Netflix Now in India

Benefits of Netflix

Netflix Now in India, Benefits of Netflix

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a provider of internet streaming services. It is based at Los Gatos, California and operates in 40 countries around the world including India, where it has arrived only recently. Its services are provided in an on-demand basis, which means people get what they ask for. In the US, Netflix also sends Blu-Ray Discs and DVDs through Permit Reply Mails. These services are provided at flat rates. The company was founded on 29th August and started its operations based on subscriptions during 1999. In 10 years, the organization had more than 10 million subscribers and more than 100,000 DVD titles.

Advantages of Netflix

  • With Netflix, you can watch any content at any place and at any time.
  • The quality of content on Netflix is really amazing. One can take his pick from various genres like action, drama, comedy or TV shows and documentaries and enjoy watching it on HD.
  • Netflix also provides a personal touch by offering individualized packages that appeal to the taste of a particular customer.
  • It produces original content like documentaries and TV shows which have been conferred with several awards. So, when one subscribes to Netflix’s services one gets to watch this original content that is not available on any other network.
  • The channel also updates its content on a regular basis with new documentaries and TV shows. Indian viewers will also get the option of subtitles and dubbing thus, curetting the content and adapting it to one’s taste.
  • Through Netflix, people can watch content on their Smart TVs, Chromecasts, PlayStations, Apple TVs, Xboxes, and Blu-Ray players. If they want to catch it on-the–go, all they need to do is download the Netflix app on their smartphones. One can also catch the content on So, there is a wide array of media to choose from.

Various Packages

Netflix is offering three packages in India – Basic, Standard, and Premium. The basic package starts from INR 500. In this package, one will get the basic facilities like access to all the content anywhere and at any time. The first month is free and one can also cancel the package as and when one wishes to. These services are available in the other couple of packages as well. The second package is the Standard package. It costs INR 650. It provides HD services and one can watch content on two screens simultaneously. The Premium package comes for INR 800 and apart from all the benefits offered in the Standard package, it provides Ultra HD facilities and the capability to watch content on four screens at the same time.

How Will It Benefit Indian Users?

Indians are some of the biggest entertainment buffs of the world and it is not uncommon to see people watching TV shows, IPL games, films, music videos while returning home from work or going to office. This is why Hotstar has become such a popular app and this is where Netflix too can play a major role. What Indian viewers will further like about Netflix is the fact that one can cancel the plan anytime online. Experts are of the opinion that Netflix will bring a major revolution in the way Indians use entertainment channels.

For Indians, Netflix will provide a viable alternative to the soaps that are so high on histrionics and so low on proper content. In the last few years, the number of young Indian viewers with access to international hits like Game of Thrones and various films – especially the franchises – has only grown and as a result the Indian TV industry has lost some of its edge especially in the urban areas. This void can be filled more than adequately by Netflix.

Several people in India also feel that Netflix, with its penchant for producing original content, will make shows and documentaries in India as well and thus some employment would be generated in the Indian entertainment industry. One can view internationally-acclaimed series such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Netflix’s content is larger than Eros Now and Hotstar, whose library is limited. This is a major advantage of using the channel from an Indian perspective.

Disadvantages for Netflix

There are several problems or obstacles in Netflix becoming as popular in India as it would want to be. Firstly, it is the cost factor. Even the basic package costs INR 500 which many feel would be better utilized on broadband net connections and platforms such as Torrent. This is why perhaps Netflix is offering the first month for free with unlimited downloading facilities. The internet speed in India is also a major hindrance. However, things are supposed to get better with the launch of 4G services.