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Charu Pant is a Sports Journalist, PR specialist and award-winning Sportswoman. She has work appearing or forthcoming in over a dozen publications. Currently working as Head of English department in one of the most prestigious private schools in Oman. Spearheaded development of learning & training of English program in school and coordinated with Ministry of Education - Oman, Educational clubs/ workshops to maintain high-learning environment.

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November 6, 2015
6th World Cup Kabaddi

Kabaddi has been a celebrated sport in India since ancient days. The mud game finds the same excitement in rural India and on the international level. India being the top team in Kabaddi, it is no doubt that there is no dearth of talent and enthusiasm in our country. As the 6th World Cup Kabaddi is about to kick off with the opening ceremony on November 15 at Roopnagar, Kabaddi fans are eager to see [...]

Is it coming to an end for M.S. Dhoni in the Indian cricket

Indian Cricket and M S Dhoni have become quiet synonymous. Captain Cool is also one of India’s most popular limited-overs players and the most talked about captain besides being an all rounder. But now it’s not only about him and his captaincy, it’s also about the team and its performance. Dhoni’s identity is his captaincy and if he loses it, which looks quite possible after the South Africa series loss, will he adapt to follow [...]

The Power of Protein in Your Diet

Protein – A Fulcrum for Human Body Today’s hectic life has made humans devoid of several important nutrients. The lack of time and knowledge about these nutrients makes human beings fall ill or have problems like tiredness, obesity and other diseases. The modern life demands a lot from humans and in such a case we usually forget to take care of our body – the engine of our existence! One such nutrient is protein which [...]

September 13, 2015
Tips On Writing A Successful CV

Getting your dream job is not an easy task, we all know that. With increasing competition the process of finding the correct candidate for a particular job has become a challenge. To land that perfect job that you have been longing for it is important that you present an impeccable CV. It doesn’t mean decorating or boasting, you just need to get it right! How? Your CV must speak for you when an employer goes [...]

Football: Indian Super League (ISL) 2015 Image

Football in India is on a road to success – thanks to the new found interest in leagues. Sports Leagues in India other than cricket are catching up fast and as a result have instilled an increased level of interest in sports lovers and the common man as well. One such league that has made football in India popular is the Indian Super League (ISL), which is popularly called the Hero Indian Super League. This [...]

Cricketers who will remain indebted to IPL and CLT20

The Indian Premier League (IPL) began with a bang in 2008 and pulled huge crowds towards the popular Twenty20 cricket tournament. The league became a godsend for domestic as well as international players to earn money and make a big name in the world of cricket. It gave prodigious opportunities to youngsters as they shared the dressing room with experienced and international stalwarts. For Indian players, their remarkable performances even led to their selection in [...]

Indian Traditional Games Image

This is the age where children choose electronic gadget and play stations over traditional games such as hide and seek or kite flying. Today’s generation prefers technology and popular games rather than the old-fashioned ones. The reasons are many – lack of interest, lack of time and even sufficient place to play the traditional games such as kho-kho, spinning top, kabaddi, satoliya and many more. Rather than going out kids prefer watching television or using [...]

Top Five Altercations in Cricket History

Since its inception, cricket as a sport has been celebrated all over the world. As the players gear up and step on to the field, they all want to play a crucial role in helping their teams move towards victory. As a result, there is elevated competition among opponents that leads to spats quite often. Though good competition is essential in any sport, irresponsible behaviour that includes sledging and banters from players under pressure gives [...]

Season 2 of Pro Kabaddi League

As the second season of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) began on an exciting note in Mumbai on Saturday, hosts U Mumba beat defending champions Jaipur Pink Panthers 29-28 in a thrilling match at the NSCI Stadium. In the second match of the PKL, Bengaluru Bulls defeated Bengal Warriors 33-25. The second season is expected to catch more popularity and financial gains after the success of the inaugural season of the PKL last year. The [...]

Vir Sanghavi Image

Politics is one topic that stirs up discussion among people. Be it a tea stall or a corporate office, people can be seen involved in casual political discussions. Whatever information is available through print and electronic media becomes their view regarding political figures and parties. For that reason, when Vir Sanghvi’s Mandate: Will of the People was launched, readers looked for something different and informative. The book successfully throws light on personalities and pulls off [...]