Mr. Modi is back

Am I happy? Am I sad? I will say, I am not sure. One part of me is surely happy, Congress doesn’t get back in Gujarat and that means a lot for me, Congress down in dumps is a good news for me, anyway. One part of me is very sad, you can get away with murders and keep on getting away. Sadder part is that whatever happened in Gujarat has been re-validated for the second time with these elections. Our own people do not hold Mr. Modi guilty of not protecting, to put it mildly, lives of hundreds of thousands of people form another community.

In my eyes, Mr. Modi stands for communal politics aimed against Muslims. In my eyes Congress Party (Yes, it was Modi vs. Congress) stands for opportunism, political dynasties and unsettled issue of 1984 pogroms against Sikhs. I would never vote for Congress till 1984 is settled. I am sure if I was a voter in Gujarat elections, I would have voted for a non-Congress, non-Modi candidate. For Mr. Narendra Modi, he is of course endorsed by individuals I hold in very high esteem, Mr. Ratan Tata is one of them. Mr. Modi has also taken decisions for pushing business growth and bringing in Industry, he looks like a man focused on economic progress of his state. If we keep his “communal feel’ aside, he is probably amongst the finest Chief Ministers any state of India has seen in past few decades. He has changed fortunes of his people for the better.

Is Mr. Modi an imperfectly perfect Chief Minister, I wonder.