Invest in Quality Time with Your Children

Invest in Quality Time with Your Children
Effective ways to spend quality time with your children
Invest in Quality Time with Your Children
Effective ways to spend quality time with your children

A fast-paced modern lifestyle implies that every day we are trapped in a whirlwind of activities, in such a way that we have time for nothing else. Days pass in the blink of an eye; between work and responsibilities, even the parents have become so busy that they have no time for their kids. As per research, parents should ideally spend enough time with their kids for the latter’s internal development.

Here are a few tips on how can you spend quality time with your kids:

Morning Routine

Spare a few minutes in the morning for your child. Practice a morning ritual; be it yoga, dance, a long walk or stretches. This will tailor your daily interactions with your little ones. Make sure you involve your child within activities, so that they remain energetic throughout the day.

Do Household Chores Together

Reinforce positive behaviour into your kids by inculcating in them a habit of extending helping hands. While doing household chores, ask your kids to do them with you. This will not only help you to intermingle with them but also provide you with more time with your kids.

Go Out with Your Kids

Yes, you read it right. Go for a pleasant dinner with your kids, or on an unforgettable family trip. Take up adventure activities like bike riding, camping, trekking or swimming. It will be an experience which your kids are surely going to enjoy, as this will portray you as cool and friendly parents who want to understand the psyche of their children and cooperate with them.

Quiz up

Gather around the table, have some popcorn and play a quiz round. Pique the curiosity of your child instead of fighting it. Ask simple questions about each other, or family history, and get to know your child really well. Typical parental questions will make them tedious and agitated, so try to ask about things which you really want to know about your children. For example, any books they may be reading, new music they love listening to, or any movie they may have watched with their friends.

Get Back to Childhood Days

Whenever time permits, play your child’s games with them. Try to explore the games they are interested in, and involve yourself in playing those games with them.

Adopt their Ways too

Try to adopt some of the lifestyle and lingo of your kids, and give them an assurance that they can be right at times too. Each day in a kid’s life brings new milestones and new wonderments. Appreciate their delicate nuances of childhood and go with the flow.

Fix Things Together

If your child has done something that has put your nerves to test, then do not show it in front of them. I repeat-do not lose your cool. Extend a helping hand in clearing all the mess without condoning their mistakes. Ensure that they learn from their mistakes. They shouldn’t find an escape route; Rather involve them in a healthy discussion over resolving issues.

Put the Gadgets Aside

Don’t get driven away by social media. Make time for your kids. Well, while living a busy life, it is difficult to keep up with the responsibility of being a parent at all times. Sometimes, just curl up with your kids and make them feel the warmth of your love in a natural way.

Read Stories to Kids

Let your child discover their favourite superheroes through stories. In this era of technology, never deprive them of books. Choose books which you think are good for them. Also, allow them to make a choice so that they also feel that their opinions are valued

Don’t Overload Them

Laugh and be silly with your kids. Do not pressurise them to behave in a specific way or follow a set pattern. Let them grow on their own, all you should do is support their growth.

Go on, enjoy fabulous parenting!

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