Ray of Sunshine During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 sunshine in bad days
Ray of Sunshine in bad days.

The world is currently going through a global pandemic “Covid-19”, also known as ‘Coronavirus’. Covid-19 is a contagious infection first discovered in China during the year 2019. Covid-19 spreads through physical contact with others and is airborne. Symptoms of coronavirus have changed over time. The first symptoms discovered were fever, cold/cough and body aches. More symptoms like upset stomach, allergies, difficulty breathing, etc., were found over time.

The pandemic has not ended yet. Scientists have been working since the beginning of the global pandemic to discover treatments to fight against it. Covid-19 became a global pandemic when the doctors diagnosed the infection around the world. Every country has innumerous cases. The proper treatment and medications were unknown initially, for which the virus spread increased rapidly around the whole world. Every country decided to impose a nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of the disease.

The Indian government announced a complete lockdown from March 2020, with one day prior notice. A complete lockdown meant every essential service was suspended, including transportation, malls/shops, and every other facility outside our own houses. However, few services like medicine shops and groceries were allowed with specific time limitations after the first few days of the lockdown. The lockdown has severely affected many people, especially the working class; migrant workers.

Migrant workers are those who migrate from different areas (primarily villages) to cities for work. When the government imposed the lockdown, there was an unfathomable number of migrant workers who could not travel back to their homes. Living in the cities became very difficult for them with little or no money at all. The lockdown became the worst nightmares for them when days went by with the struggle to feed their families, even a single meal on a day. Many of those stranded workers chose to walk back home with no other option left.

All of these scenarios were regularly telecasted on the television, leaving us devastated. The audience felt terrible watching the news, but no many chose to find ways to help them one way or the other. There came a day when many stranded citizens finally could see the sunshine in the clouds of their sadness. Sonu Sood, an Indian actor famous for his negative roles in Hindi, Telegu and Tamil movies, came out with his helping hands.

During the first lockdown in March 2020, Sonu Sood has arranged transportation to send the migrant workers back home. He took special permission from the government and made arrangements for buses, trains, and even flights to bring back home those stranded outside India and sent back home stranded in cities. Sood has personally attended calls/messages/tweets of all those wanting his help and made sure that the support was provided. He rescued more than 30 students stuck in the Philippines due to the pandemic fly back to India. He is globally appreciated for his immense support and effort towards the citizens of India during the pandemic crisis.

Sonu Sood is continuously working even now to help the country in every way possible. He is looking to arrange oxygen cylinders and their installations in areas where it is needed the most. Sonu inaugurated a foundation called “Sood Foundation, ” which effortlessly works day and night to help out as many people as possible. Sonu Sood isn’t an actor anymore; he is now an inspiration for many. Before the pandemic, he was a well-known actor, and he is now better known as a real-life hero. Many people have contributed during the pandemic, but what makes Sonu Sood different is his selflessness. Sonu Sood has given top priority to serve all those in need.