Making Detoxification Simpler and Easier

Detoxification of body

Detoxification of bodyOur irregular and unhealthy lifestyle these days has made detoxification a very popular concept. This has gain even more importance because of our unhealthy diet regime. As a result, we feel that we need to detoxify our body to get rid of our sluggishness, skin problems, pains, digestive and weight problems, etc. Basically, detoxifying means to remove toxic elements from our body, and cleaning and nourishing it. It is said that detoxifying not only helps us to protect ourselves from many diseases but also renews our body with full vigour and vitality.


3 Popular Detox Drink Recipes

  • Apple Cinnamon Water Detox Drink: You need one apple, an inch long cinnamon stick and a jug of water. Slice the apples and put them in the jar of water, along with the cinnamon piece. Keep it in the fridge. Whenever you feel thirsty, just enjoy this drink throughout the day. It’s a zero calorie drink that detoxifies your body.
  • Lemon Mint Cucumber Detox Drink: You will need a jar of water, a small sized cucumber, two to three lemons and 10-15 mint leaves. Slice thinly the lemons, cucumber and mint, after washing them thoroughly and add them to the water. Keep the jar in the fridge overnight or at least for three to four hours. Drink this water throughout the day in small amounts. Many detox diets include cucumbers as these are hydrating vegetables. The lemon’s citric acid helps in boosting the cleansing effect and the mints make the drink taste fresh and cool.
  • Lemon Detox Drink: One of the most recommended drinks by medical experts is the lemon water. Take half a lemon, squeeze it into the water, preferably warm water. This is the first thing you should drink after waking up. A perfect drink to start the day with essential vitamin, dehydrating your body, enhancing your metabolism, along with eliminating the toxins from your body.


Some Easy Methods for Detoxification

  • Hydrotherapy: Take a hot shower for five to ten minutes, especially by allowing the hot water to run on your back. Then take a cold shower for 30 seconds to a minute. Repeat this process three to four times. Then wipe yourself dry and lie down in bed for at least half an hour. This practice helps in blood circulation and acts as a cleansing therapy.
  • Sauna Bath: Opt for a sauna bath, once or twice a month to get rid of toxins through perspiration.
  • Foot Spas: Another popular method nowadays is the foot spas, which can remove wastes through your pores.
  • Dry Brush: There are special dry brushes available in the market, especially at stores selling natural products. Buy brushes with soft natural bristles and not synthetic bristles. Starting up with gentle brushing, dry brush your body. Remember that brushing is to be done downwards. Go in a circular motion to dry brush your stomach as this helps in the natural digestive flow. It is one of the best methods to detoxify your body on a regular basis. Take a bath after brushing to remove exfoliated dead skin cells.

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