Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Bal Swachhata Abhiyan

Bal Swachhata Abhiyan

Bal Swachhata Abhiyan

As a part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the mega cleanliness drive in India, and also as a part of the Children’s Day celebrations, the Government of India has launched yet another campaign “Bal Swachhata Abhiyan”. This campaign will be carried out together by the education and health departments from November 14, Children’s Day, to November 19, the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi, in all schools across the country.

The Central Government has issued directives so that the campaign is implemented efficiently. The idea is to spread cleanliness awareness among the children. Through this campaign, the school students will play the role as cleanup ambassadors in the school’s nearby and surrounding areas and also display an encouraging way for the locals to keep their surroundings clean.

Highlights of Bal Swachhata Mission

  • Considering the importance of cleanliness and inculcating cleanliness from a very young age, it’s necessary that every citizen of the country, including the children, should come forward to be a part of the mega cleanliness drive.
  • The Directorate of Education has addressed all Heads of Government and Government-aided schools and private schools to carry out the cleanliness mission and sensitise children and make them aware of the different aspects of hygiene.
  • Bal Swachhata Abhiyan includes clean schools, clean surroundings and play area, pure drinking water facilities, proper toilets, safe and clean food and personal hygiene.
  • All students must be aware of the need of cleanliness and various aspects of health and sanitation.
  • Each student can spread cleanliness awareness among his family members effectively and thereby pave the way for a clean society as a whole.
  • All health centres associated with the schools should be well-prepared with information on balanced diet and health and senior officials should make sure that the students are given information about nutrition, food grains and vegetables through video clips, posters and Powerpoint presentations.
  • Children will also be given training on washing hands properly and how to maintain their personal hygiene and cleanliness.
  • How to use toilets and keep them clean would be discussed during the campaign.
  • Officials would also spread awareness about water-borne diseases, the use of clean water, proper cleaning of water tanks in schools and so on.

Bal Swachhata Abhiyan five-day programme

The themes of this campaign has been planned out in the following way:

  • 14th November: Clean Schools/Surroundings/Play areas
  • 15th November: Clean Food
  • 17th November: Clean Self, Personal Hygiene, Child Safety
  • 18th November: Clean Drinking Water
  • 19th November: Clean Toilet

As part of the first-day programme, during the morning assembly, the students will take a vow that they will not use plastic bags, will not waste any paper and use the dustbins for throwing garbage in the school. Also, all students and teachers must clean the classrooms, library, labs, kitchen and other areas.

Express Yourself Through: CBSE Expression Series

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has launched on its website (http://cbseacademic.in/) CBSE Expression Series on ‘Bal Swachhata Mission’ 14th to 19th November 2014. This is an interesting way for school children to express themselves through essay, poem, poster, drawing and painting. Each day a new topic will be assigned for the children in three categories (classes 1 to 5, classes 6 to 8, classes 9 to 12). Topics based on themes for each day will be announced on CBSE’s official website one day in advance. Thirty best entries on each day will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs 2,500.

Conclusion: Again another encouraging initiative by the Government. But mere launching of a campaign is not enough. Proper implementation is more necessary. Yes, it’s high time now that we teach our children to be clean and maintain hygiene. Not only in schools, but also in home and outside, a child should be well aware of cleanliness, safety and personal hygiene which will make them stronger and healthy and responsible citizens of the country.

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