Movie Review – Coffee With D: Comedy, seriously?

Coffe With D - Movie Review


The film Coffee With D directed by Vishal Mishra, and starring  Sunil Grover, Zakir Hussain, Anjana Sukhani, Deepannati Sharma, and Pankaj Tripathy released today, on 20th January, 2017. A slew of talented actors cast in a movie which is a satire on Dawood Ibrahim as well as a well known news anchor.


Coffee with D can be best described as a boys’ day out with Dawood.

  • Arnab Ghosh played by Sunil Grover is a loud mouthed journalist. The character based on a popular table-thumping prime time news anchor, generates a lot of TRP but fails to woo the channel boss.
  • The boss literally relegates Arnab to host a less important cookery show .
  • Arnab does not take this demotion very well. To add on to is the responsibility of a full-term pregnant wife.
  • Arnab decides to go for the kill where his career is concerned and lures the dreaded don D (Zakir Hussain) to grant him an interview.
  • Accompanied by a fashion writer (Dipannita Sharma) and his two-man crew, Arnab heads for Pakistan.


The facts in the movie related to news channels go askew for the sake of comedy. The loud-mouthed news anchor is portrayed well only in one scene in the studio which is not even funny. The film lacks the pace and the first half is a poor build up to the interview with the don, D. The rest of the movie is of course based on the interview itself where Zakir Hussain as D and Pankaj Tripathi who plays his sidekick Girdhari, perform brilliantly. Tripathi steals the show with his spot-on comic timing making the audience wish he had a bigger role to play. Sunil Grover playing the role of Arnab cannot decide whether to play the role of news anchor or act like an SRK lookalike. Performance by Anjana Sukhani, as the pregnant-yet-bashful wife Parul can be best described as lazy. Dipannita has put in efforts into playing the role of a fashion writer.

The dialogues of the film have been written well, especially during the interview where D is seen as a masterful manipulator. But unfortunately the film does not keep you riveted to the screen and the attention of the audience is bound to waver. However the climax is sure to take everyone by surprise.

Editing of the film is shoddy and dubbing very bad, with entire sentences muted and out of sync. The storyline did have a lot of promise but execution has been poor making the film sub-standard.

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Music Review

Produced by Zee Music, Superbia (Shaan-Gourov-Roshin) has composed the music for Coffee with D and the lyrics have been written by Sameer Anjaan. The soundtrack of the film is humble though not obnoxious.


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