How to pack your bag for a trip?

Bag Packing Tips for Trip
Bag Packing Tips for Trip
Bag Packing Tips
How to pack Bag for trip?

Summer season is the official season of travel in India! Far or near, each one of us wants to step out of the home in the summer break. While some people prefer travelling abroad, the others are happy exploring the vivid topographies of India. Travelling is a dire necessity of all and should be fulfilled whenever the need arises! Since everybody is busy packing their bags for a holiday, today I decided to jot down some quick ways to pack your bag efficiently! Packing up stuff can be a little tricky sometimes as choosing what is to be taken and what is to be left can cause great confusions! So let me help making this task much easier than you could probably think of it to be! Here I Go:-

Bag Packing Tips for Trip

1. First and foremost, make a check list of all the top priority items for your trip.

2. Keep in mind the climatic conditions of the destination you plan on visiting.

3. Now, in your mind, plan each day of your trip according to your itinerary. Decide before hand as to what is to be worn each day and keep that very number of clothing items.

4. Before starting to pack, keep all your things around.

5. Start assembling the heavier or the larger items at the bottom of your suitcase. This will make it easier to find your stuff without messing the other things.

6. Try and keep more of lightweight layers rather than one heavy item. This can be done both for hot as well as cold regions.

7. Manage your space by choosing between rolling and folding your clothes. Rolling occupies lesser space than folding. Tightly roll some of the items if you need more space in your suitcase.

8. Avoid keeping fragile items in the suitcase. If necessary, keep them in the centre of the bag.

9. Pack the important dresses or shirts on the top for lesser creases.

10. Pack your footwear in a plastic bag for obvious reasons! This is also to make it easier to put them back as it is after wearing.

11. Place your undergarments on the sides or in a separate section

12. Make sure to keep your basic necessities like tooth-brush, paste, creams or whatsoever makes sense.

13. Always keep a first-aid kit handy with you. This also includes all the immunizations for any possible allergies or aches.

14. Keep a separate bag for necessary documents such as the ticket, passport, itinerary etc.

15. And last but not the least, be precise! Don’t over-pack!