Shankar Market, the popular fabrics hub in Delhi

For the designers, it is a magic wand that gives them the most exceptional designs, for women it is a key to the most fashionable wardrobe but most importantly, it is a market from the colonial era that stands as an insignia of the past. If you still haven’t guessed the name of this place, you probably have not realized the eminence of Delhi. It is the very old Shankar Market that I am talking about!

Not many would be aware about this market, which has been there in Central Delhi ever since pre-independence years. Located right opposite to the M-block of Connaught Place, Shankar Market is the biggest market of fabrics and ethnic wear. The stupendous quality and designs of the fabrics sold here cannot be found at any place in the city. There are more than a hundred shops in this seven-corridor market.


Shankar Market was set up only a couple of years before the independence. For more than 60 years, the market has been operating silently because of being overlooked by the glitz of Connaught Place.

What it Offers

Shankar Market has a plethora of fabrics available in all sorts of colours, designs, texture or price. Cotton, Spun, Georgette, Silk, Nets or the most rare type of fabrics are easily available at affordable prices. There is a huge variety of colours and prints at offer. One can get all the latest fads in this fashion boulevard. The shopkeepers impress you with huge “thaans’ of materials which are suitable for both dress designing and upholstery.

Apart from the fabrics, there a good number of shops selling exclusive dupattas and cotton handlooms. One must visit the Lucknow Sewa Emporium for very beautiful Chikankari Kurtas with intricate embroidery. There are even a few shops for Bridal trousseau. Tailors and Dyers are also available at your footstep so as to provide you with all the convenience while buying materials. You can even get your purchase couriered to your home.

Shankar Market is also popular for its exclusive book stores which have been functional for a few decades now. These book stores are known for their impeccable range of books also available on rent. You can even sell your old books at good prices here. As for the foodies, there are ample eateries nearby to satisfy your gastronomical needs. So you can shop till you drop and quickly manage to refill yourself again!

Location: Opposite M-block market, Connaught Place, New Delhi-01

Nearest Metro Station: Barakhamba on the blue line or Connaught Place

Opening Hours: 11 am to 8.30 pm

USP: Fabrics and Books

Popular here: The latest range of fabrics like cotton, shimmer, Georgette, crepe, silk., etc available in all designs and hues. Old Books stores can even provide you with rare copies of novels and academic books.

Closed on Sundays

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