Rising doping cases in India

Russia is at number one and India is at number two as far as the number of doping cheats are concerned. In a recent report by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) there are forty three Indian sportsmen who are facing suspension because of doping whereas Russia has 44 such cases. Athletics is at the top of the list in which India’s performance is just an average. After athletics, it is Kabaddi with 58 doping cheat cases, Bodybuilding with 51 cases, Powerlifting with 42 doping cases, Wrestling with 41 doping cases, Boxing with 36 and Judo with 9 cheat cases. Indian athletes when tested were found using banned steroids like stanozolol and methandienone.

Doping case occur when a sportsperson is suspended to play game by any one of these sporting body – an international governing body, a national federation, or a professional league. A case is also formed if the player accepts the use of illegal drug and/or use of banned drug to improve his or her performance.  Doping case also occurs if a sportsperson is found to intake performance-improving drugs by a court of law. Also the case is formed when they fail to clear compulsory drug testing.

But why do players cheat when they have great career ahead? May be they want to achieve bigger dreams in a short span of time. Chasing a big dream is not a problem if done fairly and without doping cheats. Shortsightedness of the players forces them to indulge in such kinds of acts. They try to achieve success in a short period of time by avoiding hard work and discipline which though is a longer but a sure short path. Owing to this players do not see the hidden consequences of doping or cheating. Many players even end their bright career.

It is really embarrassing to know that so many athletes failed doping test . From 2009 to July 2013, 500 athletes violated the Anti Doping Rules. The Anti Doping Disciplinary Panel (ADDP) put sanctions on 423 athletes. In 2011 six female athletes were caught for steroid doping. They faced two year’s ban. To reduce the incidents of doping government is taking steps. The SAI training centers in rural areas is conducting many anti-doping awareness symposia and workshops. Also hearing of such cases has been expedited.

Though stringent actions are being taken place but players must understand that they represent India at international level. If they will do anything wrong then it will bring shame to all of us. Players must respect the game and play it fairly.