Gautam Buddha’s Teachings to Tackle Evil

According to Lord Buddha, there are ten evils that are part of a human being. Out of these, three depend upon the body (killing, theft and impure deeds), four depend upon the mouth (insulting, cursing, lying and flattery) and three depend upon the mind (jealously, hatred and unawareness). These do not let us follow a holy path and so are known as evil. To live a happy and peaceful life it is very important to let go of these evils with self awareness.

Today we are facing many problems at the moral front. Everyone is pondering solutions but the troubles and evils are not in decline. So what should be done?

We must seek help from history and find out different ways to handle the present situation. One such way is to follow an enlightened path shown by Lord Buddha. As per Lord Buddha’s philosophy, strict punishment, stringent laws and detailed moral lessons won’t solve the root cause of any problem. But the same objective can be achieved by transforming the awareness regarding the universe. To arouse empathic feeling, one must have cosmic awareness. There is no short-cut to achieve this. You have to practice to attain cosmic-awareness that comes with self-awareness.

For such an awareness, do not look for any book or teacher as it is self-cultivated. This is the only way to remove evil from within. You are your best judge. You know what is wrong with you. So do not look for shelter but help yourself through self awareness. Faith but not the blind faith is core of Buddhism. Buddhism is a process of observation in which nothing is forced on an individual not even Buddhism. Accept any idea or belief after self-investigation.

Human troubles need to be tackled and cured immediately instead of finding who has caused these and why.

We make pre-conceived notions about many things in life and when we are unable to get these then we feel the pain. This also prevents us to accept the truth. Only self-awareness can cure this.

A mind that is uncontrolled and not at peace is the root cause of all the negatives and evil thoughts and actions in life. In this state, we always remain in ‘self I’ or ‘self me’ state that leads to a fantasy world of ‘self cherishing’. This does not stop here, but keeps on growing when anger and attachment get connected to this. Under the influence of these thoughts, we act in a negative way and suffer. No one is evil at heart, but this state is just because of ignorance. So we have to free ourselves from ignorance.

People are so attached to all the worldly pleasures that they blindly sacrifice their lives and right thinking to do wrong in life. This is a way to self-destruction.

Purification of mind
To get rid of evils, a purification of mind is necessary. To reach at this level you have to leave all kinds of evils, cultivate good and practice it to make it a part of your life. Meditation is one way to purify the mind. It should be brought into regular practice. Also you will have to control your action and speech.  Develop patience and compassion in your heart. The aim of purification is not to get united with divine powers but to get liberated from all sorts of sufferings.