The Best of Adventure Activities in India

Best Adventure in India
Best Adventure in India

Adventure Sports in India

Incredibly rich in breathtaking topography, India is a place of infinite offerings! Seasons, climate, landscape or anything that you could name; every corner of the country differs in all senses with the other. This uniqueness of the regions makes India a hub of innumerable activities! Whether you hate it or love it, but Summer is definitely one season which opens up a lot of doors in our lives! One such door is the door of adventure activities that the high-spirited chunks are always in search of.

Adventure is the identity of the youth and youth is the face of India! Adventure activities are, thus, always on a high-demand in the country. Having been blessed with nature’s bounty, India can successfully siege to all the demands of these adrenaline junkies seeking that quick rush of blood! If you are one of such type and are open to every kind of adventure, today I will brief you about the various adventure activities that you could try your hands on!

1. Rafting or Kayaking

Rafting is the most common adventure activity of India. Every adventure enthusiast starts off by setting the foot in the waters for a swift rafting experience. Rishikesh is the ultimate destination for river rafting in India. It is extremely popular amongst youngsters who thrive upon adventure trips or camping trips.

2. Heli Skiing

Heli Skiing is not everybody’s sport since it requires a hell lot of courage. After all, getting dropped by a helicopter at an altitude of 6500 metres is not an easy thing to do! Kullu-Manali is the most popular destination for Heli-skiing. Travelling down the steep slopes amidst snow-clad mountains gives you that much desired high and thrill! Rohtang-pass is the most popular skiing slope in the Manali region.

3. Waterfall Rappelling

Rappelling is an adventure sport that allows you to descend down from a cliff using a rope. Waterfall rappelling, as the name suggests, is descending down from a waterfall using the same technique. With a strong force of water, it makes for a tricky yet super-adventurous activity that interests those who want to delve in extreme thrill. Thane in Maharashtra is the destination for Water Rappelling.

4. Skydiving or Scuba diving

Sky-Diving involves jumping from a plane or any other place of height and then travelling trough the air. As quirky as it sounds, it is definitely not for the weak-hearted. This adventure sport is a recent addition to India’s long list of breath-taking activities and can be only found in a small town in Gujarat called Deesa.
Scuba-Diving is another name for under water diving. It is for those who love the exciting marine life sealed under the gigantic water-bodies. Goa and Andaman Islands are the most sought after destinations for scuba-diving in India.

5. Hot Air Ballooning

This one is for the mediocre adventure seekers who don’t want to indulge in dangerous activities. Hot-Air ballooning is an upcoming thing in India and thus, it is found only at a couple of places. The most popular place for this fun activity is the vast expanse of deserted Rajasthan.

6. Caving

Have you ever imagined yourself exploring the darkness of the mountain caves or crawling through tight spaces only to reach at an unknown destination? If this is the kind of adventure you are looking forward to, try caving in Meghalaya. With over a hundred caves formed due to the climatic conditions, Meghalaya has an extensive network of such unexplored places waiting to be discovered by the adventure seekers!

7. Trekking

Trekking might sound like a very common and relatively easy activity for adventure in India. But if you try experimenting at some spine-chilling locations, trekking can be the one of the most thrilling activities. Try trekking through the frozen Zanskar Riverin Ladakh with sub-zero temperatures! Now that’s called a real bone-freezing experience, quite literally!

8. Snorkelling

For those who don’t want to touch the depths of water, snorkelling can be a good option for adventure. Snorkelling involves swimming through water while being fully equipped with diving mask and fins. To try it in a different way, dive in with the ocean-swimming elephants especially in India. Andaman is the ultimate snorkelling destination which offers the elephant ride in water. Ask for Rajan-the elephant, while in Andaman!

9. Cliff Jumping

For the most aggressive adrenaline rush, try jumping from a cliff in Rishikesh. Cliff Jumping is a popular adventure activity in the rugged terrains of Shivpuri. This place is thronged by adventure buffs all through the year. It is definitely a jaw-dropping activity that gives immense pleasure.

10. Paragliding

If you are a flying freak who wants to spread its arms wide up in the air and feel like a bird, Paragliding is the tailor-made activity for you! Whether it is the lush greenery of the valleys that you would like to gaze or it is the snow-capped mountain that you would love to fly-upon, the choice is absolutely yours! There are a number of destinations in India to choose from when it comes to Paragliding!


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