Nanu ki Jaanu -You’ll Laugh More at the Movie than during the Movie

Nanu ki Jaanu Bollywood Movie

Nanu Ki Janu Bollywood Movie

Cast – Abhay Deol, Patralekha Paul, Brijindra Kala and Manu Rishi Directed by – Faraz Haider Produced by – PVR Pictures, Sajid Qureshi Written by – Manu Rishi Cinematography – S. R Sathish Kumar Edited – Manan Ajay Sagar Production House – PVR Pictures, Inbox Pictures Pvt. Ltd. Genre – Comedy Duration – 2 hour 12 minutes

Movie Plot

The story of Nanu ki Jaanu definitely has some quirks and some highs but you’ll get disappointed in the end, and in the middle too. But here it goes! Nanu (Abhay Deol) is a land mafia who usurps people from their homes. But this is not a story of some serious, dangerous criminal, this is a comedy (or supposed to be), remember? In fact, the pairing of Abhay Deol with Manu Rishi reminds us much of the comical ride ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’. However, this one fails to recreate the magic. Back to the story, Abhay does everything to please himself- whether having a string of sidekicks, bars, wines and the world of crime which he enjoys passionately- he’s a hedonistic, brash, insensitive goon. A turn comes when one day he does a really good deed. He takes an accident victim to the hospital but the female lead Patralekha dies. The whole idea of good deed suddenly starts to change him and he begins to questions his life dripping with crime and adultery. Now interestingly, we have the girl’s ghost who is in love with the goon. Strange, a girl-next-door kind of girl has admiration for the mafia-like guys. But alright, who are we to judge! In her pursuit of him, she occupies the house which is the next target of Nanu and the haunting begins in this comedy! The genre of the film slowly molds to that of horror-comedy, which is very hard to pull off even for a very talented film-maker. And this film falls flat on its face while trying to do that. Also, there gets branched out another plot in the film where people are mysteriously getting murdered. Is the ghost girl behind it? Your curiosity would be dead by the time you’ll know. The chaos in the film is painful to watch and the little-bit comedy it has is not enough to make you sit through the entire duration.

Movie review

The film is spiraling out of the control with new characters and storylines coming up. Hate to say it, but the drama here is far from interesting. Abhay Deol’s performance is fine but even the good performance can’t save a film when the execution is downright bad. The comedy punchlines here and there don’t lift the movie off the ground at all. Patralekhaa, who looked so promising in City Lights, couldn’t do much here. The continuously changing storyline, repetitive punches, out of sync acting and the forced humour and…Do we need to say more? The flop is written all over the film.

Our Verdict

It’s really not worth it, despite Abhay Deol. Stay at home, travel, play video games, or count stars at night. You deserve a fun weekend.