Indian Defense Should Retaliate When Required

I was born in the late 80’s and when I began understanding things, there was only one thing in the News: Kashmir terrorism. Every second week something was going on at Lal-Chok in Kashmir and Pakistani forces giving training to Kashmiris etc. It was direct terrorism which our neighboring country was exporting to India, according to news channels.

The question is did we do well while fighting back? I don’t think so. It is a saying in defense that “We fight the war on there land”. I am sorry to say that this time they were fighting the war at our land. The things started changing in the late 90’s and suddenly the Kargil War happened- 527 Indian soldier killed, 1363 wounded and among them, 99 soldiers were shot in the eyes. Recently even a Pakistan minister said that Pakistan army was involved in it.

We won the war, but lot of young blood was shed over it. Again in 2001 parliament attacks happened and we increase the forces on borders and after some days back to the pavilion. I think it was nothing more than a drilling exercise we did in 2001. Than Delhi bomb blast, 26/11 and this and that. But what we did our minister say? “Yeh achee baat nahi hai”. We are 3rd after China and USA in defense power but still. I am not saying that we go to war; I am just saying we should retaliate. Our defense equipment is not just for display on 26th Jan, they can do much more than that too. Last month an Indian soldier was beheaded by a Pakistani and he was rewarded as Rs 5 Lakh  by the Pakistani government, according to the Indian intelligence report. This is really a shame not from there end but from ours. This was the first time I think real retaliation happened, something I was waiting for so long. This is my story of looking at the India Pakistan relation in the last 25 year. I apologies if someone feels offended. I will just say one thing that I am against the attitude of the Pakistani army, but not against the Pakistani people. Jai Hind!