Hunt for Team India Coach

Coach for indian cricket team

Coach for indian cricket teamIt’s time for change! As head coach of the Indian Cricket Team, Duncan Fletcher plans his exit after his contract expired following India’s semifinal loss to Australia in the 2015 ICC World Cup. Speculations on who would replace him are being made. Former Indian Team skipper, Ganguly is being considered by the BCCI to replace Fletcher for the post of the head coach of the Indian Cricket Team. Will it be a positive change or would it bring about clashes are some questions that the cricket fans are asking. While Fletcher failed to connect with the Indian team, Ravi Shastri was brought in by the BCCI as the team director. Also, Sanjay Bangar (Team India’s batting coach) and fielding coach R Sridhar have made a good impact on the team. Since the Indian coaches have the required potential; why not give them a chance instead of handing over the team to a foreigner this time?

Do we need an Indian or Foreign Coach?

The Indian Cricket Team has seen the appointment of diverse foreign coaches. The antagonistic Greg Chappell and his relationship with Sourav Ganguly were much talked about. Kirsten led India to World Cup victory in 2011 and was content being behind the limelight. Instead he wanted the players to be appreciated. Similar was John Wright. Fletcher completed his full contract despite ups and downs. Now it is time to see the team in Indian hands!

If Team India gets an Indian coach, the connection and communication between the players and the coach would be enhanced. The foreign coaches would know only the main 15 players in the team; however, an Indian coach would have more idea about all players as they would have seen them play in domestic cricket or even for the country. An Indian coach will have more information and first-hand experience with players on or off the field.

Talking about foreign coaches, 15 years ago the BCCI gave the job to John Wright and it was expected that an innovative training routine, more discipline in the team and bias-free manipulation of a player’s ability, would bring about a positive outlook in the team. The results were satisfactory and since then coaches in the form of Wright, Greg Chappell, Gary Kirsten and then Fletcher were hired for better results. However, a few issues flared up. As Fletcher’s inability to connect with the players was discovered by the BCCI, Ravi Shastri was appointed the team director with Bangar, Sridhar and Bharat Arun assisting him. Also, ours is a country of diversity where different players speak different languages in their own dialects. Thus, an Indian coach will prove to be helpful.

Have to be Realistic

At a time when the team is facing problems, an Indian coach will have a tough job of solving the technical and tactical issues. It would be good if the ones who have undergone NCA coaching courses are preferred as it would help in rectifying the player’s shortcomings. Also, they would have experience of coaching Ranji and India A Teams. A coach who can not only plan but execute the plans effectively in a squad full of young blood is required. While, Indian coaches do have a better chance and are being preferred, a magical outcome cannot be expected.

Two top choices

As former stalwarts, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly who are a part of the Committee, embark on a process of searching for the new head coach and also the support staff, we look forward to who could replace Duncan Fletcher. Will an Indian player be a better option as compared to a foreign one for this job? The committee members will supply required and resourceful inputs to the BCCI to find the best option.

If Ganguly is named the head coach, there are a number of things that could be improved upon in the Indian squad. The overseas record might progress which is one of the major outline for BCCI. With a coach like Ganguly, it would not be a very tough task. It is evident from the times when Ganguly performed well during the drawn series against stable and powerful teams like Australia and England. The prince of Kolkata might succeed in this job, looking back at his cricket career. Add to it, we might just discover someone with the perfect cover drive in the squad!

Yuvraj might get a second opportunity. The once-upon-a time hero has not been seen in action for almost a year now. A sound performance from him in domestic cricket as well as the IPL could mean donning the Indian jersey. Ganguly might just support him by picking him up for the Indian squad, after knowing what all he has been through in the last few years.
As far as the opinions of the coach are concerned, India will for sure have someone to speak to. Ganguly will not shy away from the media and will be available upright with his strategies. Duncan Fletcher merely spoke to the media.

Besides Ganguly, Rahul Dravid is also being considered for the job of Indian Coach. Both are best choices. Both are former skippers and legends of Indian Cricket. Most importantly, both have played all formats of the game and displayed good leadership and consistency on-field as players. This will prove to be instrumental for the current players. As BCCI looks forward to a replacement for Duncan Fletcher as his contract is ending in 2015, these two choices seem logical.

Two coaches for India

In the process of finding a replacement for Fletcher and considering appointment of an Indian coach, a new suggestion has weaved around – India requires two coaches. Australian Dean Jones has suggested this. Even Sunil Gavaskar believes that Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly as two coaches for the Tests and T20 and ODIs respectively could be a good idea. And Ravi Shastri as the manager could be great. But, will this Australian model work for India?

India at the moment has two captains for different formats – Dhoni for T20 and ODI and Virat Kohli for Tests. The two coaches’ method could be tried out but it has a bleak chance in India.

The results will be out soon and the Indian head coach will be revealed in a little while. According to a report, the former India Test captain, Dhoni has recommended BCCI that retired Australian batsman and his former Chennai Super Kings teammate Michael Hussey is the finest man to replace Duncan Fletcher in the coach’s seat. Whoever replaces Duncan Fletcher, an encouraging start is required as India is yet to take the Bangladesh tour in June, will play Sri Lanka in an away series in August and will be host to South Africa in October- November. Then there would be a series to be played against Pakistan and Australia by the end of the year. Team India will have to pass the real test overseas.