Will I lose sleep over loose?

“Lose” and “loose”, the two words who have no connection at all with each other but yes their pronunciation is same and there starts the strong bond. Often ‘loose’ replaces ‘lose’ and in different ways. I don’t know if I am finding this more but there is great abuse of ‘lose’ on social media.  In the sense it has vanished almost and has been universally replaced by ‘loose’. Why we have this fascination with that extra  ‘o’ beats me but still I sometimes wonder why am I losing sleep over ‘loose’. 

English language is losing its charm or acquiring more of it with our awesome inputs? I stood witness to ‘you are’ being replaced efficiently  by  ‘your’. No amount of logic is going to make me understand how this can be even thought in the wildest dreams. But then it is cool to use “Your late now.” I would fumble and think if someone tells me this. Maybe I am still living in the era of good English or let’s say English which was logical. 

Another replacement which comes at the drop of the hat is “quite” and “quiet”. Why? That no one knows. By saying all this am not trying to proclaim that am a great exponent of English language. No I am not. But I am great supporter of correct and simple English. I love when someone can weave beautiful thoughts in simple language. You don’t need heavy words to say something emphatic do you?  After all what is the point to confuse someone’s mind and then let him search the meaning and then understand your words?  Isn’t it better to say something in a way that it reaches directly the heart? After all writing is something which is an expression, isn’t it? 

But when I find motivational quotes shared on social networks with inspiring images to add more to the charm and my basic instinct emerges to share it, at that precise moment  ‘loose’ or ‘quite’ or some other words come and snatch my basic right of sharing and caring. How can I share something where the grammar is not at place. I just can’t.  This problem is getting chronic day by day and can reach enormous proportions if not checked at the onset. Look at  “your” it is so famous now. One day I may be saying “I loose my sleep.”  What do you think, should we allow the onslaught of “loose” over “lose”?