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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Bal Swachhata Abhiyan

Published on: November 14, 2014 | Updated on: November 12, 2016

Bal Swachhata Abhiyan

As a part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the mega cleanliness drive in India, and also as a part of the Children’s Day celebrations, the Government of India has launched yet another campaign “Bal Swachhata Abhiyan”. This campaign will be carried out together by the education and health departments from November 14, Children’s Day, to November 19, the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi, in all schools across the country.

The Central Government has issued directives so that the campaign is implemented efficiently. The idea is to spread cleanliness awareness among the children. Through this campaign, the school students will play the role as cleanup ambassadors in the school’s nearby and surrounding areas and also display an encouraging way for the locals to keep their surroundings clean.

Highlights of Bal Swachhata Mission

  • Considering the importance of cleanliness and inculcating cleanliness from a very young age, it’s necessary that every citizen of the country, including the children, should come forward to be a part of the mega cleanliness drive.
  • The Directorate of Education has addressed all Heads of Government and Government-aided schools and private schools to carry out the cleanliness mission and sensitise children and make them aware of the different aspects of hygiene.
  • Bal Swachhata Abhiyan includes clean schools, clean surroundings and play area, pure drinking water facilities, proper toilets, safe and clean food and personal hygiene.
  • All students must be aware of the need of cleanliness and various aspects of health and sanitation.
  • Each student can spread cleanliness awareness among his family members effectively and thereby pave the way for a clean society as a whole.
  • All health centres associated with the schools should be well-prepared with information on balanced diet and health and senior officials should make sure that the students are given information about nutrition, food grains and vegetables through video clips, posters and Powerpoint presentations.
  • Children will also be given training on washing hands properly and how to maintain their personal hygiene and cleanliness.
  • How to use toilets and keep them clean would be discussed during the campaign.
  • Officials would also spread awareness about water-borne diseases, the use of clean water, proper cleaning of water tanks in schools and so on.

Bal Swachhata Abhiyan five-day programme

The themes of this campaign has been planned out in the following way:

  • 14th November: Clean Schools/Surroundings/Play areas
  • 15th November: Clean Food
  • 17th November: Clean Self, Personal Hygiene, Child Safety
  • 18th November: Clean Drinking Water
  • 19th November: Clean Toilet

As part of the first-day programme, during the morning assembly, the students will take a vow that they will not use plastic bags, will not waste any paper and use the dustbins for throwing garbage in the school. Also, all students and teachers must clean the classrooms, library, labs, kitchen and other areas.

Express Yourself Through: CBSE Expression Series

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has launched on its website (http://cbseacademic.in/) CBSE Expression Series on ‘Bal Swachhata Mission’ 14th to 19th November 2014. This is an interesting way for school children to express themselves through essay, poem, poster, drawing and painting. Each day a new topic will be assigned for the children in three categories (classes 1 to 5, classes 6 to 8, classes 9 to 12). Topics based on themes for each day will be announced on CBSE’s official website one day in advance. Thirty best entries on each day will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs 2,500.

Conclusion: Again another encouraging initiative by the Government. But mere launching of a campaign is not enough. Proper implementation is more necessary. Yes, it’s high time now that we teach our children to be clean and maintain hygiene. Not only in schools, but also in home and outside, a child should be well aware of cleanliness, safety and personal hygiene which will make them stronger and healthy and responsible citizens of the country.

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It is very shameful to informing you about problem of lockup of Municipal council Ahmedgarh ‘s built public urine in gandhi chownk by local congress municipal councilor for personal benefit to his shop and internally he want to take illegal possession on govt popertery free to use personally because his shop backside adjoining that area . which is totally violation of law to lockup of govt .built property which for public welfare by a individual counciller.
Due to this lockup whereas total 80 shops situates near Gandhi chownk now facing of problem of urine and lock up of this public urine shopkeeper old age , ladies or customer which comes in market and some time they need urinel but due to lockup all feeling this sitatuation painfully or other public now saying that our govt which In favour of “public toilet” under “ swach abhiyan” but our local Akali-Bjp dominated govt is not care taking of this programme and adversely their representative non supporting of this problems in local council Ahmedgarh whereas due to personal benefit local congress counciller lock up this municipal council public urinel in Gandhi chownk wheras it establish from 1978 onward by Ahmedgarh municipal council.this is ground work whichever fulfill the welfare of public and where we stand to do perfect work by our govt in local council’s where problem arrive to public in publicially.
All shopkeepers situates around this chownk already complaint to local Executive officer of council but you surprise he not taking any action in welfare of public and that key of lockup still in hand of that counciller who want to forcely free possession on govt property for personal use. but local executive officer not open that lockup which is very shameful that if govt property is not cover properly under local council so how can other will safe.
But after all information their is only one issue to open the lock of public urine which is totally wrong and condemable this situation wherever our Akali-Bjp govt rule their is misconducting and mismanagement do by congress counciler .
So, please resolve the matter immediately. And take action immediately and hope you will instruct to take action in favour of public. Our city is Ahmedgarh in distt sangrur (Punjab)





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kiran mahadev tekale August 14, 2015 at 7:10 pm

ye abhiyan se bandagi saf ho jati hai. esae bimariya hoti
nahi aur vatavrav shuddha swarup me rahata hai.


Ye abhiyan bahut hi achha abhiyan hai lekin ye abhiyan sirf saharo me hai gavo me nai hi

vishnupriya tomar July 30, 2015 at 1:14 pm

BHARAT SWACCHATA ABHIYAN is very compulsory for every indian.

Chinmay karray July 27, 2015 at 8:46 pm

I think it was just a 2 day programm for all of us because jitni garam joshi ke saath isse PM ne nikala tha utni hi jaldi ye thanda ho gya

UTKARSH JALAN July 15, 2015 at 9:51 pm

Today is very bad position of thakurbari motihari

ashwin mishra April 1, 2015 at 7:45 pm

it is very good that our pm modi had launched this type of missions but in the places like amethi district it has not been reached please care to this problem also….


like main kosi karta hoo saaf rakhu
par janta jagti nahi majak udate hai

simran krishnan March 29, 2015 at 5:51 pm

sawachta abhiyan is very good thinking of pm modi ji….this idea make or country,state,place etc very clean but for this abhiyan we all people have do help people to clean that places..we have to usw less plastic….use jute,cloth,nd other bag….agr himmat or jasba ho to har kam asan ho jata ha to apna kadam bharo or is acha kam ma hath bato….make ur city clean nd beautiful

swarup kumar pramanick February 25, 2015 at 2:00 pm

swachh bharat abhiyan se hi desh ka vikash sambhavv hai.


It is very unfortunate that opur country is facing such problem .I therefore thanks our PRIME MINISTER who initiated such a big step by launching SWACH BHARAT ABHIYANA throughout the country
I hope this ABHIYANA will be highly successfull and will make INDIA really a beautifull nation


Nice work….I also wants to join this..very good work…..thank you modi sir… plzz I humble request to you sir plzz take me






I Think It’s Best Idea In The World
I Tell You Anther Peoples Pleass Clean You’r Home////Grawond////Street///Etc….

Atul kant tiwari January 19, 2015 at 1:17 pm

It s the best mission for nation.
Thankx modi ji


I am chetan chauhan navsari .sir amare tya akha navsari ma toilet ni suvidha chale che but amre gamde haju sudhi aea yojna no labh avyo nthi to ap saheb ne vinti ke amara gamda ma tatkalik garibo mate toilet ni suvidha ave .
Jay hind
Jay gujrat..

dilip kumar sahu January 15, 2015 at 1:03 pm

I m v.happy our pm modiji . because only he can change our India like heaven. I m so much inspired from him & I want to join u in swachh bharat abhiyan . but I m very sad to say in my city bhubenswer/khaira block,gaganadhuli gram panchhyat,trigadia ollso some ward member aware to keep there area clean more then half city is full of dirtyness & garbage so please tell me how can I start to my city clean& how can I make to my group for this mission. Thanku


And i had also tried to particite in it as much i could do to clean surroundings

Clean india we mean it !

Class 9
St kabeer academy
Greatful thanks to
Our primeminister


I am karnika from st kabeer academy for the bal savachta abhiyan i am very happy know in our school we had all clean surroundings.


In my school shrink Vishuddhanand vidhyamandir, bhavnager, Gujarat, secondary class all students participation in swach Bharat abhiyan like class cleaning, ground cleaning, toilet, urinal block cleaning and last all student to take sapath to in life we clean our Bharat

Ashok Moradiya
Assistant teacher


hamari delhi me swachata bharat abhiyan chalane ke bavjud safai nahi h to age kaise rahegi har jagah gandgi h


I am very happy this abhain to clean india


I am very happy by this swaach bharat abhiyan modi ji.

shishu kumar singh November 27, 2014 at 2:51 pm

I am very happy by this swaach bharat abhiyan modi ji.


was very nice


swaccha bharat abhinain


My me is bhavya sethi my school name is DAV public school Professor colony YNR THIS CAMPAGIN WAS AGOOD FOR ALL STUDENTS


it is a good for all students


This campaign really develop our India and everyone will proud on India that this is my clean country


We all should protect our environment.
It should not be unbalance.

Divyanshu Anand Gupta class-2 E November 19, 2014 at 7:29 pm

My name is Divyanshu A. Gupta Class-2 E
DAV Jr Wing Hehal Ranchi.
I am very happy. My P.M Sri N.Modi jee started S.B.A. for Man & Bal S.A. for child.
Everyone went to CLEAN TOILET. My father & Mother clean toilet every day because mostly germs are present in the toilet.


By cleanliness we mean the habit of keeping physically and mentally clean.
A smartly dressed person with clean habits creates an impression on others. It usually reflects a clean character also. In other words, a person’s character can be assessed by the way he dresses.
If he is carelessly dressed, he will most probably be an unruly person. Similarly, if he is in the habit of dressing smartly, he tends to be clean in character also. This is the rule although there are exceptions to it.

Men with good character are usually pious and god-fearing. . All religions insist on cleanliness before worship. This is because cleanliness is the first important thing in being near to god.
Cleanliness adds charm to life. Even the greatest lover of children is more likely to pick up a comparatively clean child to hug it with love and affection.

It is true that a mother loves her child in whatever form and shape it might be. But an outside observer is not that blinded with love like the mother has reservation and choice.
Cleanliness is essential for good health. It is in the unclean milieu and atmosphere that all the disease causing bacteria. Mosquitoes and flies flourish. Hence, we must take all pains to keep our body, clothes, houses and surroundings neat and clean.
Children should be given lessons in cleanliness from the very beginning. They should be taught body hygiene. They should be asked to have a bath daily and to change their clothes daily and put on clean, well washed only. They must brush their teeth regularly. They should wash their hands before eating and take only clean food and pure water.

At school, the children should be made to sit on properly cleaned chairs and benches.

The elders should act as role models for children. They ‘should themselves observe all the necessary rules regarding cleanliness. At higher levels the municipalities should be pressed to get the streets swept and drains cleaned regularly.

If all steps are taken at local, state and nation level to observe cleanliness in letter and spirit than our country well b a batter place to live in.



A toilet is something that you use every day without thinking about how it works or where it came from. Many people take a toilet for granted. If it were not for the toilet we would still have to use chamber pots, which were medal or ceramic bowls that you used then emptied out with you…
A toilet is a plumbing fixture used for defecation and urination. Modern toilets consist of a bowl fitted with a hinged seat and are connected to a waste pipe where the waste is flushed. Flush toilets are connected to a nearby septic tank or more commonly to a sewer pipe, which is then connected to a sewage pipe system. The water and waste from many different sources is piped in a large pipe to a more distant sewage treatment plant, where it is filtered. There is a lot more to it than just waste going in and water washing it…

once more i am telling u please clean the toilets
we shold also help the maids .not only for that for also to clean our country.
your sincerly

shubhamvitthaljadhav November 19, 2014 at 5:08 pm

In the morning , i heard the horn of bus,
i emptied the milk glass ,
i was hurrying for school,
for attending my class.

in the recess,we went to toilet,
having no idea the hell,
when went in,
killing was the smell!

How could school be so careless,
unaware of students hygiene,
but words on the wall say,
‘please keep the toilets clean.’

I became angry,
and wanted to complain,
but my friend said,
“what ever you do, will be vain!”

Nothing will happen,
till you blame others,
you have to take a step,
aware your sisters & brothers!


the toilets of our homes should always be clean because most of the germs are present in the toilet or washroom.Some diseases causes like diarrhoea , cholera , jaundice,dysentery,thyoid,polio,meningitis and hepatitis.Untreated human excreta is a health hazard.Bacteria present in the toilet like E. Coli spreads germs in the surroundings.Whenever we go to the toilet before coming we should wash your hands with soap and water.Bot only the toilets of our home but also the toilets of roadsides, schools , colleges ,offices should also be kept clean.It is the duty of our goverment to clean the roadsides toilets.In many places and many villages there are no toilets.Due to this,a very large number of our people defecate in the open fields, near railways tracks, on dry river beds and sometimes directly in ponds,rivers and lakes etc.If both the surface water and ground water get polluted then the drinking water will be contaminated with human excreta and due to this many water borne disease will take place like diarrhoea , cholera , jaundice,dysentery,thyoid,polio,meningitis and hepatitis. now also in the villages their are open toilets.

Name : Unnati Gupta
Class :Standard 7th
School : North point Senior secondary School
Address: Langolpota,P.O Kamduni,Rajarhat Kharibari road,
Kolkata – 700135


today is 19 november 2014 the topic given by cbse is to clean toilet.our great leader mahatma gandhi he is also known as father of nation.he had a dream to make india clean and healthy.but in his life his dream was not complete.our present prime minister sri. narendra damodar das modi requested to all citizen of india to complete the dream our father of nation.before few months our p.m says in his speech in every home one toilet is need and he requested to all of the to merrage her or his daughter in those house where the toilet is present.but when our toilet is not clen then we face many problem.in toilet many germs take birth and this is so harmful for the health when our toilet is not clean.by clean toilet many people use fenile,acid and many types of liquid. this liquid kill all germs which are present in the toilet.this are so affected this spred many types of dieses like chlora, typhod,malerrrrrria,etc these are life taking dieases so by this our health will damage.so by writing this speech i requested to all of the citizen to make our india clean and healthy.i last want to say that where cleanlinese is present there healthiest is preset.


19NOV is celebrate for world toilet day. THAT means how far you and have conscious and maintain proper hygiene for sanitation and defecation . World toilet day is a remarkable step to conscious us for maintain basic hygiene .IN our country in every slum areas and rural areas in every house there should to built a pecca toilet .toilet is a necessity , build and use toilets. Our prime minister mr. narendra modi took good step for swacchta abhiyan . He who prime minister realized the issue of sanitation for a clean,green bharat he stepped ahead . We c hildren should cooperate with him . 1 drink 10 to 12 glass of water per day . Urina tion will be cleared . Sanitation after defecation . In school ,after toilet use off the tap. Use flushes . In delhi, international toilet fest began on 18 nov for three day .delhi 90 school in this fest take part. Delegates from afghanistan ,bhutan ,bangladesh and sri lanka take part in this fest. This is organised by sulabh international . CLASS VI – C , D.A.V MODEL SCHOOL , YUSUF SARAI


Why should our Toilet Clean ?
Cleaning a toilet can be a very disgusting chore, but at least it’s uncomplicated, right? Actually there is a right way to begin cleaning a toilet. The right way prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses. The right way of cleaning a toilet also saves time and energy.The right way to get your toilet clean.
1. Remove everything from around the toilet
2. Flush and add cleaning solution
3. Clean the exterior of the toilet
4. Clean the toilet seat
5. Clean the inside of the toilet bowl.
6. Wipe up any drips or spills

1. Wear eye protection when cleaning a toilet. It prevents splatters of toilet water and cleaner. You may also want to use gloves to prevent contact with your hands.
2. Flush the toilet with the seat lid down to prevent splattering and splashing.

3. Do not use sponges when you scrub a toilet. Sponges are a great way to breed bacteria, and there are already enough in bathroom. Paper towels are a great options because they are thrown away. If you use reusable cloths, wash them immediately in their own load on hot water with bleach.

Sarvjeet Anand
Class 5th
St.John’s school Faridabad


a clean toilet is essential for both health and hygiene because a toilet is a place where human waste that contains other microbes are washed away .always flush the toilet with toilet lid down in order to reduce the spread of bacteria in the room .

Vipul Kumar Rout November 19, 2014 at 9:55 am


I will share why will we clean the toilets ?

A clean toilet is essential for both health & hygiene because a toilet is a place where human waste that contains bacteria and other microbes are washed away.
we can keep a clean toilet by regularly keeping the toilet dry & disinfected after flushing out every waste.In fact after every use the toilet must be kept clean with no scope for bacterial / microbe growth.It is good to keep it fresh & airy(ventilated) with bright lights and plants & flowers around to look fresh.
You must keep all cleaning & drying agents used in a toilet.Freshners also help to keep out the bad odor

Useful tips and advice: —

•Always flush the toilet with the toilet lid down in order to reduce the spread of bacteria in the room.

•Air the toilet to reduce the level of humidity in the room and check that the ventilation system is working properly.

•Clean the toilet daily with a product specifically designed to reduce the spread of bacteria. If you have children, do the same for their toilet seat/potty.

•Make a natural antibacterial solution by mixing 2 cups of water, ¼ cup of Castille liquid soap and 1 large spoonful of Eucalyptus essential oil. Put this emulsion into a spray bottle, shake well, then apply the mixture and wipe with a moist cloth.

•Go over the flush and the taps with extra care as they are breeding grounds for bacteria. These are ideal places to pick up microbes as they are in direct contact with our hands.
•Wash your hands thoroughly every time you use the toilet, preferably using a push-pump soap dispenser which doesn’t allow bacteria to collect.

Remove items from atop and around the toilet
Wipe down the toilet with a damp sponge
Apply toilet cleaner to the inside of the bowl


Name : Vipul Kumar Rout
Class :Standard 5th
School : DAV Model School
Address:Yusuf Sarai ,Near green park metro station
New Delhi-110016


Toilet Clean
What to do: Start by pouring a cup of baking soda into the bowl. Let sit for a few minutes; brush and flush. Still seeing spots? A damp pumice stone is abrasive enough to remove stains caused by mineral deposits and lime scale but gentle enough not to damage surfaces . Then tackle the toilet brush itself, which you should be cleaning after every use. Here’s how: Secure the brush handle between the already-cleaned seat and the basin so that it hovers over the bowl; pour bleach over the bristles. Let stand for a few minutes, then douse with a pitcher of clean water. Next, fill the brush canister with warm, soapy water and let sit; dump the dirty water into the toilet. In cases of extreme grime buildup (or acute toilet-crevice trepidation), you might want to invest in a small, light-duty electric pressure washer. It lets you blast hard-to-reach areas, like the spots where the hinges meet the seat, from a safe distance . Start on the lowest setting—you’ll be amazed by what comes out.

Why: Gerba says that a flushing toilet, when viewed in slow motion, resembles a fireworks display. And since germs linger in the bowl even after flushing, bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella can fly into the air and land on the seat, the handle, and other surfaces at any time.

Best practices: Always close the lid when you flush, and use the vent fan (it sucks up bacteria before they can settle). If you’re not already storing toothbrushes and contact lenses inside the medicine cabinet, you may want to start now.

Parikshit .u. Shahstri November 18, 2014 at 9:42 pm

Sir ,
I am parikshit from class 9th of school laxmi vidyapeeth ,sarigam Gujrat- 0260 my thoughts is for Bal swach abhyan l will also joined bal swach abhyan I will keep my India clean and green our new prime minister sir Narendra Modi has done good job so I promise I will pass this message to my friends to keep clean near by his areas so thank you sir

SOUMYODEEP CHATTERJEE November 18, 2014 at 8:53 pm

Legend says the that Manu was the first human created by gods on earth. One day when he was washing his hands in a bowl of water , he found a tiny fish in it. The fish started growing larger and he had to shift it to a larger vessel. It became larger than the vessel and had to be shifted to a tank and eventually had to be taken to the sea to keep it alive. The fish advised Manu to collect two of each kind of animal and promised to save them when the great flood came.
If Manu had lived today, he would think ten times before throwing the saviour fish into the sea! Chances are that the saviour fish would be killed before the great flood struck, due to oil spills and water pollution! We are living in an age when jal or amrit, as we call water in hindi is no longer a source of life but a cause of concern. We are living in an age when not a drop of water can be consumed without purification. Having said that we should know the difficulties that have come up due to pollution of water-
> Diseases and deaths of fauna due to consumption of polluted water, including humans.
> Discolouring of clothes, utensils etc due to polluted water.
>Wastage of electricity and money for large scale purification in factories.
The harm has already been done. We have to find ways and means to solve this serious problem of unavailability of safe drinking water.
> The first step can be taken by each one of us towards
saving freshwater.
> Cheap water purifiying units can be made with sand , charcoal to help attain non polluted water.
Someone rightly said “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”
soumyodeep chatterjee
Birla High School for boys, Kolkata
class 9


Bal Swachhata mission 14th to 19th november 2014 .This one way for school children to prove them self as best in poems , essay writing , drawing , posters , and painting . Each day a new topic will give childrens of thinking power and spot writing . We are very happy of competition conducted by our Indian government .


Water is essential part of our life. IT is a precious gift of GOD. the earth is surrounded by70./.water We can,t live without a water. the human body can,t survive without water in our today,s life water get polluted. HUMAN being if drink polluted water; it can harmful for us. IT causes many diseases like typhoid, cholera , gastroenteritis etc. WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT FOODFOR 10TO 15 DAYS BUTWE CAN,T SURVIVE WITHOUT WATER FOR 1TO2 DAYS. WE should drink approximately 10 to 12 glass of water per day. IN THESE days human being pollute the water through washing of clothes, animal bath etc .we shoudn,t waste water.class VI-C ,D.A.V MODEL SCHOOL ,YUSUF SARAI


A very good afternoon too all the readers ….. 🙂 my self Nainika singh from ghaziabad U.P today i am expressing my views on the topic clean drinking water . AS WE KNOW VERY WELL THAT WATER IS OUR LIFE WITHOUT WATER WE R TOTALLY ” STOP ” … TOO SAFE WATER SOME OF THE PEOPLES DOING MANY EFFORTS TO SAVE IT BUT SOME PEOPLES DOES NOT KNOW THE ACTUAL MEANING OF WATER …. THEY ALL R BLIND FOOLISH PERSONS …
Over large parts of the world, humans have inadequate access to potable water and use sources contaminated with disease vectors, pathogens or unacceptable levels of toxins or suspended solids. Drinking or using such water in food preparation leads to widespread acute and chronic illnesses and is a major cause of death and suffering worldwide in many different countries. Reduction of waterborne diseases and development of safe water resources is a major public health goal in developing countries.
1 USE OF aquaguard , kent etc
2 use of boil water in drinking etc
3 bring the water to a rolling boil
4 using the purification tablets
5 creating a purifying system in the wilderness
6 making a solar still etc


Vipul Kumar Rout November 18, 2014 at 1:40 pm

I am vipul & 5th standard of DAV Model School,Yosuf sarai,New Delhi -110016
Clean water for drinking is very essentials for humans /animals/ trees with environments etc to avoids from the water affected different types of diseases with save the peoples with environments also.

1)Drinking water is water used for domestic purposes, drinking, cooking and personal hygiene;

2)Safe drinking water is water with microbial, chemical and physical characteristics that meet WHO guidelines or national standards on drinking water quality;

3)Access to safe drinking water is the proportion of people using improved drinking water sources: household connection; public standpipe; borehole; protected dug well; protected spring; rainwater.

4)Basic sanitation is the lowest-cost technology ensuring hygienic excreta and sullage disposal and a clean and healthful living environment both at home and in the neighborhood of users.
5)When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health, increase access to food, grow local economies, and help kids spend more time in school.

Request you Dont waste the water is property of our country & use it accordingly your requirements.

Name :vipul Kumar
Class :5th standard
School:DAV Model School,
Yusuf sarai,New Delhi -110016



gayatri s ingale November 17, 2014 at 8:49 pm

I am a person of bal swachhata bharat mission .Keep yourself clean neat and tidy. Lots of germs in our body means lots of pollution in the air. Keep your self germfree. Have clean clothes , clean teeth, clean hair and clean self. Cleaniness is one of the main point in yourself. Dandruff leds to lies. Cleaniness of our body is part of our physical health. Outside open foods cause diseases which later depend on our body for causing infections and viral and fatal diseases. Cleaniness is next to godlinnes. Smoking, alcohol all are the things which after depend our body to lead a death. If we want to be clean , tidy, beautiful, and brave, we have to first step the flower of cleaniness. I say , one of the best , precious and loveful flower is cleaniness. Headlines “BE CLEAN TO HAVE CLEAN FUTURE, HAVE CONFIDENCE TO CLEAN YOURSELF, DONT BE CARELESS TO BE UNTIDY, BE CALM AND FOLLOW CLEANINESS, SO I REPEAT ! HAVE GOOD GERMS IN YOUR BODY BUT UNLESS NOT TO HAVE CLEANLESS CREATURE!!” THANK U.
Thank u very much !!


i follow your rules. i thout is good thinking.


ersonal hygiene is the first step to good grooming and good health. Elementary cleanliness is common knowledge. Neglect causes problems that you may not even be aware of. Many people with bad breath are blissfully unaware of it. Some problems may not be your fault at all, but improving standards of hygiene will control these conditions. Dandruff is a case in point. More often than you know, good looks are the result of careful and continuous grooming.

Every external part of the body demands a basic amount of attention on a regular basis. Here are some grooming routines and some complaints associated with neglect.


cleanness of a body is necessary for physical health. If a physically fit person says that he is healthy it is not true because healthy means not only physically fit but fit mentally and socially. we fit physically by taking some steps such as by brushing twice a day, taking bath daily,wash our hands before taking a meal, take a diet with full of nutrients and it helps to make our immune system strong as our immune is strong than we do not fall ill faster. if we got chronic diseases so it take more time to come in normal possion and many other people also get that disease to.There are so much stress so we can not fit mentally so we have to relief the stress . We can relief stress by reading smiling breathing exersies walking listing song etc. IF we can not clean our surrounding so we get diseases by mosequite bite and hose fly sitting on a food. KEEP CLOSE THE NATURE HEART…AND BREAK CLEAR AWAY, ONCE IN A WHILE, AND CLIMBS A MOUNTAIN OR SEND A WEEK IN THE WOOD WASH YOUR SPRIT CLEAN.


Considering the importance of cleanliness and inculcating cleanliness from a very young age, it’s necessary that every citizen of the country, including the children, should come forward to be a part of the mega cleanliness drive.
The Directorate of Education has addressed all Heads of Government and Government-aided schools and private schools to carry out the cleanliness mission and sensitise children and make them aware of the different aspects of hygiene.
Bal Swachhata Abhiyan includes clean schools, clean surroundings and play area, pure drinking water facilities, proper toilets, safe and clean food and personal hygiene.
All students must be aware of the need of cleanliness and various aspects of health and sanitation.
Each student can spread cleanliness awareness among his family members effectively and thereby pave the way for a clean society as a whole.
All health centres associated with the schools should be well-prepared with information on balanced diet and health and senior officials should make sure that the students are given information about nutrition, food grains and vegetables through video clips, posters and Powerpoint presentations.
Children will also be given training on washing hands properly and how to maintain their personal hygiene and cleanliness.
How to use toilets and keep them clean would be discussed during the campaign.
Officials would also spread awareness about water-borne diseases, the use of clean water, proper cleaning of water tanks in schools and so on.
Bal Swachhata Abhiyan five-day programme


Cleanliness is defined as the emblem of purity of mind . The dictionary meaning of self-cleanliness is principles of maintaining health,sanitary sciences etc.God created nature so its our moral responsibility to keep nature clean.The first step towards cleanliness is “CLEAN SELF”if we live life cleaner we automatically go greener.A very popular Abhiyan started by our PRIME MINISTER , SH.NARENDRA MODI “SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAN” started on 2 October is a major step towards cleanliness of India. But before joining the abhiyan , our main moto and aim should be self cleanliness. Some main tips of self cleanliness are taking a regular bath,eating healthy diet,cleaning our surroundings clean etc.If we start these things then one day definitely India will become a clean state.HEALTH MEANS A STATE OF BEING WELL ENOUGH TO FUNCTION WELL PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY AND SOCIALLY. Public cleanliness is of utmost importance for individual health. WE need food for health, and this food will have to be earned by doing work. For this,the opportunity to do work has to be available.Social equality and harmony are therefore needed for individual health.We need to be happy in order to remain healthy.Therefore in today’s world it is very important to clean ourselves as CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS. Therefore i would like to conclude by saying that “BEAUTY COMMONLY PRODUCES LOVE BUT CLEANLINESS PRESERVES IT” THANK YOU

Matang Mishrapuri November 17, 2014 at 4:48 pm

Personal hygiene is most important to be healthy by washing our hands we not allow any type of micro organism to get into our body. When we talk about hands the main focus is on our nails,dirt along with a lot of harmful bacterias get into our nails when we eat food, these germs get into our body and cause diseases.Even if we wash our hands but our nails are dirty,germs will enter our body and cause harm so,its necessary to cut our nails to remain healthy the ABC of health is to “ALWAYS BE CAREFUL”.At the end i would like to say that”BE HEALTHY TO BE HEALTHY”


Clean india
clean ourself


cleanlinesb yo


I want to win this competition


very good


Cleanliness is defined as the emblem of purity of mind. The dictionary meaning of self cleanliness means p


I wuold to say that cbse is doing such a great which could never be forgotten. and i would like to say that from now I will do alll my work. clean my clothes and so on. thankyou cbsew for inspiring me. thankyouuuuuuuuuuu………..

GARIMA GUPTA, 5th B LPS, SECTOR D LUCKNOW November 16, 2014 at 9:20 pm




I want clean self


As principal of “Saniya English School”, I am happy to join this compaign. The aim of celebrating this activity is to cultivate among the student the sence of personal hygiene and sense of environmental cleanliness, we should make our India clean.




I just want to take part in d essay competetion.i am a student og class VIII nd i really am trying hard to find this website but its nt available plz help me


The very respected P.M modi is doing really a nice job


clean food its to healthy becomes i am healhy


The love for anything we have, is expressed by the way we cherish for it…

If I say ” I LOVE MY INDIA” Then the way I see it, the way I think about it, the way keep it. Everything matters. Or else There is no point in telling “I Love My INDIA”. People say Singapore is the CLEANEST PLACE on Earth. It is clean because the Citizens there keep it clean. So making a Cleaner, Healthier, Newer and Better India is in the hands of Citizens. So Let’s join hands and Create a Even more BEAUTIFUL INDIA.

Proud Indians if u support me. PLZ reply.

Yours Peacefully
Sharatha P.M. – Std X
Modern senior secondary school


do not litter make the country glitter…lets make gandhi jis dream come true with joy and happiness … all the students should take an active part in this campign and make our surroundings more cleaner and greener …lets be the change which we want to see..


I am happy to join this campaign


I am a student of auxilium girls’ school,agartala of tripura and i m proud to be the part of this campaign.This will bring a lot of change in the mind of the citizen of our country.So, we all must join this campaign of cleanliness.


we should make our india clean


It is good that these types of activities create an awareness among the children about cleanliness may be its a competition but its good


As our honorable prime minister Narendra modi sir has said that our country will non dust free country before 2019.
me and my family are going to take initiative to clean our society.as per the swachh bharat mission we are going to join our hands with the government for cleaning our country.The main problem is that the people are not understanding the real cause for this pollution.we people throw garbage in the public places like roads,schools,bus stand etc.this should be avoided and we should start throwing in dustbins.let this campaign begin from your house itself because if you don’t clean your house what is the use of you going to clean the society? i pledge that me and my country will be cleanest before 2019.
jai hind !

smita dattatray sawant November 15, 2014 at 4:47 pm

I m v.happy our pm modiji . because only he can change our India like heaven. I m so much inspired from him & I want to join u in swachh bharat abhiyan . but I m very sad to say in my city gondia only some ward member aware to keep there area clean more then half city is full of dirtyness & garbage so please tell me how can I start to my city clean& how can I make to my group for this mission. Thanku

smita dattatray sawant November 15, 2014 at 4:46 pm

I m v.happy our pm modiji . because only he can change our India like heaven. I m so much inspired from him & I want to join u in swachh bharat abhiyan . but I m very sad to say in my city gondia only some ward member aware to keep there area clean more then half city is full of dirtyness & garbage so please tell me how can I start to my city clean& how can I make to my group


I don’t like it


Personal hygiene involves those practices performed by an individual to care for one’s bodily health and well being, through cleanliness. Motivations for personal hygiene practice include reduction of personal illness, healing from personal illness, optimal health and sense of well being, social acceptance and prevention of spread of illness to others. What is considered proper personal hygiene can be cultural-specific and may change over time. In some cultures removal of body hair is considered proper hygiene. Other practices that are generally considered proper hygiene include bathing regularly, washing hands regularly and especially before handling food, washing scalp hair, keeping hair short or removing hair, wearing clean clothing, brushing one’s teeth, cutting finger nails, besides other practices. Some practices are gender-specific, such as by a woman during her menstrual cycle. Child care is the action or skill of looking after children by a day-care center, babysitter, or other providers. Child care is a broad topic covering a wide spectrum of contexts, activities, social and cultural conventions, and institutions. The majority of child care institutions that are available require that child care providers have extensive training in first aid and are CPR certified. In addition, background checks,drug testingnot at all centers, and reference verification are normally a requirement. Child care can cost up to $15,000 for one year in the United States.
Due to economical reasons, especially in poor countries, children are forced to work in order to survive. Child labour often happens in difficult conditions, which are dangerous and impair the education of the future citizens and increase vulnerability to adults. It is hard to know exactly the age and number of children who work. At least 150 million children under 5 years of age worked in 2004, but the figure is underestimated because domestic labour is not counted


You’ve probably heard of clean eating, but you may not know what it is exactly or how to go about cleaning up your diet. Eating clean is a good way to refresh your eating habits: it’s about eating more of the best and healthiest options in each of the food groups—and eating less of the not-so-healthy ones. That means embracing foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains, plus healthy proteins and fats. It also means cutting back on refined grains, added sugars, salt and unhealthy fats. And since you don’t have to count calories or give up whole food groups, it’s easy to follow.


clean food is also a part of swachbaharat abhian while we ignore the jung food we keep live healthy india by cleaning food can turn rich country swachbaharat muhim is a great mission to clean food we all indian clean food but it can possible when every indian be responsible and take necessary steps


I will clean my plat,glass,spoon and bowl before eating the food so that I eat clean food.

I will also keep all the food items duly covered with proper lids so that insects do not enter the food items. This will prevent contamination of food.

I will also ask my mom to clean the vegitable before cutting and wash them before cooking so that we eat healthy food.

I will also ensure to cover the remaining food after finishing the meal every time and keep the same in refrigerater for preserving it.


we the peopl of india.I am proud of our country.Because our country get many prize or respect and specil name in the wold. But one thing is missing that is its not clean. so our resposiblity is our country should be clean.Swachh Bharat is the dream of our nation father Mathma Gandhi.So we have complet his dream by clean our country.That is not only resposiblity of our government,it is also,resposiblity of all the citizen of country.We have decied to all the garbage ,raper of anything will not throw in the school ,road,park and public place.we should throw all wast thing in the dustbin.Our prime minister start a mission;Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ,so we all support and help to clean our country.This is not our duty its is our respoisblity to clean our publice place.Our country clean than our futher healthy.Than we clean our country noone has power and right to dirty my country .All the children of school start a campazin and go all place and give a message to all peole to clean our soucity and ther surroundding.Than our country look like a beautyful or clean country.jay Bharat.Name shivam kumar, school,scholar,s Abode at Mahangupur.class 07


It is better way for cleaning our sarrounding b’cause of this competion the students are giving attention..


    It is better way for cleaning our India because of this competion by this people are waking up….
    Jaycees public school
    Rudrapur (u.s.n)
    8 ‘


Broken bottles and charred pieces of glass
Wadded up newspapers tossed on the grass
Pouring of concrete and tearing out trees
This is the environment that surrounds me?

Poisons and insecticides sprayed on our food
Oceans filling with thick oil crude
All sea life destined to a slow awful doom
These are the things we are to consume?

Mills pumping out iron expelling yellow fumes
Airlines emitting caustic gases from fuels
Weapons of destruction tested at desolate sites
And this is the air that’s to sustain life?

There has to be something that someone can do
Like raise the awareness to those around you
That if we don’t heed the problem at hand
It’s your life that’s at stake, the destruction of man.
The school cleanliness made us charm
But the dirtiness made us alarm
Whenever there is dirt we go clean it,
And we clean it we all mean it.


Swachh bharat a distint vission by mr narendra modi to fulfill mahatma gandhi dream for a clean india
It is the first cleaniness camp on the national level ever since the birth of a free india
Ig india would be clean then the people would like to invest in india .it would give a start to made in india scheme
India by cleaning can turn a rich country
Think of it once
Conribition toward it can help much more to get rid of waterborn disease



Ruchika Prashar, Police DAV Public School, Amritsar. November 14, 2014 at 8:39 pm

Swachbhart muhim is a great mission. We all Indians wants clean India but it can possible only, when every Indian be responsible and take necessary steps. These steps are too smal. e.i using dustbin, using toilets, clean yours houses, street, school, Bus stand, railway station, roads etc.


sare jahan se aacha Hindustan hamara ………..
swach bharat MATLAB swasth log………..
I really appreciate this abhiyan


We can clean our country by throwing garbage in dust bins.As we know that should not throw things in water and in roads also. should have some rules that we should clean our surrounding and by making groups for two or more than in school.Our prime minister also said that we shoud clean our surrounding by helping them .As we that direty surrounding makes ourhealthand cause harmful gases.Clean our surrounding is cleaness of pleasure.Clean will cause by many ways by cleaning our homes, on roads and in gangas also.In roads,we clean things by throwing in garbagein dustbins.Some people did’t known that we should clean our india by cleaning one sides on roads.Gener surroundings clean our skin, garbage and our body partsond our health.We should clean ou things .Main things is that we should cleanour things and one is important is that we should aware peoples to clean surroundings by helping them.We should make group on any things or in surroundings and throthrow things in dustbins,recrying plant or in waste things.We should not smoke,not to eat bad things to that it may cause deieses like cancer.we should trees so that in our surrounding it clean and not so direty and in future also,we alwaysclean surroundings and not to waste things and not to litter that things.We should not cut trees,not to pollute the rivers,roads disface the heritage building.We should always cleanour surroundings and big things is that india also clean and our areas and surroundings.We should not smoke in public things.



i am a student who took part in this mission and i found it fun


this mission is great for india

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