Low Maintenance Plants for Your Homes That Purifies Air

Low Maintenance Plants for Your Homes That Purifies Air
Decorate your homes with the best air purifying plants.
Low Maintenance Plants for Your Homes That Purifies Air
Decorate your homes with the best air purifying plants.

Are you a plant lover, but at the same time, you are scared to think what if they rot to death because of your neglect? You may also be insecure that you would have to work around the placement of the plants, so they get exposed to some sunlight. Are you someone who tries not to visit a nursery because you know you would end up buying more plants than needed? Well, what if we tell you that this blog is going to take care of your craze for having plants but at the same time not kill you with continuous thoughts of taking care of them. Here are some unique solutions to buy the right plants for your homes, plants that will purify the air in your home space for a healthier living.

Low Maintenance Plants for Homes

Climate change is real. In summers, our homes make us feel like we are living in a furnace. When we are out and are on the run, we are compelled to take in all the pollution under the sun. But these plants we are suggesting are special because at least they can make the air in our homes purified and suitable for breathing. No, I’m not going to recommend you to buy an air purifier.

But in the alternative, get a few plants and voila, your problem is solved.

Let’s have a look at some of the least maintenance plants that act as natural air purifiers:

Aloe Vera

Don’t we all love this name? We are familiar with the tons of beauty hacks that this plant provides, but did you have any idea that it acts as a great air purifier too? Aloe Vera thrives on minimal water and sunlight requirement. All you have to make sure is the fact that this plant doesn’t stand in excess water or it will die away. Aloe Vera removes the toxin formaldehyde that is present in the air. This plant can thrive in a well-lit room, and you will see that the leaves of this plant will start turning brown if there are harmful chemicals in the air. Hence, an excellent choice. Minimal maintenance and looks beautiful too.

Snake Plant

Do you know this plant is also called Mother-in-Law’s Tongue? Funny. But then unlike mother-in-law’s tongue, you don’t have to worry at all about this plant. You can be as ignorant about it as you want to. This plant does require a little bit of water, but it mostly thrives in dry conditions. They don’t even need a lot of sunlight. Hence, they can ideally be put in a room. Pot them and keep them at a corner while they purify the air by sucking out formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzene and xylene.

Boston Fern

This cute plant is ideal to be potted in a hanging basket or pedestal. Boston fern thrives in humid conditions and hence, needs consistent moisture. They do not need direct sunlight but do not forget to keep the soil moist, or they tend to wither away. Boston ferns act as better air purifiers than most of the plants as they remove formaldehyde and xylene from the air. This is the only plant that can remove the pollutants from car exhaust.


They serve as an excellent floral arrangement for your home. Not only they look beautiful, but they are also one of the best air purifiers. They need a little bit of attention, but with the result so stunning, I’m sure none of us would mind taking a little effort. These plants require indirect but bright sunlight and a consistent amount of water, but a word of caution – water them once you see that the soil has dried up. Watering them in moist soil can hamper their growth. These flowers remove toxins like ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene from the air.

English Ivy

We had to include this one in the list because even NASA claims that English Ivy is one of the best indoor air purifiers one can ask for. These plants can be potted in a hard-to-reach distance; hence, with them, they will take away your worry of taking care of them too. It’s best to pot these in crowds as it’s better for their growth. You can go for a few days without watering them. They can reduce airborne faecal matter particles and filter out formaldehyde.

Peace Lily

They serve as an excellent choice of an indoor plant because of the beautiful flower that it blooms. Though we can’t call this plant a low maintenance one, as it tends to produce pollen and hence can make the surroundings a bit messy, all they need is direct sunlight and a little water every week. Peace lilies tend to remove toxins like benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and xylene from the air.

Spider Plant

If this is going to be your first experience in taking care of a plant or you’ve had a lousy track record, then this is the plant designed for you. They thrive in indirect sunlight and can survive in temperatures as low as two degrees. They act as a great air purifier by keeping formaldehyde and xylene at bay.

Rubber Plant

At least once in our lifetime, we have all seen this plant in our garden. This plant that has its roots in India love bright sunlight and needs to be watered every week in summer and fortnightly in winter. Xylene, benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene are some of the toxins that are removed by rubber plant.

So, it’s time to go green. Ditch those plastic pots and those expensive air purifiers. Give your home a green look by adding a few of the plants mentioned above and see the whole aura changing around you.