burden on already polluted Earth. By doing environmental friendly actions, educating yourself and spreading awareness one can contribute significantly towards the environment and help in reducing pollution.