Kattubava Mosque in Tamil Nadu: A symbol of Peace and Harmony

Kattubava Mosque, Tamil Nadu
Kattubava Mosque: A Beautiful and Serene Structure
Kattubava Mosque, Tamil Nadu
Kattubava Mosque: A Beautiful and Serene Structure

Location: Padukkottai District, Tamil Nadu

Finding a mosque at a place which is best known for housing the maximum number of Hindu temples in the country is a rare possibility. But, since every possibility is an opportunity to discover the unknown, I happened to come across a very old Mosque in a state of temples. Almost 500 years old in its construction, the Kattubava Mosque or Kattubava Pallivasal is a popular mosque in the state of Tamil Nadu. Located on the Padukkottai-Madurai Highways, it is among the notable Islamic Pilgrim Centres in India.

A beautifully built structure, the Kattubava Mosque entombs a saint called Bava Fakruddin. Popularly known as Kattubava, he was the grandson of the honorable saint of Nagore Shahul Hameed. The mosque looks as peaceful from its exteriors as it is from within. The architecture of the mosque is truly phenomenal with exquisite detailings. Just opposite to the mosque is a guest house to accommodate the pilgrims. The per diem Mawlid Sharif begins at 6pm daily.

The Kattubava Mosque stands as a symbol of peace and harmony and is visited by both Hindus and Muslims in Tamil Nadu. The annual “Urs” is held in the month of Rabi-ul-Akhir, the second month of spring. According to the Muslims and Sufi Saints, a Dargah is a medium of evoking the deceased saint’s blessings and therefore Kattubava Mosque is like a blessing for the Muslims in Tamil Nadu.
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